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  1. God knows what you lot are on about......
  2. "This message was sent with high importance".......Eh? You'd think the scam merchants trying to get your bank details would at least get the grammar right
  3. As said...the Council should be bloody ashamed that they haven't maintained the garden and the tree...for Gods sake they have horticultural staff don't they?
  4. How much is a one way ticket to New Zealand?
  5. poohbear


    Even Casper has had to get used to the old lad being missing...he tends to curl up next to his 'buddies' for his non human company.
  6. poohbear


    Thanks Jill...I feel lost at the mo...gotta make a fuss of young Casper. All this happened while I was in the middle of an attack suffering breathing difficulties...so a hell of a day and without a mate down the road I hate to think what would have happened as I live alone. He dug the grave today too in pouring rain....I owe him big time.
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    End of an era.....Brothers died aged 16 Pooh (left) old and arthritic having fits...put to sleep Dec 7th last year. Benji (right) ...arthritic,looking his age... had a violent fit this afternoon...put to sleep. We've never been apart for a single day since they were pups,they came everywhere with me....A sad day, but that's life aint it? This is the new kid on the block...Casper. Just us now....he's a year old cross collie and terrier....wears me ragged...little bugger!
  8. A huge part of Nottinghams history, it's disgusting that the Well site hasn't been excavated years ago.
  9. At one time with Bournes Netherfield.Birchwood Boats,Whyche & Coppock,Lloyd Channing and others...Nottinghamshire was awash with boat builders.
  10. Thought provoking when you think that where you sat in your office was the very first place in Nottingham where early settlers made their home. (And no I don't mean the stationery cupboard ) The ideal place for early settlement with the natural defenses provided by the sandstone cliffs.
  11. 1898...The Nottingham And County Constitutional Club...built 1897 http://www.nottingham21.co.uk/build_constitutional_club_1.htm 1902. Nottinghamshire. Nottingham. Clubs, "Nottingham & County Constitutional Club, 26 Market street.—About 1,100 members. Subscription, £2 2s. per annum. [Committee] ... Secretary, E. Gordon Sackett, Low pavement;..."
  12. Beat me to it...every comic usually has a one liner or catchphrase that goes down in history...that will be hers.
  13. Too late.....they can chuck money at 'em as much as they like It won't work....the days of the little man have long gone. All small traders can do is nibble at the edges of the mega profits made by the big boys.
  14. That comment was allegedly made by Pete Murray... Before the Meadows were built on, the Southern approach to the town was considered one of the most attractive in the country...
  15. Well...a few years on and I'm long retired.The markets have continued to decline.Some traders hanging on by the skin of their teeth. I don't particularly rate most of the veg mens stuff on markets.But the supermarkets of course get the pick of the crop....and the best prices,the little man can't compete. The pound and cheapo shops in particular have taken all the bargain lines that were the bread and butter of the markets...the stock just isn't there to buy any more. My local market at Sutton in Ashfield is now a car park...but they have moved some stalls into the center of Sutton surrounded by banks,estate agents and Wilkos which in fact is a busier place for them. Remember that heavy snow a few years back...I retired a month before...best move I've ever made
  16. Nice to see a lass with big strong thighs... Could I order 24 Budweiser please?
  17. Often wondered what £1 shops would have done if we had joined the Euro....
  18. They had sugar at £1 when everyone else was 59p....even cheaper now. You gotta watch 'em!
  19. Trust you 'Cos I've tasted the stuff...it's what they use in cheapo imports...that's why some sweets use the abbreviation 'Choc' because it's never seen a chocolate bean and they can't call it chocolate.
  20. .....just bought an Aero...first time for years.God knows what they've done to them. It aint my taste buds...it's crap chocolate. Looks and tastes like those Doggy choc drops.
  21. Yeah!...that JC bloke is better than David Blaine
  22. That moment when a child who has been told that sucking her thumb will make her fat turns to a pregnant woman on the bus and says...."I know what you've been doing!"
  23. Is it ever going to stop raining? We've had a few hot periods but not for long. The wilder parts of my garden are like a jungle...It just hasn't been dry enough to strim back. I've got thistles four foot high for heavens sake. The only good thing is I've only had to water my hanging baskets a couple of times this year.
  24. Callard and Bowsers toffee was in every cinema on the planet...nowadays the most popular toffee prepack is Walkers.
  25. I'm a corner plot on a T junction...not only wrong number...wrong street!