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  1. Can anyone let me know what Blotto's in West Bridgeford was called before it was Blotto's .two pints of Guiness riding on the answer.
  2. you are right about funerals.thats the last time i saw trev which was at karl baileys.
  3. hi mick.hope you are well. let me know when the next site meeting is taking place.hopefully i can make it...if not next soul do at Polish Eagle club on 18th april.do you want a ticket saving :jumping:
  4. just had my 65th birthday on 30th jan. where were you.missed you again :jumping: :jumping:
  5. can anyone remember dave morrris. aka david stapleford who d.jed at the blue orchid.draycott. he did a few turns at the dungeon club.
  6. Sorry missed Thursday had to go to hospital to have my peg,( Feed tube) removed..still made Friday. met Alan Askey, John Hunt, Joe Rollo, Jag , Mondo,. Lol Davies,. Sexy Sam,.Baby brother Joe,.Jamie and Helen,. Jock., Pete Belshaw,. Chris Butler .Baz Mick cotes,.and we had a few shandies.My mate Stu Morris didn't make it because of the snow at Mansfield. NOW I'VE JOINED THE ELITE CLUB OF 65
  7. I think his name was Basil. he was Jonah dad..
  8. hi mick.i think we all at that age were we all have health problems.But like my fav record. KEEP ON KEEPING ON. By the way a lot of the Dungeon lads met up the last friday of the month in the the bell ..slab square and i shall be there this time because the 30th is also my 65 th birthday.so i'll be having a few shandies
  9. hi.i was at st bernadettes from 1961 to 1966.i was in the same year,as john nowakowski, mick Marecki, bohdan lesiuk. gee gee or zbnigew Gwardzinski.who sadly passed away on the 18th December still only 64. i was the manager of the ELwes Arms pub at the top of oakdale road for 14 years left in 2004nwhen this bald headed chap came in and said hello and pronounced my name. i didn't recognise him it was trigger.mr tregaskes.. jan kononowicz class r2
  10. just been reading all the threads about mods and rockers/ greasers.dungeon club,the Brit, beachcomber,nightowl.king mojo.not much mentioned about the soul nights at Ilkeston Co.op.been offline for a few years. i used to go to all these places you've talked about with my best mate Stu Morris who i've just spent this afternoon talking about old times.my name is jan
  11. hi craig, been reading this thread. nothing mention about mohair suits.most of my seventeen suits were mohair.used to travel to leeds get my mohair material off the market very cheap then nip around the corner just behind the Haymarket to a bespoke tailor who made the suit up for about ten to fifteen quid. took a fortnight,made to measure mohair suit for around £25.not bad.
  12. hi Craig, as per chat on phone. I've hired the Polish Eagle club on Sherwood rise for my 60th Birthday.ON SATURDAY 30TH JANUARY 2010.GOT THE VENUE SO WE CAN RUN THE DUNGEON REUNION HAS WELL.the invitation is open for all you Ex dungeon people to come.Five months notice should be enough for most persons ,that includes you Mick2me. KEEP ON KEEPING ON
  13. Sorry Craig no goer,only holds about 120,no dance area.per chat on phone inquired about Mapperley Social Club.its got two rooms. the main room seats around 300 and 300 standing. Wooden floor throughout and in the other room.Will find out how much they charge for main room and the cost for the annexe take care KEEPING ON KEEPING ON
  14. I'm up for it Craig. Not on Facebook co's I'm a private person...But if you need a smaller or central location why not the Brit club just a thought??????
  15. Hi pepe, JOhnny braisby is now living in Turkey retired from the railway, colin faulds moved to Georgia U.s.a,Jimmy Fahy living in Beeston after spending 10 years or more in Spain.Mondo kane lives in Ilsun.we still meet up for a drink and a dance at the soul do;s. More drinking than dancing.lol my best mate is Stu morris