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  1. Now come on LL, asking me to share my cakes, that is going a bit too far! Talking about cameras and operating tables. Reminded me, I'm overdue for a Colonoscopy which was cancelled in March, due to the Virus. I can't quite bring myself to phone and make sure I haven't been forgotten. Back to the camera. I have had 3 Colonoscopys in the last three years, and from the minute I get on that eyes stay firmly closed, I have seen the screen for me to watch the action, but I would rather not look thank you very much. I have been on Thyroxine for under active thyroid for many years. I blame that for my cuddliness. Nothing to do with cream cakes. Honestly. Best wishes to LL and benj, and to all NS who are going through health and other worries.
  2. All the best LL. Hope you get comfortable and recover quickly.x
  3. Happy Birthday SG Hope You Have A Good Day.
  4. I used to visit my Aunts for tea in around 1963/4 on Green Lane, and I can't remember the style of the house at that time, After I married in 1966, we didn't visit Nottingham very often for a few years. As the children grew up and we had a car we would visit quite often up until she passed away in 2010 and I mainly remember the downstairs toilet from those years. It was very handy have two. Very Posh.
  5. My Aunt, who lived in an end house on Green Lane Clifton, didn't have an outside toilet, but she had a downstairs toilet, to the left as you entered the front door(which was on the side of the house, probably due to being an end house)? She also had one upstairs as part of the bathroom. I don't know if it was built like that or added later. I don't remember it being any different, I only remember it from the 1960s.
  6. Sorry to read about your Mum nonna. I hope She is ok and you get the chance to be with her soon. We will be thinking of you all .x
  7. PASTRIES, Who said PASTRIES...........Can I come Anawl.
  8. Don't be gone too long Col......................................Your Nottstagians Need You. x
  9. Sorry I'm late at the choir meetings benj, I blame .........erm. Me! We drove through the town We drove through the country Benj showed them how his motor could go He said how do you like my triple carbureter And one of them whispered low. Over to you choir........ Promise you I didn't cheat and look it up
  10. I will never understand why restrictions are being lifted when the unseen virus is still infecting people. Too soon to be safe!
  11. If it wasn't for our daily early morning 2hrs cycle rides I would be more browned off than I am. We do go to Morrisons etc, but completely masked, hands sanitised on the way in and again on the way out. The thing is, I am getting to the stage where I wonder if I will ever feel comfortable being among people again. We have lost two holidays, deposits yet to be sorted. The two weeks at Skeg, end of May, we are waiting to see what the site decide to do. ( We don't want to go this year if they offer it later?)The holiday at Deal, is being held for next year at the end of July. Hubbies Brother has been in hospital for a month, no visits or contact. Very poorly, he has had a stroke during his operation. I should have had a procedure in March, still waiting to hear when I will be called in. And apart from that I have that much hair I look like an over the hill hippie. Glad to be alive, so I'll shurrup moaning now.
  12. My condolences To you all Oldphil. The brass plaque sounds like a good idea, it will make the bench even more special.
  13. My condolences as well Jill. I'm sure your memories are special and will always stay with you.
  14. He's probably watching you Jill, with a twinkle in his eye. He is missed by many.
  15. I could no more sit in a cemetery for one moment and enjoy the peace and quiet. I don't find anything relaxing in sitting among graves, seeing the names and ages of the people who have passed on can be quite sad, especially if i knew the person. We all have our own outlook on Cemeteries, and we are entitled to them, even if they are different to our own thoughts. I have respect for what ever peoples thoughts on the subject are and whether it's different or the same as mine. That is OK.
  16. We have a German Cemetery on Cannock Chase and it is kept immaculately neat and clean. All in perfect rows of white stones with inscriptions. I imagine when family come to England to visit the resting place of their loved ones, they can go home knowing they have been buried with respect and care. Thankfully not in run down unloved graves. It doesn't matter to me whether a graveyard is neglected or immaculate, they all give me the creeps. As a teenager, I hated walking up Arnold Lane past the Churchyard, and when I go now to Gedling Cemetery to visit the family Grave, I still get the same feeling walking up knowing I'm surrounded by many bones just a few feet away from me. Many of my ancestors are in Carlton Cemetery and during my search for my family tree I contacted the office at the Cemetery. I was given the location for the plots of my Gt and Gt Gt g/parents but they couldn't be direct as the graves were hidden under years of neglect. The area was in a shameful state, pots, broken headstones, broken graves. Very sad really.
  17. OK Thank you for the information.
  18. Just returned home from our daily excercise by the canals. Must say it was blowing a gale. Hubby reckons it was the strongest wind he has cycled against since he was a teenager cycling his way to college. I feel quite proud to say It didn't beat me into walking. Very Autumnal though!!!! This year the tow paths are overrun with 'Cow Parsley'. It certainly looks so pretty, as far as you can see along our stretch of the Staffs and Worc canal, the banks are pure white both sides. I have never seen it like this before, I wonder if it is anything to do with lack of pollution (due to so much lockdown)? Being a village born gel, I grew up walking and playing in the local fields, especially Gedling Woods, and I just love the wild flowers and trees, but though I know a little about some flowers I know nothing about most? Question......I have heard that the poisonous Hemlock looks very similar to Cow Parsley, so does it also grow in England, and if so, how would I know which one is which. I know I could eat some to find out......but not a good idea me thinks.
  19. Visiting Wilford Hill last year, as I do 2/3 times a year, I realised I was walking up the wrong row of graves, so carefully and respectfully I went to move through the graves to the correct row. The grass was above ankle deep and quite wet. As i walked around the one grave, the earth gave way and my foot dropped into emptiness up to my ankle. The grass was the only thing that was stopping subsidence, and I had the experience of discovering that. I don't feel comfortable in graveyards, and this experience strengthened this feeling. but while I'm still on this earth, I will always take flowers to the people I love. Husband and I have our funerals all paid for and no graves involved, somewhere in a hedge away from public, in the countryside, along our beloved tow paths is where we will be pushing up daisies. Our off springs know our routes so they can chose where. Everyone is happy with this arrangement. Just thought to add, cremations will be the way out.
  20. Not a lot shocks us at our age BK. I must say, you look very with it, with your designer stubble. All you need now a gold earring and a cravat.
  21. I counted the spaces in the packet ................after the fact. No No not THAT photo. I blame Trogg!
  22. Not doing too bad on the weight score. No gain, probably due to our 12mile cycle every morning, thanks to the mild weather we haven't missed a day lately. I do have a problem with biscuits though, I have just downed 7 custard creams. I didn't mean too, I forgot to count.
  23. Your correct CT. Not that I needed to look. Just you do.
  24. Oh dear benj. I didn't know the next line; so I googled it, not very cheerful lyrics under the circumstances so I just hummed to 'Don't worry. Be Happy' instead. Did you hear me. Take it from here choir.... Mm mm mm mm...........
  25. Happy Anniversary to you both Letsavagoo. The sun is shining for you today.