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  1. DavidW - thanks! That's given me something to go on. Where did you find this information? Jayne
  2. Hi Does anyone know anything about the history of Adbolton Hall pre 1945? When was it built and who for etc - any information would be very welcome. It's recent history is not so much of a mystery - I know that it became an annexe to the Nottingham Hospital for Women in 1945 and is now a nursing home. Cheers, Jayne
  3. Hi OrphanAnnie


    I've just found your post (from 2013?) about the Bier Keller on Queen's Bridge Road, I'm researching that site - the car park, the factory and all the other businesses that were once housed in this amazing building.


    I know that Burnhams was making nightwear for Marks & Spencer in the factory at the back of the site. And I've seen building plans from 1967 which show that there was supposed to be a car show room - do you know if ever opened as one?


    You say you worked at MFI. Do you have any memories of what the building was like when you worked in it? And which bit of the building was the MFI bit (was it the same bit that housed King's Furniture until recently)?


    I'd be really grateful for any information you can provide - no detail is too small to be of interest to me.


    They're going to demolish the whole site soon and I for one shall be very sad to see it all go.


    Many thanks in advance.


    Best wishes,


    Jayne (aka Greyhoudgirl)

    1. OrphanAnnie


      Hi Jayne, sorry for the delay in replying as I have been away.

      Anyway, the Bier Kellar building used to house Social Services.  I was working at MFI in 1974/5 - I was living on Kinglake Street at the time.  MFI was the bottom floor of the building, there was a small filling station opposite the front door and a multi storey carpark above.  I remember Burnhams factory being there but don't know what became of it. There was a street called Queen's Grove just off Queensbridge Road, with the Grove pub on the corner.  I think Furse lifts was a bit further down. There was Traffic Street, with Redgates pop factory and then Waterway Street before Kinglake Street.


      MFI showroom went through to the back of the ground floor, the back doors opened up by the side of the canal.  I remember the lads mucking about once and lowering a row boat onto the water. As it was a furniture store it probably did become King's - we moved out of the Meadows when it was being demolished and when I returned a few moths ago it had changed beyond recognition!


      Cliff Ton is a mine of information and seems to be able to conjure up old photos, he may be able to help if he hasn't already.  

      Good luck with the research, hope this helps? 


      Annie :)

    2. Greyhoundgirl


      Hi Annie


      Thanks so much for your reply. That's really interesting and helpful.


      I just have another question - there's a level below the former King's furniture shop, which is on the same level as the entrance to the car park. The building plans show that this was supposed to be a car show room. Do you remember if it was ever used as one? If not, can you remember what it was used for during your MFI time?  


      Thanks again for replying.


      Best wishes,



  4. Hi Apologies to those who've replied to my post - I have only just looked at this thread again today and didn't realise it had been active. Great photos Cliff Ton - I agree that the views from the top are very unexpected. I was there again myself today (I'm afraid I *do* park in the car park and luckily I've never had any trouble). That Merc was there, and it was there when I took photos at the beginning on August. It must have been abandoned. How strange - you'd think the security firm that runs the place would get it removed? For the first time today, I managed to get
  5. Thanks Cliff Ton. Well I'll miss it, even if no-one else will...... I've just found out (thanks Mr Google) that Regina House was also known as Sovereign House, that the building at the back was a factory (making what?) and that there used to be a petrol station in front of the car park. Also, someone tried to market it as a potential filming location Jayne
  6. Hi I've just found out that my farourite car park is going to be demolished. It's the white-painted concrete one attached to Regina House, between the Vat and Fiddle pub and Nottingham Station. It has a fantastic staircase on the outside and interesting door handles inside. I was in there today taking photographs before it goes. Does anyone know anything about the history of car park itself and Regina house? Who were they originally built for? I assume both were built in the 1960s. In fact the car park seems to be sandwiched between *two* office blocks, as there's another office building nea
  7. Hi DavidW Thanks so much! How did you find this reference? John Wade was the tenant of 13 acres in Staythorpe in 1841 so it makes sense that he would be described as a cottage gardener. What I'd really like to know is why Wade became known as an eccentric. Did people just talk about him or did he appear in the local press? Where did the author who described him as eccentric in 1912 get his information from, bearing in mind that Wade died in 1862? Planfit, thanks for the idea. I've already asked at Upton Hall and although they've heard of him they have none of his clocks and they have very l
  8. Thanks to 'The Engineer' I have tracked down John Wade's death using parish records. He was buried in Syerston on 1st September 1862. The parish record states that he formerly lived at Staythorpe. I am very grateful to you for the tip-off. Jayne
  9. Hello there This is a LONG shot I know but experience tells me that you Nottsalgia forum folk have a very wide knowledge, so I think it's worth a go... I'm trying to find out as much as possible about two clock makers called Wade who lived in Staythorpe around c.1841-1851. My only substantial reference to them is in a book called 'Memorials of Old Nottinghamshire', published in 1912. According to this book, one of them was called John Wade the other was R. Wade (it doesn't give his first name). I suspect they are one and the same person as I can only find John Wade on the census and in the N
  10. Hello I’m looking for any information about Clarence ‘Joe’ Blair. In the 1970s, Joe lived on Sherwood Rise and worked at Raleigh. He was a member of Arnold Working Men’s Club. I know it’s not a lot but hopefully someone remembers him. Thanks in advance. Greyhoundgirl
  11. Banjo "The priory itself had some very interesting historical stuff in it at the time" Can you elaborate please? I'm very interested. Once again, thanks to all who have replied! Jayne
  12. Many thanks for the replies - very interesting. I've just found a mention on Wikipedia. Apparently Boots was breeding beagles there. I'm glad that's no longer the case.
  13. Hello Does anyone know anything about the recent history of Thurgarton Priory? Boots used to own the building and I'd like to know what kind of research they were doing. I know they had a number of laboratories inside the house. They sold the house a number of years ago and I'd like to know what the house is used for now. I believe that at least part of it has become the base for a business dealing in fine art. Finally, is the church next to the priory accessible to the public? Thanks, Jayne
  14. Hi Jo That's fascinating. I'm sorry the house felt gloomy, even when occupied. Do you know what was inside the green dome? Did you see the demolition? I don't suppose you which company did the job? And do you have any photos of the house (especially the interior)? When I visited I looked round the empty school building. Unlike the house, it was still full of furniture (tables and tiny chairs). Jayne