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  1. A Mega Large Like to you
  2. Thankyou all. We have had a lot of offers of help. Daughter is cooking daily to tempt us to eat, more often than not, we put it in the fridge until next day. Messages getting to us to phone neighbours for any reason. I think it took a few days for people to realise we haven't been seen cycling for a while. We are blessed with good neighbours and caring family.
  3. Little update on CV..At 10.30pm last night I had to send for an Ambulance, Chris was struggling to breathe and was getting panicky. The Paramedics were brilliant, they decided to take him in after tests showed oxygen levels low. They suspected a small clot had formed apparently, this can happen with Covid. I wasn't allowed to go with him as I am positive as well. He was brought home at 4.30am, still coughing. No let up still. I am not as ill as Chris but still very much sofa bound! I hope my posts can be a constant reminder to you all that anyone can get ill, if reading makes you all extra careful, that is my aim.
  4. Thankyou Lizzie. I keep popping in to NS throughout the day, but I'm afraid I haven't got any staying power at the moment, This virus has really knocked us about. I don't know if it our age but there is a lot more to it than we expected. Our daughter/granddaughter are both fine now, but we are far from it. Chris is now on antibiotics for chest infection. The coughs are horrendous, there is no let up day and night. We have no strength between us, can't even walk from one room to another without getting exhausted. We are just hoping for some improvement soon, it would have been the supposed end of our isolation on Tuesday, but we have been told that while we still have symptoms we must stay in. That is no problem, because we haven't got the strength to go anywhere Look after yourselves Miducks.x
  5. Aw Miducks, Wish I could get up and Go, sorry to be mardy miducks but this ere virus has knocked us for six. I will give you a singsong when I can stay awake for long
  6. Thankyou for your good wishes PP. There are more Girl footballers around PP. Our next door neighbours daughter is captain of the Wolves Womens Football team. Anna Price. fabulous player. I bet your Granddaughter and Anna will have crossed paths at some matches.
  7. Even though our homes are semi detached we have very little close contact with each other, even in the summer. We speak mainly from around 20ft plus apart, when we catch each other out the front. That may sound like we are not a friendly bunch, but we couldn't possibly have better neighbours, both sides of us are brilliant. I would say definitely not the source of our infection. We have been bombarded with NHS track and trace texts, last night Chris received 32 texts in about 2hrs. We eventually got called on the home phone and spent 45mins answering questions about where we had been from around 5days before first symptom appeared. Then it was my turn, we had to be questioned individually. Good news now.......I feel better in my self this morning, the scary cough is settling down a bit, though I am nervous in case there is a sting in the tail yet to come. Chris seems to be a day behind me in symtoms. Take care all.xx
  8. This is to all of you who I know I might have missed giving some likes for your encouraging posts, but my finger gets tired, so I have a rest, then I nod off, when I wake up I have forgotten what I was doing, so some of you might be missed? Does that make sense?
  9. Thankyou all, you are very kind. It does lift the spirits to know people care. It is so worrying the way this virus can spread and the speed it brings you down. On the day of my first symptom, I was perfectly ok, I felt normal, I attended a Warfarin Clinic early in the morning, I cooked a meal for us and gave one to an old friend, also shopped in Morrisons and at 4pm gave our son a lift home from work. Today the government want a list of all people who may have contacted us while infected. All of these people came into contact with me in the hours before it became clear that there was a problem., all on that same Tuesday10th The reason I keep posting is, that I am so shocked about it all, I want you all to hear about my personal experience in the hope it makes you all even more careful. Stay Safe.x
  10. The shop was an open fronted one NonnaB, and I didn't touch any of the goods. BUT. The two assistants didn't have masks or gloves. Between them they both handled the products I bought. (I never thought at the time) I went in last Thursday and got my first symptom on Tuesday, which falls in with the expected days. Tomorrow we will have to sort out who we have to inform. I was at the Warfarin clinic on the Tuesday, it was after going there that I felt the first tickle in my throat, so we need to get it made known quickly.
