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  1. I couldn't open the cameras last week...So I binned the shortcut on my desktop...googled the site,and saved the site to favourites...everything ok now.
  2. Yes Compo....Morley Street. And Crookshank also aquired the land to your left on the Ollerton Road up to the Burntstump junction.... to grow his own potatoes.
  3. It says administrator has disabled messenger...I never use it and have no idea what thats all about....I won't lose sleep though..............
  4. Invented by a Nottingham lass....Bertha Power and made by Jim Crookshanks 'Crooky Crisps'
  5. Can't get on the cam at all today..................
  6. I remember after a heavy snowfall driving in the ruts from the previous vehicle as you do rather than take on the virgin snow either side. I remember standing in admiration of a bloke following the same tactic but unfortunately in a three wheeler....a bow wave from the front wheel that would put a destroyer to shame....Wonder if he made it home?
  7. That sad little man with his droopy moustache....just couldn't understand why there were peals of laughter when he tried to get 45 testosterone riddled teenagers to stop calling them bollocks.
  8. In the old days places like Alfreton,Belper,Ripley and the like had a great choice of real grocers...Maypole,Meadow Dairy and Home and Colonial etc.... The coming of the supermarkets and the motor car sealed their fate.Housewives no longer had to struggle with heavy shopping bags three or four times a week...Progress?....sometimes I wonder.
  9. Those racing cars and my Mums unmade bed kept me quiet for hours.
  10. The Great Frost 1895/6 http://www.nottshistory.org.uk/books/hammond1926/hammond6.htm
  11. Frothing sounds like the animal had eaten something toxic which has now luckily been cleared by its own metabolism.
  12. poohbear


    An accordian player busker on Shirebrook market always brought a laugh because he played the wrong notes like Les Dawson...His dog disappeared one week and the rumour was that it couldn't stand the embarrasment any longer and went in search of a musician!
  13. poohbear


    More likely that 5 million will now go for new carpets in Buck House.
  14. Just got this.....Makes you wonder why they bother...
  15. My Mother taught me that recipe including flour and an egg.....Rare to see now as the bread now doesn't go dry and brittle but turns blue with mould. My main memory is entering the sitting room around the 23rd where my Mother was with a relative....fully kitted out in a cowboy outfit and guns and saying..."Look what I found under your bed!" I don't recall the outcome.
  16. I just glanced at the clock....five to six...feels like it should be 8pm
  17. To hell with Chrimbo....today is the day I looked forward to. The shortest day....bit by bit the days will get longer now. I hate these long dark winter days...
  18. A DIY print off little Xmas card for your non favourite people...
  19. Not surprised Blucher had a pub named after him...he was a hero over here after Waterloo and undoubtably helped secure Napoleons defeat. http://blogs.bl.uk/european/2015/06/waterloos-prussian-hero.html
  20. I'm one of several million that won't see a living soul...to whom the Morrisons and Tesco Ads of several generations sat round an overloaded table wearing party hats and opening presents is just an annoying fiction.
  21. I used to infuriate a boss who continually used..."Are you with me?" by stating.... "Yup!...I'm stood right next to you!" His other use of..."At the end of the day!" resulted in my...."It gets dark!" He was not amused.
  22. It wasn't taught us as such....Dunno why cos the music teacher was Pearson....and I remember sitting in that shed and discussing recorders....never got to play one though.