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  1. No doubt in North Korea tens of thousands will die,nothing new for them with the years of starvation and oppression.

    And when it's all over no doubt they will claim that 'Our Beloved Leader' is responsible for saving the nation.

  2. I wouldn't know if I got it apart from developing a temperature. Having severe COPD for years, coughing and shortness of breath is just part of life especially in the mornings.

    My ritual on waking is to go on my nebuliser for ten minutes and take breathing excercises...only afterwards am I able to get dressed.

    By ten oclock my breathing has settled enough to enable me to get on with household chores with some semblance of normality.

    Living alone with no nearby relatives I have no problem of avoiding others.


    Don't want to be a harbinger of  doom and gloom but its possible the emergency could go on much longer than the predicted few months.A video on UTube.... SECRET HISTORY KILLER FLU ..regarding the 1918 pandemic  (made before this outbreak) shows just how serious these pandemics can become.

  3. Can't comment further Im' afraid...I was just a kid and picked up bits of info from my Mothers chatter.I remember seeing him though and visiting his farm that he bought to grow his own spuds.On the left side of the Ollerton Road up to the Burntstump turn off.

    Always remember him showing us a grass field of his and clapping his hands...the whole field erupted into hundreds of rabbits.

  4. Raining the other day and my lad had no intention of going out....physically chucked him out...shut the door and turned round and the little sod was in his bed...forgot the back gate was open.He legged it through the rear door dog flap and dived in his bed in less than five seconds.





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  5. 2 minutes ago, poohbear said:

    A braked trailer has to have the safety chain connected at all times...the penalties can be huge if the trailer breaks free and the brakes are not automatically operated.

    You will also find that the instant a trailer breaks free it's uninsured...just hope it doesn't wipe out a Bentley.


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