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  1. if my memory serves me right iremember going in a new coffee house well dragged in by my ex missus [there is a god] around about the mid eighties big price small cup im pretty sure that's were it was
  2. dez

    Stork Club

    owned by a bloke called frank white.
  3. there was a cave on the railway off st albans road that was called dicky dido cave that was in the early sixties
  4. your welcome to come round and jump in it, result of latest phone call 21/ 03/2010 lo and behold repairs manager showing a new starter the ropes ALL DAY the hole remains
  5. thats childs stuff i'v had a hole two foot deep eout side my frontdoor since dec 2009,every time i phone i get fobbed off with the works manager is dealing with it or they do not return calls, or they come out with the old chestnut [the gaffers out]in aword they are bloody useless.i live in chilwell.
  6. pie and chips peas cob only the cob was a small batch loaf hollowed out bought from a shop near bairnswear and the chippy across the road only on pay day 1969-1970 [nottingham road basford.
  7. nice one beefy thought i'd trawled most notts sites this one looks very intresting like the photo's, cheers dez.
  8. very sad news about keith i did'nt know him but he came over as a nice guy no age at all, R.I.P condolances to his family and friends.
  9. i used to go in the old dutch their was a couple of steps up just inside abit dodgy when you'd been on the ale from 10.30 till 2.30 were the toilets upstairs
  10. a good and honest man, how many of the crooks in the house commons can say that about themselves
  11. when i lived down st anns, i kid you not i was aged about six we lived on corparation st [spelling a bit dodgy]we lived in ahouse that was divided in to flats we shared a out side lavvy with two or three other family's with newspaper cut in to squares funny thing i'v only got happy memorie's of living in poverty,whats that all about guy's and ladie's
  12. people who constantly chew chewing gum with their mouths wide open its bloody horrible
  13. hi ashley can you rember a big shed on bulwell common sidings with big sliding doors, were i found well pinced a english tommies steel helmet areal stewards enquiry when i took that home
  14. i rember the well was'nt the glass the same shape as cobblestones