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  1. I remember as a boy, walking from Wilford Crescent to Central Market most Saturdays to the old comic book stall in the Market there to trade in US comics to further my collection, imagine buying for 2 old pence a copy of Amazing Fantasy # 15 - first appearance of Spiderman which now sells depending on condition (partly due to the movies) for between $8.000 - $680.000 depending on condition for that issue alone!!!
  2. That picture brings back such memories, can't believe it still looks the same with the entrance door in the corner, considering how inner cities re-develop their central assets so quickly, just another of those Nottingham icons that in there day burned very brightly!
  3. No luck either, cannot locate the (UK) postcode!
  4. looks like him, in the picture he is 4th from the right top row! can you name faces in this photo Mick?
  5. So which one are you in this pic Hoggie, I am second to the right, top row next to Andrew???
  6. We used to live just above the Stoke Bardolph sewage settling ponds (Emerys Road), there could be a hum from there on occasion Remember many a tomato plant popping up there also from time to time this would not be far from the railway sidings back of Netherfield, great playground for a youngster I was at Chandos School at the time & the Cross Country we did always skirted these ponds, can't imaging that happening today, or the School visit to the Sewage Works themselves with the inevitable accident WTF!
  7. Up here in Perthshire our autumn fungi is mostly Chantrelles, Ceps (Boletus - many varieties) and Hedgehog Mushrooms - all great & prolific in mostly the Birch Woods!
  8. My Grandparents used to live on Forester Road in Netherfield, we moved from the "Medders" in the 60's to Emerys Road, continuation of Chandos Street & I entered the school there moving on from TBS on Green strret, used to play about the railway sidings there, accessed from Netherfield or from behind Emerys Road, past the Stoke Bardolph Settling Ponds & Quarry, collected a hoard of railway signs from the rolling stock parked there waiting for the end after Beeching cuts, Mother must have binned them at some point, as she was want to do - would be a nice little earner on ebay these days Doh!
  9. Having re-booted the forum to thread alerts I have been on in the past, I can now keep track of previous postings. Craig earlier on in this thread enlightened me to the name of my first curry experience being at the Darjeeling top of Mansfield Road, I even remember my first dish, it was a Chicken Danshak. I was at Clarendon College at the time & 17, there was a new guy in class down from Glasgow, moving into Nottingham who I became friends with who took me there I introduced to the finer arts of Indian Cuisine, being a year older than me, he was like an older brother & of course, being from Glasgow, which at that time, was already saturated in great Asian cuisine & culture. Though I am no longer cooking for a living, I sometimes work & consult on Scottish high grade weddings & functions, & being now after 40 + years very steeped in all the secrets of Indian/Bangladeshi etc Cuisine, it always seems that when dinner parties are called for it is always me hosting Lol!
  10. Just bumping this for the sheer hell of it, quite surprised really that this generated very little individual feedback, though did note that this particular class form had produced little response compared to others of that year! Another remembrance, the girl at the middle bottom front row, black skirt was called Teresa, a strong memory recalled that she lived around the top of the canal off London Road, apparently me Mum said she used to follow me around everywhere like a shadow, always with a runny nose apparently! Can re-name some names if required!
  11. Bathley Street rings a bell here, used to spend a lot of time around that street, Vince wasn't as well known to me as others, does he not recognise himself in the pic if you still see him? probably blonde locks disappeared as quick as mine over time! Was born the same year as me '54 of course.
  12. Hi A charlseworth, Sorry, but although I remember Vince, can't recall his surname, although lived closed to me, are you in this pic? Yes, I remember her very well, she was from the Ukraine, energetic fun-filled girl, very likeable!
  13. Hi Julia, just seen this post, I have a great memory from those days of yourself & Rita, if you ever come back to this site I will tell it & see if you remember, concerns my Mother who is long gone from this life! Like yourself, Olga & Salvatore were big in my life as school friends in those days!
