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  1. CT will have to answer that. I didn’t/couldn’t read it. 209 illegal immigrants have arrived here over the weekend. Millions spent on patrols by the RN have had no effect whatsoever. The current numbers of illegals arriving on our shores is unsustainable. I’m sure that the vast majority of the general population are sick and tired of the complete inability of the authorities to do nothing to stem the flow. It doesn’t really need any ‘far right’ whipping up as the situation speaks for itself. The Tory’s failing to address this effectively do so at their peril. Will Labour do any better in
  2. This link will open a stream of ‘elevator music’ the sort of thing that played in lifts, shops etc. https://ais-sa2.cdnstream1.com/2379_128.mp3
  3. Thank but rant or not CT, it’s not opening correctly on my iPad. The right edge is clipped. Margie agrees. I’ll try the laptop later if I can’t sleep.
  4. Unfortunately the right hand edge of ‘open Britain’ has cut off which make reading difficult.
  5. It’s not opening Col, so I can’t see it. But……there are plenty of social media posts showing Labour lies and incompetence. Such as Angela Rayner’s presence at ‘beer gate’ and ‘we haven’t got a clue’ as shown in a recent interview with Rachael Reeves. I see absolutely no point in bouncing these to one and other. You can find what you’re looking for if you look for it. I'm not going to defend the Tory’s as they have show such incompetence it’s astonishing. It’s just that I don’t believe Labour are the utopian answer you believe they are and would be worse in the long run. I’m quite sure we’
  6. Col. I said in my last post I’d leave it there and I will but there are a couple of points that I missed. 1. There is a legal route to asylum in the uk. You can read about it here. https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cbp-9630/ It needs reforming and will be. Many of those coming illegally on the boats would not be allowed here via lawful mean so enter illegally. A proportion are trafficked here to work in unlawful activities by criminal gangs or to pay debts owed to gangs etc. Some are simply undesirable and shouldn’t be here. 2. There is historically
  7. Well let’s face it Col, we’ll never agree. Comparing motorway speed limits etc is a totally different thing and of no relevance in this and I’ll ignore it. All I’ll say is that the home office were to deport him as he was dangerous. They were sadly, for the subsequent victim proved right. I’m sure all those who campaigned for his stay regret that now. I will say that the lawyers who stopped his deportation were doubtless funded by the tax payer so the government are funding work against themselves which is a ludicrous situation. As many Tory’s have a legal background I’m sure they’re happy
  8. He came here in 1983 from Jamaica and then began his criminal activities. He wasn’t let in as a known dangerous man. That took me about 30 seconds to find. Since he’s had a long criminal career including possession of an imitation firearm. The government wanted to deport him. He was a dangerous violent man and should have quite rightly been deported. The failure to do so was due to protests from the people I mentioned and allegedly ‘Labour MP’s’ and not the government. The protesters didn’t physically remove him but that was their focus and aim so share the responsibility. You are wa
  9. Ernesto Elliot, originally from Jamaica, was due to deported back to his country of origin in December 2020, but a series of challenges stopped the flight. A number of high-profile celebrities and politicians supported the campaign to stop the deportation flight, including supermodel Naomi Campbell, actress Thandiwe Newton and historian David Olusoga. He wasn’t deported and subsequently knifed someone to death. Woke left.
  10. You know very well what the woke left is I’m sure. ps. The weather here today is like Stalingrad 1942.
  11. You’re going to come back DJ but are you really serious that the BBC are bias to the Tory government. Really. You name some well known BBC presenters who are Tory supporters but there are many many with allegiance to the left. Secondly and Stavertongirl made this point, Lineker is such a high profile BBC presenter his views on political matters or anything else for that matter will not be seen as private views. The BBC backing down is a victory for the woke left. Shameful.
  12. Like Phil I don’t read a great deal of fiction with my current main interest being WW1 but I am currently having a rest from that and working my way through D H Lawrence ‘The Rainbow’. I’m finding it hard going but it is, in my opinion, his best work. I wish I could write like him.
  13. I played Rugby at school. I was always rubbish at football but was much better at rugby so enjoyed playing. I was even in the school team and never got any serious injury. The worst thing that I still wince at when I think about was charging down a kick I caught the wet ball full in the face which hurt. A lot. Having said that I enjoyed rugby we had the opportunity to opt for rowing from the 3rd year so went off to Trent bridge all Friday afternooons. It seemed to shorten school to only four and a half days which suited me fine. My goodness it could be cold on the river in winter but I rather
  14. It was princess Anne not ‘and’. Spellcheck kicked in and I didn’t notice.
  15. I don’t like these ‘audit’ videos that are on youtube. They all follow a similar theme. Start filming outside a police station, factory or with a drone and wait for the reaction and start spouting ‘there’s no law against it’ etc. waste of time.
  16. I had a friend in the police. He was present on one occasion when Princess and landed in the helicopter. It was a little bumpy and her highness stormed out the craft and shouted up to the pilot. She probably spoke 20 words, 19 of which were very rude.
  17. My father in law used to say that one of his neighbours who was very bald but had a rather splendid bouffant comb over “he has 3 shredded wheat every day. 2 on his plate and one on his head”.
  18. Well Labour made such a good job of everything last time they were in power, especially the genius selling of a all the gold reserves when prices were so low I have every confidence of a golden age around the corner. There is a more than a hint of irony of course as I don’t believe for a second that Labour will solve the problems the country is facing but the current government of the day are dire. I just don’t find the alternative appealing.
  19. Don’t worry DJ. They’ll be out soon and the country will be on its feet in no time.
  20. Way back in the early 1970’s I worked as a trainee TV service engineer. The company I worked for had a number of contracts for various sales outlets to repair TV’s and general electrical items, radiograms, hifi etc, that in those days were often bought on hire purchase. I think Rumblows (spelt?) was one company we did a lot of house visits for. You would find that there wasn’t a great deal of skill needed in repairing many tv’s as certain models would have common faults. I did hundreds of home visits most of which are lost in my memory but I well recall one. I went to a house on the Bulwell Ha
  21. Totally agree CT. There were a lot of older cars around in the post war years but that does look like a date in the corner. When was Aspley built.
  22. Here it is pp. Black and white only though.
  23. You will be disappointed as regards the castle. It is closed for the foreseeable future as the company running it went bust. As for the workhouse it appears to be currently closed and reopening towards the end of February, the 19th I think. Look on their web page for details. I don’t know where the museum with hearses is. There is the industrial museum on Wollaton park but that is only sometimes open at weekends as far as I know. The framework knitters museum at Ruddington is worth visiting I’m told although I’ve never been. There is the Civil War museum at Newark. I have been there and I t wa