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  1. I won’t reply on the thread Col but thanks for the reply re your amp. The linked is a bit out my price range too.

    Kind regards.


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    2. letsavagoo


      You have some excellent kit Col. 

      The horns I am building are not big. They are a folded design and look like standard towers, smaller than the kefs I sold. Almost like a transmission line but have a folded horn routed within. I actually had a TD 125 with sme arm. I sold it. I also had a Reference Hydraulic Transcription turntable and Lowther horns for a while. They was a friends who passed away and I had the option to buy it but I thought the deck was awful and it went to Japan. The horns were rotten, been stored damp and the drivers both needed rebuilding so they went to Japan too. Ideal world I’d like some decent speakers and power amp. 
      Cheers Col.

    3. DJ360


      Well of course as I'm sure you know.. any decent integrated can also be used as a power amp via the 'Tape In' or Aux In'.  The question of course is what you judge to be a good power amp.  So many options out there.


      You may find it useful to look at the Pinkfishmedia site.  I've been a member on there for many years.  There is a thriving s/h market and probably safer than Fleabay etc.


      Good luck!

    4. letsavagoo


      Thanks Col. I’ll take a look at Pink Fish. I’ll wait on buying anything until I’ve got the horns up and running. They may surprise me. I’ll post a link to the  construction details which were in one of the electronic diy type mags a few years ago if you’re interested.
      kind regards.


  2. I've posted a reply re Wilsons Lane. Hope it is of interest to you.

    Look on the 'Timesbest place to live' post.