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  1. Mirrored wardrobe door Jill. It happened to be open so facing towards me as I walked in.
  2. Just got out the shower and caught sight of myself in the full length mirror. I have to agreeJill.
  3. My cousin and her ex partner are very much into paganism. They officiate at pagan weddings (handfasting) and other ceremonies and I find it an interested subject which I find fascinating. However it does seem to attract a lot of, how can I put this politely, ‘Odd characters’
  4. Don’t forget the ‘seasonal’ music playing too. Not too loud but not sure I’d like to be their neighbours.
  5. If you’ve got a few hours to spare. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_terrorism
  6. He was in my class but he was someone I didn’t mix with much. No reason, just had other friends.
  7. Like many English children born and raised here in the uk I was sent to Sunday School, sang a hymns at morning school assembly and was taught to say prayers at night. I would say I was C of E if asked but I am 100% atheist having made that decision years ago. Religion has no place in my life at all. I love hearing Hymns but it’s not often I do. I like church architecture and visit churches quite frequently but would never attend a service. I’m happy to live and let live, enjoy your faith if that floats your boat but it’s all bunkum to me. I don’t mind Christmas but it’s getting together with f
  8. I do Jill. Met him briefly some few years after school when I had a very short employment in the print room at Bell fruit. Not sure what he did there but it was better than my job which I stuck for about 2 weeks. I worked with the most unpleasant man possible. I came close to murder.
  9. This reminded me of an experience years ago. My in laws were friends with a lovely couple, Gladys and Ernie. All their money went into a static caravan on a site near Mablethorpe were Ernie could fish and every weekend they would go Friday night to Sunday. Ernie was about 5’3” tall and drove a Ford Zepher with the bench seat. He drove by peering through the gap between the dashboard and steering wheel. It was his pride and joy and polished inside and out. He gave me a lift one time and on the bends we would slide sidewise on the seat. Ernie could hold the steering wheel but I practically ended
  10. Here’s the house Phil mentioned. Took this yesterday.
  11. I happened to be driving past here a year or so ago and bailiffs were evicting squatters.
  12. He’s done this for the last few years and raises money for charity. I think I’ve got a photo from last year if I can find it. I'll take one anyway when I’m passing in a day or so.
  13. I am no authority on this but I think electric vehicles operate on voltages much higher than 12v. More like 600v and more. And they are often very big packed into the floor pan area and weighing several hundred kilos. Removing them currently (no pun intended) is a time consuming job as they’re well integrated into the vehicle structure and potential dangerous. It’s not a case of pulling out a couple of cells and slipping in new ones in 2 minutes.
  14. My wife’s an oldie but don’t tell her I said so.
  15. My wife went to the vaccination centre at Brackenhurst campus yesterday for a 10.25am appointment. There were approximately 70 plus people in a lecture theatre waiting area and she was told there was a minimum 50 minute wait. Looking at the numbers it was likely to be longer. Something clearly wrong as if everyone had appointment why were there so many waiting. She didn’t wait and left. Chaos.