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  1. Here is a section of an os map from about 1900 showing the area where Snakey Wood must be. I was hoping it would be marked but I can’t find it. You will see faintly underlaid the modern street names so could work out where the Lowes estate is if you are familiar with the area. I’m not. I marked Sandy Lane. I am familiar with much of Sillitoe’s work. His grandfather lived towards Wollaton Vale (Engine Houses) so walking the area he was not far from Beeston, Bramcote etc. People would stroll out several miles and think nothing of it.
  2. If you read this memoir there is a mention of Snakey Wood last quarter of Page 6, quote…. Meeting at the Oak at six we were clearly had strength in numbers. There was anything from five to around twelve of us. We’d walk down Wollaton road, cross the A52 and head up through the sprawling Lowes estate to the scrubland at the back known as Snakey woods. see https://dora.dmu.ac.uk/xmlui/bitstream/handle/2086/12064/glue sniffing chapter (2).pdf?isAllowed=y&sequence=1 Hope this helps.
  3. You can still get them in modern cars Ben as optional extras but they can be expensive.
  4. In my dads Morris 8 the windscreen could be opened having a hinged top edge with a small winding handle on the bottom. It also had a small tab on the centre of the steering wheel above the horn press for the trafficators. I also recall it had a roller blind in the rear window made a yellow cellophane type material that was operated by a pull cord above the drivers door that you could open to reduce rear dazzle.
  5. I remember all the things mentioned about old cars. My dads car when I was young was a Morris 8 and that had trafficators. I still remember the ‘plop’ they made when retracting. They were easy to remove and he used to keep a small bowel and old paint brush to wash them in parraffin when they got sticky. My first car had a foot operated dip switch and a little button on the dash that squirted a drop of water on the windscreen for screen wash. It had been converted to flashing indicators which we always called winkers. My Ford Escourt Mk2 had the rubber bulb and switch on the floor for screen wa
  6. My son has been to do some filming there so not as a customer as such but what he saw he thought was pretty good as a tourist attraction.
  7. I was born and lived my early life in a very modest 2 up 2 down terraced house in Radford. The kitchen which was the single storey bit at the back, common in these type of houses, had a small separate room off the kitchen which was always referred to as the scullery. I can remember a meat safe being in there which was a small cupboard with big panels of perforated zinc in it. I don’t remember what else as when I was about 3 or 4 the bath was moved from upstairs into the scullery so what had been the upstairs bathroom became my bedroom. My goodness, it was cold in winter.
  8. No Jill. You as the victim. I’m sure you were never guilty of offending.
  9. This may be of interest to some. Thinking of you particularly Jill Sparrow.
  10. Promised to take my grandchildren which I will soon as my bank loan comes through.
  11. I have a large antique oak top table with 6 chairs for our dining room and it gets used quite often for Sunday lunch when the family visit. Other times eating is a tray on the knee. I often use the table for working on the laptop etc.
  12. DJ360. Col A Riot had a legal definition ie. 1714 Riot Act The early 1700s was a time of unrest in Britain with riots occurring in 1710, 1714 and 1715. The preamble of the Riot Act refers to these ‘rebellious riots and tumults' and states that the existing laws were insufficient. The Act allowed local officials to read a proclamation ordering illegally assembled groups of more than twelve people to disperse. Refusal to disperse was a felony offence which carried the death penalty. It is from this we get the phrase ‘reading the Riot Act'. Contemporary accounts disagree as to
  13. Graham. I am in touch via a private Facebook group with a number of retired officers. I will post a copy of the link to your article and let you know any comments they have. Some of them go a fair way back and will recall many of the stations long gone.
  14. Sorry I couldn’t list these in one post. My father is 5th from left back row on the above picture. I’m assuming that there are other stations present at this parade as there seems too many for just Triumph Road. I have the Lenton Times articulated on the AFS station, Triumph Road.
  15. My father failed the medical for the regular services in WW2 as he’d had serious bronchitis as a younger man so he served in the AFS throughout the war. He was based on Triumph road near the gasometer and I have photographs of a large group of firemen in front of their station and of another of the equipment and men (tenders, pumps etc) parading on the open ground alongside Triumph Road. He was injured a couple of times, thankfully not seriously the worse being when a bomb blast ‘bounced’ a heavy pump trailer onto his hand as he lay flat. He was left with a crooked finger and weak hand. I used
  16. I read somewhere that I can’t recall that the underground toilets in the market square were either originally made as underground water tanks in Wartime or existing toilets, repurposed as water tanks during the war years.
  17. Beekay. I don’t think either an iPad or Amazon tablet would be a satisfactory replacement for a dedicated ‘reader’ tablet. The screens are tailor made for books and importantly visible in bright light and really look like print on paper and a battery life of weeks not hours. I found a kindle ebook tablet for a tenner in a charity shop and I wouldn’t be without it now.
  18. I have tried everything CT. All views, all themes and I just give up. I’m logged out on the phone now and I really think there isn’t a log out option I can bring up. I rarely use the phone for the forum as the screens a bit small for me but I was on holiday so had to a few times (the filthy content blocking the available WiFi you may recall).
  19. I had a kindle fire until about a year ago. For the money they are good value but I found it a bit of a pain. The on screen keyboard was awkward to use and difficult to type with accurately. I think your wife would find it difficult for emailing. It’s tied into Amazon apps, some you may want aren’t available as support for some I used were withdrawn. The screen and sound are good for videos but overall I would not recommend one and think an Android device is preferable. The fire os can be hacked to break the exclusive link to Amazon software centre and open it up to use Android apps. YouTub
  20. Thanks Rob but I’ve tried this and it does not show the option to log off for me. However I turned the phone off, then cleared all safari data and this morning it appears to have logged out. If there is a way to ‘knowingly’ log off then I can’t find it. I am quite tech competent but this has the better of me. I know others have said just stay logged in but I don’t do this and change passwords now and then.
  21. Cliff ton is correct. No icon. Having looked at every single option I can find I have come to the conclusion that there is no way to log out. As to the posh phone it’s a hand me down from daughter in law when she upgrades, old one goes to grandson and when new upgrade comes I get grandsons.
  22. Spent ages looking and just can’t find a way to log off.
  23. I’m on my phone and can’t see how I log out. iPhone using Safari. Can someone point out how to do this please. Thanks
  24. Thank you for requesting this site to be unblocked. Our 3rd Party filtering system which classifies websites for us had classified this site as “Adult Content” which seems after visiting the site to be to incorrect. I have reconfigured the filter to allow this site to be accessed. Please allow an hour for this to begin to work on your device – you may also need to clear your internet cache in your browser. Apologies for the inconvenience, it does seem a bit odd that it was classified like that. If you are still experiencing problems accessing the website after an hour or two