  11. Absolutely no idea. We have cycled most days but not come into contact with people. We have shopped at Morrisons but followed the correct procedure eg....Cleaned the basket handles with the cleanser provided, our hands also sanitised on the way in, and again with our personal sanitiser in the car after shopping. I did one Christmas shop last Thursday, I only went into one place 'The Perfume Shop' in W-ton Wulfrun Center. In and out in approx 15mins. Everyone having perfume gifts this year. Still in bed but my chest seems to be easier. Thank Goodness. All I can say after knowing how careful we have been is, no one is safe.
  12. I just want to give you all (My Cyber Buddies) a little insight as to the speed this nasty virus can take you down. We have been as we thought, more than careful in social distancing/ Masks etc all the warnings we have taken into account. But. Not enough. Tuesday morning, I developed a tiny tickle in my throat, slowly over the day it got worse. By bedtime I had the kind of cough we have all had sometime in our life, but this time I couldn't break it! Very scary through the night, so much that we phoned for a test Wednesday morning. They fit us in for 11am. I have been in bed since. One hour ago we received texts to say we are both positive for the virus. Our Daughter and Granddaughter have tests tomorrow. Husband has had heart attack and is diabetic, and I have heart issues, so I am very afraid. Please be extra careful, we thought we were safe. Not So. x
  13. Sadly as time goes on, we seem to now know of people in our areas or relations coming down with the virus. It was figures and graphs once, but now it is names we know. I'm sad to say that the family living in the adjoining side of our semi have fallen victim to the virus now. The eldest of three children was diagnosed on Sunday so the whole family are now isolating themselves. Apparently the school at Telford has children with the virus, so they think she caught it there???? Yesterday we took our Granddaughter to the Aston Uni, to bring all of her belongings back home, so she is not alone in the rooms on her corridor at the campus. She is not one for night life/Parties or revelling it up, and has decided to study from home, where at least she has her mums company and us Grandies just around the corner. The other seven students on her corridor have all gone home already. Look after yourselves everyone.
  14. Bless you benj. Hope the nurses ease your agony. I'm having similar problems recently so I understand your suffering, even a bed sheet can cause pain. I wont ask what has to be done, just the thought is enough to make me run for the hills! Take care Miduck.
  15. My day started with a labour of love and two hours chained to the cooker, fulfilling my gorgeous Granddaughters request of 'Can we have some Scotch Eggs, please Nannar'. So by the time I had finished cooking two each for all my nearest and dearest, I made a total of 14 in all! Mmmm. Probably take as long again to put the kitchen back to normal. What the rest of the day holds, I have no idea. Probably, full of 'Spot the difference....Sudoku ....Crosswords....Arrowwords....Wordsearch.....Jigsaws.....Oh my goodness....You would think I would be in Mensa' ? NOT.
  16. Mary, If he treats all of his customers with such disrespect, he will one day get his comeuppance (I hope). It may come in a slow steady loss of customers, and he may not realise what is happening until it is too late. His own fault.
  17. BK. I'll put the kettle on.
  18. Thankyou BK, I have just tried it and it makes it so much easier to see on full screen. It just keeps getting better.
  19. Brilliant. I have just found it. I didn't realise what the 'Play As' option was. My Heroes.
  20. BK, I haven't seen the option for changing the number of pieces. Can you tell me how to do it or how to find the instructions please. Will give it a try.
  21. Me too BK. I think it's a great site. I don't try to match the speeds, I just enjoy the jigsaws. I do them on and off all day. Hubbs reckons it keeps me out of mischief.
  22. carni


    Bump. Seeing as Bidmas/Bodmas has arisen, I remembered this old thread from around 2014. For the mathematicians on NS to re baffle me again.?
  23. Blimeh, BK, that's a bloomin' lot of cream cakes. I think I'd better stick to a jam donut today then! Not literally.
  24. Hubbs just said we have had our car for six years and we have done 94000 miles approx. Right then. A Mathematical question. If we have travelled 94000 miles, and each car ride is approximately 25miles long . How many cream cakes will we have consumed over the last six years. Answers on a Elephants foot please. PS we both had a cake each 25mile ride?
  25. Not us CT. We still go for our country lane car rides most days, in search of the 'Elusive Cream Bun!!!!