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  1. Knock on the door...two engineers in sign written vans to do a complete safety check on gas and electric...I told them I had not been informed (British Gas??) Anyway let them in and told them to get on with it.The electrician had the boxes off the wall in minutes and his mate passed me a form to fill in... "Er!...this says number 24 on here!...this is number one!" Wrong house...the electrician has just finished putting everything back. Thank Gawd they weren't with the drug squad kicking doors in!
  2. Aw c'mon...ya got to have brussels at Christmas....
  3. "And we all though Uncle Arthur had run off with that racing pigeon!"
  4. I think Phil Jupitus should be off the list...he's the only one out of that lot with any talent. A fine stand up comedian in his own right. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=you+tube+phil+jupitus+spiders&view=detail&mid=AB2F519F0F5D24018673AB2F519F0F5D24018673&FORM=VIRE
  5. So nobody's noticed that every other ad is about their coming demise?....all carefully scripted so the word death is never mentioned. Bring back the Hamlet ads...at least I could smile at them.
  6. ...and a flower garden with a 'luvved one' in it....sunny day of course! Now where do I sign up for my cardboard coffin?...... Amazing how they've all crawled out of the woodwork lately aint it....Even the supermarkets are in on it. That grey haired Yorkshire millionaire certainly started something with his corny ad...it must have been his free pen that clinched it! A few years back it was 'Sell us your old gold'....then it was Vorderman and Co trying to get us all up to our necks in debt borrowing left right and center....then the PPI lark....I wonder what will be the next racket they'll all latch on to?
  7. You needed a skinful to tackle some of the old boots I finished up with.
  8. Who dreamed that one up?...I've met plenty of grotty Nottingham women after a night on the pop...no different here to anywhere else.
  9. Still alive but struggling....not good. It should be on its feet not lying down.I'm afraid its not going to make it. It would probably flap off the ledge if anyone tried to rescue it.
  10. Hey carni...let's hope I'm wrong and the young 'un has just got a sprain.....though I doubt it.
  11. I've got aviaries full of birds so I recognise behaviour more than most. Didn't follow the eagle incident.
  12. At least when an eagle chick got fishing line round a leg they intervened and removed it....fed it then put it back in the nest.
  13. Looks a bit forlorn on it's own...
  14. Not good once the adults stop feeding. It may adapt and the leg will heal...but still stiff it will hamper the very important first few months when it will have to hunt for itself. Chicks that age are prone to failing to learn the skills necessary without having a handicap.
  15. I'm afraid that one has a broken left leg carni....I was watching it earlier and it could hardly hop around....not good when it has to hunt for itself.It was holding that leg all stiff and keeps raising it's foot.
  16. Yes the girls took the left hand shortest route...used to keep us amused watching the crumpet passing by...there were just two that were well endowed and gained a fan club ...Blimey nowadays they are all well built. There were indeed sand pits between the schools,and a small greenhouse that I never saw the inside of...shame really, gardening lessons would have helped me more in life than ruddy logarithms. Do Ellis cyclists remember that we were not allowed to ride a bike down Bar Lane? we had to walk bikes down...you were only allowed to ride up the hill...rumour had it that some kid got run over by belting down the hill onto the main road...so from then on it was walking only,then mount the bike at the bottom.
  17. Correct...and one rule was that girls could walk through Ellis to their school...boys couldn't be trusted to behave so no short cut for them...they had to walk round by road.
  18. I went to Ellis '55 and the allotments were there then...in fact my Dad had one.Those to the right of the school disappeared shortly after to houses.
  19. Zoos have this mentality of wanting a natural look without bars spoiling the view...all very well but it just isn't safe.A simple mesh barrier could have saved the life of a boy who died after falling into the African Wild Dogs enclosure at a zoo a while back.Kids will climb and don't see the dangers...come to that neither do some adults. Someone somewhere decided whether or not this area was safe for a public audience...I'd like to know who.....Health & Safety, who we often treat as a joke (This isn't about playing conkers)...or do the zoos decide for themselves? If this was a school playground next to a motorway there would be a kid proof fence around the perimeter.Zoo exhibits should be treated as seriously.
  20. I could use the single phase motor...but not the rest...
  21. A guy some years back left a strange smell at the breakfast table... "What the heck is that smell?" said the wife "It's that new deodorant spray you left in the bathroom!" "That was the dogs 'Anti Mate' we got from the vets!"
  22. I spent most of the fifties in some of those villages,I recognised many of the roads and buildings,and even some of the trees.Magic!.
  23. A very vulnerable part of mans anatomy.
  24. Conversation in the pub the other week....strange how Tommy has stayed working all his life but somehow avoided the great God television.Wonder why?? He's 80 now.