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  1. I remember one of the Ellis huts was the school secretaries office,and one for teaching music.
  2. Of no use to people like me unless there is a public toilet.
  3. Aldi checkout an hour ago... "Could I use your loo please? "Sorry no...Health & Safety!" "But I've always been able to use it when caught short...there are no public loos anywhere near!" "The police have told us it's out of bounds because we store the fireworks in there!" "I promise I won't piss on your fireworks!!" I've heard the lot now.....:
  4. Soft...similar to some French cheeses....but unlike them very tasty...and definitely a taste of it's own.
  5. That's the Goose Fair I remember....MUD!
  6. If my Mother had come back as a squirrel, she would have starved to death the first winter because she'd thrown out all her nuts.
  7. Man landed on the moon...I bought every single paper...rolled 'em up in brown paper and put them in the attic for my future Grandkids. Some years later Mother told me she had thrown out some old newspapers along with other 'Clutter' ie all my school books and hundreds of photographs... THANKS MOTHER!
  8. My last visit was thirty years ago with my young son on a Saturday morning .Parked up a back street and went on the fair.On returning the road was coned off and a cop was next to my car.....Told him the cones weren't there when I parked...he then nicked me for a stolen tax disc and we went down the local nick. Sat there with my son who was in the next room holding a balloon and wearing a coppers helmet....Cop didn't believe that I had bought the car off one of our Asian brethren already taxed.two days before....Luckily got the cop to phone Evening Post and they read out the ad to him which said TWO MONTHS TAX....They then accepted that it wasn't me on the fiddle....It turned out my Asian buddy had three cars and swapped the disc between them...When I bought it I didn't check the reg on the disc...I just noticed the date. A lovely fair visit that turned out to be.
  9. Where do you reckon the camera was situated?
  10. That garage (top) was seperate from the other repair works and was called the Swan Garage from the mid fifties.Pearces Ice Cream rented part of the building at the rear and I well remember several 'Stop me and buy one' Ice Cream Tricycles in a nettle bed round the back.To my knowledge it was a repair and petrol garage and not a dealership. A friend Suzanne Shelton lived next door and I well remember us talking about Tommy Steele one day and my asking her..."What's Rock n Roll?"
  11. Brefitts in the fifties on Nuthall Road was opposite High Street...later Basford Road,opposite the Newcastle Pub...If they moved later it was after I left the area. I don't remember much of the three wheel side but my brother bought a Lambretta there around 1960.They had some waste land at the back for learners to practice on.So when he brought it home he proceeded to hit the gatepost... My workshop backed onto the premises at Daybrook in the seventies before B&Q but I didn't know who owned it.Just that they specialised in three wheelers.
  12. Watched a bloke years ago standing on top of a chimney swinging a sledge hammer at the bricks knocking them into the inside....made me feel ill thinking of what happened if he missed while swinging a fourteen pound hammer. Also reminds me of the Mohawk Indians employed on the early skyscrapers because of their lack of fear at heights. And the astonishment of the European workers when they saw Mohawk women walking gaily along the beams with their husbands lunch.
  13. Found it now...on the left of page NOT RIGHT!
  14. Damned if I can see a ruddy arrow pointing down
  15. Most probable Loppy....The first we had learned of the suffering of the Jews...all our history was the crap about Kings and Queens...Stuarts etc all facts and dates that meant bugger all to us kids...but hey! it was just a case of passing text books out and no teaching or learning involved. Same with geography,an easy number for the so called teachers.
  16. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-36955080 I got these buggers.
  17. I tell 'em I'd love to chat but I've got to wash the elephant!
  18. I remember a school trip to the old Playhouse to see The Diary of Anne Frank. And many years before aged around ten went backstage at the Empire to meet a friend of my Mothers...she was dressed in full ballerina outfit and was the rider on the horse that trotted round a circus ring. Stood next to a small cage that contained a fully grown male lion...frightened the crap out of me.
  19. Having read the FE stuff I daren't dig the back garden now in case I leave a hole!!
  20. They paid extras crap money....I was the third crow on the right!
  21. I used to sign in to enter the reference cellar....Old copies of The Times come to mind... "General Chelmsford in full retreat!" "Zulus slaughter 1000 British troops and native Levies in Zululand!!" "And the colours were lost!..." This was inside the paper...page one was still all adverts Great stuff...
  22. Tch! Tch! Cliffy old chap...If one is going to use the expression 'Shippos' one should follow this with 'Osses' not horses....... It's not cricket old man!