  14. Hi Hoggie OMG I have just seen my name quoted on this forum, from yourself - did we know each other back then? I found that our class seemed to have the least profile on this forum for the year!!! in my class there was a kevin? Dunford, Kenneth Rust, Olga ? (from the Ukraine) - do these names ring a bell with you?
  15. Well, I moved from Trent Bridge School in the Meadows to Chandos Boys School in Netherfield during the 60's, in TB managed to survive the strap, fist & cane (both stick & curly handle part - though scars still there in memory!), don't remember Chandos being in the same league punishment wise (except maybe, being hauled up in front of the whole school after a trip on the bus to see a Shakespear play in town because I had rung the stop button on the bus???) - would love to hear your experiences there though!
  16. Not sure weather this has been mentioned here already, but the newly digitised pics of Britain from above have now gone free-to-view online, at the moment there are over 16,000 images, there are many of Nottingham, have attached a couple of Victoria Station & Market Square, but not sure if the images will be big enough to see! if you register on the site (free), you can zoom in on the images & copy them to your computer! More blurb here:- “An archive of 16,000 aerial photographs of Britain taken between 1919 and 1953 has been digitised and put online. The collection includes images of St Paul’s Cathedral in 1921 and Wembley Stadium in 1935. Experts have been unable to identify all the locations of the photos and are hoping the public can help. The archive, which is free to view on the Britain from Above website, will eventually contain 95,000 images!” www.britainfromabove.org.uk
  17. An interesting thread! My Grandmother & my Aunt lived very close to the Arboretum, higher up on Goldsmith Street, and as my grandmother was permanently confined to a wheelechair after a botched hospital operation, her daughter (my aunt) would take her there in the wheelchair very reguarly and as a young boy living in the Meadows & then later in Gedling would visit with her quite often! I always loved this gentle oasis within the city ( probably more in retrospect than at the time, being just a young kid lol), but the memories of the park have lived with me through the years of change, and, bizarrely enough, after leaving school & persuing a career, my first job in the larger world, training to be a chef, around ,1969, took me to my very first job as an apprentice at the Arboretum Holel at the top of the park! - 5 months of shear hell!?! but hey! set my head for the future - no regrets lol!
  18. That's opposite Pyatt street Katy, if 130 thats also the house at the end of the row! I was born a little later in '54 so just a youngster really lol
  19. Hi Katyjay! I can't recall the name Frances but know the area, was at the old Collygate? school there from '59 there was a mrs Reed & mrs Woodhouse around there, I was at no. 27!
  20. Den, do you remember a guy from Bunbury Street - I guess you would describe him as having learning difficulties, big lad, used to intimidate the young ones with lots of shouting, a sad character - think he was wheelchair bound, but well known in the early 60's there!
  21. I remember Bell street, but not the terrace so well, some of my family took the £10 ticket & settled in the Brisbane area of Oz, others over to South Africa, remember the baths & being at the laundry there with mother! live in Central Scotland now but often think of going back & walking whats left of those streets!
  22. Hi Norma! sure - remember all of them, living on Wilford Crescent East in the late 50's/early 60's those streets were my playground, where & when abouts did you live!
  23. Maybe you've missed the obvious but the whole site, and I will quote for you "Nottstalgia Nottingham Forums" is all about old "posts" pieces of memory from people with a shared interest & background, werever they are at present - a lot of the older posts here, as with some of mine - are placed hopefully to share a piece of the past with folk you knew from an earlier time including those who may not, as yet, have discovered this site, so in that context it is important that old posts remain! I am sure that there is stuff pretty irrelevant now that could be whittled out, but that would amount to a lot of work for someone who could also risk the possibility of upsetting the poster
  24. 68fb

    Arkwright Street

    You can make out the name of the street just below the red (A60) sign - if you could walk a straight line from Orange Street across Bunbury then you would be in our back garden on Wilford crescent East.