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  1. If my kids age is anything to go on about '79 A gang of bikers were in the Grosvenor bar at the time.They pulled off a downpipe from the gutter and about ten of 'em punted out to the main road in a rubbish skip.Firemen made them push it back. They gathered on higher ground and one by one groups of them held their bikes upside down and tried to shake the water out of their engines. A major drain refurb was carried out afterwards to try and cure the problem.With the hills of Hucknall,Mansfield,and Magdala Roads all coming together there must have been a hell of a lot of water in that valley during a storm. Paul.
  2. I spent years in the Grosvenor.Helluva lot of students from Clarendon went in.Met and married two females out of there over the years (Not for long) One nutter called Ted painted the horse statue outside with zebra stripes.That made the papers...they made him paint it white again to avoid prosecution. My favourite memory was wheeling my two year old son in the lounge Saturday lunch...it had just been done up for 30 grand,that's when they introduced the dress code.The polish barmaid was not amused even though it was empty...kids not welcome in those days.She played hell when he scattered crisps all over the new carpet. Half an hour later there was a huge thunderstorm, the surrounding hills ran like rivers swamping the drains and flooding the car park and pub several feet deep.Had to take refuge upstairs to avoid the flood...so much for crisps on the carpet,it was knee deep in sewage.
  3. The Bamboo was No.157 on the left more or less half way up the hill...you may be talking the same place with a different name. Paul.
  4. Whatever happened to Horace Batchelor on Luxembourg? anybody ever win the pools? "That's Keynsham spelt K E Y N S H A M and those that never heard it won't know what I'm on about. Paul.
  5. I only found out the other day that the turnpike road from Bestwood to Mansfield ran through Papplewick and Newstead Abbey joining the modern road at the Hutt.The main road back to Nottingham, as it is today, from there was just a track. Paul.
  6. What about itinery Teacher....tut tut.
  7. Dunno if this is the one you mean.....In 1817 Elizabeth Sheppard 17 walked from Papplewick to Mansfield looking for work.Her mother went to meet her on her way back and saw her in the distance.The mother turned and walked home expecting her to be behind her but the girl never arrived.Her body was found at the bottom of Harlow Wood hill. An itinerant Charles Rotherham was spotted shortly afterwards in an Arnold pub trying to sell her umbrella and shoes.He was arrested,tried, and executed. A memorial stone is still at the murder spot and can be seen at the bottom of the hill on the right hand side going towards Mansfield. Paul.
  8. Are they still there?I haven't been that way for years. I used to love going there as a kid to see all the exotic birds and pheasants. This is from 2003...Don't know if it was still being used or not. I called on Arnot Hill park for the first time in years and was amazed to see a cracking aviary on there.Quite a new building dunno when it was built.Nothing over exotic in there...budgies,cockatiels,canary's and a few zebra finches.But very well set out with a water feature. I'm glad to see they had the sense to make it scum proof with fancy steel gates for after hours. Paul.
  9. Cyclists on there stuck their arms out to turn right....Aint seen that in a while
  10. That murder from the Roxy was in the fifties. I guess one of the most famous murders was the landlord of the 'Pretty Windows' pub Sneinton market.He was taking his poodle for a walk in the sixties...still unsolved although some cops say they knew who did it but no proof.They reckon the knife used was found by accident alongside the Radcliffe on Trent By-pass...Shortly afterwards another murder at a caravan site in Radcliffe????????? Paul.
  11. Newbie on here trundling through older threads.... The last film I saw at the Roxy Ribblesdale Rd. was the original 'The Fly' shortly before it closed. I remember reading some years ago of a guy that chatted up a girl in there and took her afterwards to Woodthorpe Park where he killed her.Over the next few days he continually phoned the police asking if he could help??? Surprise surprise, they picked him up and he eventually admitted the murder.Can't remember what year I'll have to run a few checks out of curiosity. Paul.
  12. Cheers... Used to have an MGB....Fellah paid a debt to me with it...Boy was it rotten. Paul.
  13. I often wondered about the bridge arches in the middle of the traffic island south of the Trent...they seemed in the wrong place. Now I've seen this 1871 picture of the old bridge still standing next to the new one.It explains a lot. Paul.
  14. The son of an old family friend ran the Bamboo Coffee Bar for years.It did well but never became as popular as those in the city centre.It was one of the last to disappear though. The local cops couldn't wait to get rid of the coffee bars as they were open so late.But instead of drinking coffee and coke all night the kids started using the pubs....Not a good move. Paul.
  15. Not the insulation stuff :smile:
  16. If you're passing there on the Mansfield Rd. Spare a thought when you reach the top of the hill...that's where the public gallows were situated for hundreds of years. Paul.
  17. It was Sawyers Arms...There was also the Britannia just round the back of the Palais.I used to work for Mason Brothers the Derby Rd butchers who supplied them pre cut steaks.Good quality beef steaks.But they started buying cheap Manchester cow meat from knackered old cows and the quality went down.In the later years they got very tight and started charging extra for the side salad.I remember going in the Grosvenor and being offered 'A variety of cheeses to enjoy after your main course' When the waitress came I said 'I'll have a piece of that and that please' She told me a 'choice of cheeses' only allowed me to pick one. Paul.
  18. Howyadoin?? Funny thing is I was in Glassfibre for donkeys years. Paul.
  19. Correct...Friar Lane Island junction with Maid Marian Way. Paul.
  20. Mornin' Born 1944 Nuthall Rd.Cinderhill way. Whitemoor and Ellis. Moved to Daybrook '58 Ditto Arnold '87 Done all sorts over the years...on the markets last 15 Got 2 Border Collies. That's it in a nutshell, looking forward to adding my two pennorth. !cheers! Paul.