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  1. I was born just off Churchfield Lane, in the shadow of Players factory. Left early 70’s when my parents bought a new house in Lenton although I more or less moved in with my girlfriend back in Radford.
  2. The terraced house in Radford where I was born and lived the first 16 years had fireplaces in all the rooms, upstairs and down with the exception of my bedroom which had been the upstairs bathroom but the bath was moved downstairs to the pantry and the ‘bathroom’ became my bedroom. The only fireplace ever used was the main living room other than there was a fire lit in my sisters bedroom when she was very ill with German measles. I can still remember 60 years later how odd it was to walk in a bedroom in winter and it being lovely and warm. I regularly had to use a finger nail to scrape the fro
  3. I don’t go in the Full Moon very often. In fact I don’t drink a deal all now. I drank my share years ago. If we do go out I prefer the Final Whistle at Southwell for a pint. I don’t know the Nevin’s but will ask around. As to who still uses coal. Well I do. The ‘log’ burner we have is multi fuel. We burn logs but smokeless fuel is cheaper and more convenient as a single stoke will go all day and into the evening.
  4. No offence but this is a thread on Berridge School. Why is this here when it has no relevance to Berridge at all.
  5. We have had the grandchildren all week so went to the castle the other day. I shelled out my £27 for a family pass. They enjoyed it. It was lovely to go back. I didn’t get chance to look around the ‘castle’ building completely, I don’t walk too well and it was so hot and perhaps it’s not fair to say yet but initial impressions, I preferred it as it was. The grounds are little changed. They have deckchairs dotted around and I sat looking out towards Wilford Hill and had a nice snooze for an hour or so while they played in the adventure park. We’ve already been back, I WILL get my monies worth.
  6. This has been posted previously. Page 28, August 28th 2020. Teacher, Miss Winstanley. Back row: John Woolley, Johnny Kirk, Robert Lee, Michael Hamilton, unknown first name Henshaw, Tony Ward, unknown, unknown, Dennis Turner, unknown, unknown. Middle row: unknown, Linda Whysall, Adrian Ball, Barbara Scott, Carolyn Dunkley, Maureen Fox, unknown, unknown first name Palmer, Susan Staples, Maureen Pye, Maureen Pilkington, Pat Munday, unknown, Sandra surname unknown, Carole Hawksley. Front row: Ena Matthews, unknown, Linda Thompson, unknown, Valerie Pullen,
  7. I’ve just seen that entrance to the castle although still £13 or £12 for concessions (family tickets available) now gives free entry as many time as you want for a year. I think that’s good value.
  8. Posting this for Jill who will add some details. Class of 1968/9.
  9. The same class as the above photo but a year or so earlier so possibly 1968/9. Again my sister in law, Karen Flint is in the same spot, middle row 4th from left.
  10. Another from 1969/70 I think. My sister in law Karen Flint is middle row 4th from left.
  11. Class of 69/70. Jill will no doubt comment.
  12. Being honest Lizzie I never exceed the speed limit. There maybe the odd occasion when I’ve missed a sign but can hand on heart say that I never knowingly go over the limit. Generally on the majority of journeys speeding will make a negligible impact on your journey time. I would say, agreeing with you, that I am an exception as time and time I am passed when driving on the legal limit to only finish up behind them at traffic lights or build up of traffic. I don’t necessarily agree with all speed limits but they are what they are so drive accordingly. As for the police and crime commissioner
  13. The trial of defendant Jonathan Peter Brooks is due to get underway at Nottingham Crown Court this week. Plastic surgeon Brooks, 56, of Landseer Road, Southwell, appeared in court this afternoon (Monday, July 11) before jury selection begins. Brooks, wearing a cream-coloured suit, pale pink tie and pale blue shirt, is representing himself at trial. However, Stephen Leslie QC, is a court-appointed advocate who will give Brooks assistance in the cross-examination of five witnesses.
  14. If this is the island you mean https://www.google.com/maps/@52.990371,-1.2236142,18z it looks like there are crossings and footpaths you can use. Here too. I assume the dotted lines are foot paths and/or cycle ways. https://earth.gosur.com/?download=1&satellite-real-time=1&update-2022=1&coordinates-gps=1&free-online=1&radar-weather=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIg67Aq__l-AIVBYBQBh0Egg4FEAAYASAAEgLArvD_BwE&ll=52.9904107045692,-1.2233313530244914&z=17.181413470856096&t=radar
  15. When I was about 8 I started getting called bisley spiders legs at school. I think there was a character on a TV comedy show with this name and my skinny legs earned me the title. Quite soon though it got shortened to bisley then plain Biz. The name stuck and people I’ve known from my younger days including most of my wife’s family still call me Biz. By coincidence in later life I was nicknamed ‘spider’ at work due to my climbing ability. Plenty of ex work colleagues don’t know my proper name.
  16. I’m in Giltbrook at least once, often twice a week. If you want one picking up let me know and I’ll drop it off to you.
  17. Morning Phil. I believe some time ago I mentioned Chambers pork pies are allegedly very good. I picked one up recently from Chambers in Arnold. It was the smallest size they do and was nice but not outstanding. I didn’t know but I have had them several times previously as I discovered they supply the Final Whistle pub in Southwell where I’ve been know to have one or two.
  18. I am not familiar with the ‘lifeline’ system but just Googled it. It appears you need a landline for it to function so you’re tied to one. You don’t say how long a period your £226 bill was for but it seems very high. I believe there are some mobiles that have an emergency button that one push will dial a pre determined number which if you have a reliable contact may be an option but if your confident with lifeline, it’s perhaps best to stay as you are but explore why your bill is excessive. as for my Asda mobile. It’s pay as you go. I pay £5 per month for what they call ‘a bundle’ which gi
  19. I hung on to my landland as being a a rural area, the mobile signal can be marginal. However when I upgraded my mobile it could do calls over WiFi so the poor mobile signal wasn’t an issue and I did away with landline. I use pay as you go with Asda and have unlimited calls and texts for £5 a month.
  20. To post an image you need to use a picture hosting site and then post the link to it. I use postimage.org which I find fine.
  21. Mine isn’t for insulin either. It’s an immune system suppressant for severe arthritis. This is an interesting Covid related story I’ve just found. Jose Maria Fernandez Sousa-Faro, president of European pharmaceuticals giant PharmaMar, has been charged by police with being falsely vaccinated against Covid-19. Dr. Sousa-Faro has been caught up in a scandal in Europe involving people being added to the National Immunization Registry in exchange for large sums of money, with many of them familiar faces and household names. Police allege that Sousa-Faro arranged to be inje
  22. I inject weekly and have done for many years now. I use the spring loaded pens. Not keen on doing it. Sometimes there is no pain at all, other times it’s quite a sting. Just luck whether you hit a nerve or not. Used pens put placed in a yellow sharps bin which is collected when full.
  23. Could I have a copy of the page with ‘Clarke’ on it please. My maternal grandfather, a First World War veteran was in the home guard.
  24. It’s my wedding anniversary today. 48 years. I wouldn’t change a thing. My wife says she doesn’t regret a single day, she regrets them all.
  25. Protesters, for example the current stop the fuel type, are well organised with legal advisors and will know exactly who and where to complain and if you as an individual wished to complain about police conduct you would soon be directed to the IOPC. Try complaining about a doctor. I did and that is fun. I too think Mrs Henry will have to go.