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  1. Tell us where you are now? I,m Chris Mackenzie,Finished school in 1968,for the past 19yrs living in Spain. Anybody out there remembers Blessed Robert Widmerpool(Swimming Pool),Clifton.? Corpus Christi,Wilford Lane.?
  2. ......... - 60931. First used @ Parliament Street. Then Southchurch Drive Clifton. With the replys to this you can tell who was sent out to do the shopping. Them Good old Days !!!!!
  3. Mick,Thanks for getting the Ball rolling. I assume that I have contacted Charlie in the correct way ? Being that his reply with the details I need had obviously; for security reasons; been deleted. I have contacted him
  4. Has anybody got any info on Ronnie Attenborough. Ive lost contact 18yrs ago,when my wifes handbag got pinched with Ron's telephone & address. Then he had a pub in Hove. This is a genuine plee to find a VERY close FRIEND. MY REFERENCES to prove this is a genuine request: Worked @ Le Marinels. Stewart Attenborough. Rons Dog called "KING". Stu Morris - met @ Rons Pub in Swaffham. Cog(Richard)