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  1. Pleased to read you have finished your radiotherapy Colly All the best for the future.x
  2. I remember a club in that area on station Rd. Could have been the British Legion?
  3. Same here LL. Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry I missed you. Hope you had a good one. x
  4. Best Wishes Colly, hope all goes well for you. x
  5. Best Wishes colly.x
  6. Best wishes for your recovery Letsavagoo. As someone who had the virus, along with husband last Nov/ Dec, I know how ill you can be. It truly is a dangerous illness. I had first vaccine in Feb, and due the second one in April, but spent eight days in hospital with Pancriatitis instead, putting my second vac late to the end of April. Husband had his booster last week, and today at 9am we are off down the surgery (open today just for Vaccs) for our Flu jab, I will ask about my booster because I must be due by now. Probably be told to wait for them to contact me, but no harm in asking.
  7. How are you getting on with the Organ practise Loppy. You must be quite advanced by now. Keep watering the daisies LL, from this side of the grass Mi Duck.
  8. Thankyou for missing us. Sorry you are not seeing much from me lately. I am logging on to keep up with the chat, and didn't realise how little I have contributed. We are currently at Skegness, and I only seem to have WIFI for a short time. It is very frustrating. I too hope Loppy and PP and any other missing NS are OK. The last year has seen us with illnesses and lengthy recovery's. My last hospital stay in April and still recovering. Lost holidays. and this one is one removed three times . To add to all this, we had a run in with a lorry on the way to Skeg and the side of the ca
  9. We have a beautiful Floribunda rose in our garden, which sometimes gets mixed up as a Hybrid Tea Rose, as it has single blooms. (Just looked this info up on the laptop). Ours is more white, and pink edged, very delicate, so pretty. It is a perfumed rose, but I have never noticed a perfume. It is called 'Sheila's Perfume'. Worth a look.
  10. You are doing well Benj. Your recovery and frame of mind, are brilliant and an inspiration to anyone facing similar illnesses. Keep going in the right direction Mi Duck, and when my latest health scarey problem is better I will look forward to seeing you and the other Nottstalgians again.x
  11. Sorry you are having problems benj. I hope you get sorted soon miduck.x
  12. BK, I was classed as borderline in the late 1990s, when I asked the doc what that meant and about treatment he told me, that he would monitor me, and it was not practice to give medication (Thyroxine) whilst borderline, as once taking it, it is lifelong. I have been on 'Thyroxine' for over twenty years and my dose has been altered sometimes. For a while now it has been 75mcg? one50 and one 25. Best wishes BK.
  13. Happy Belated Birthday Catfan. I bet Mrs Catfan did her best to spoil you Miduck.x
  14. CliffTon In the words of the song..........If you don't know me by now?
  15. Thankyou BK, Will do our best to take care. I have got a couple of smashing bruises from falling of my bike last Friday. We had got to within 80yds from our house and for some reason I just lost my balance. Must say the tarmac was very hard! My pride was more painful than my knees at the time? I hope you both enjoy your travel videos for many more years. I expect you have some happy memories to share together.
  16. An amendment to my last post. The 'Muchgigglin' was moored near to 'The Oxley Boat Yard' not 'Autherley Junction.' SOZ.
  17. Hiya Katy jay. Feeling a bit more comfortable lately,so we have been off on our bike rides., early mornings though in case it gets to warm. Guess who was moored up by Autherly junction on the Staffs and Worc canal this morning, The very lovely 'Muchgigglin'. Tone was by the open door so we spent a little while having a chat, Julie was by the side hatch. It was good to see them both as we always look out for them on our rides, but never expect to see them. Looking forward to seeing Mr and Mrs BK, if you are ever sailing in our area, let us know and we will l
  18. I've just logged in and spotted all your kind and funny posts. Fair made me smile you did. Catfan, we have a holiday booked at our beloved Skeggy for two weeks in September, it has been moved three times, twice due to Covid and last time due to my hospital visit, fingers crossed! Trogg, That picture certainly looks like an 'Elephants foot' to me? Hope to see you all when things settle down.x
  19. Thankyou nonnaB, we have had a few months of ill health, with Covid and recovery time, then the dreaded Pancreatitis, which knocked me for six, still awaiting for hospital to send appointment for my follow up with consultant, 6/8 weeks, we are now on week 11/12. can't be long now. ?
  20. Best Wishes Catfan. I hope all goes well for you.x
  21. I remember a form of saving club at Raywarp on Alfred St North. Memory not brill so excuse me if I get a bit muddled.Say there were twenty of us in the group, we paid in the same amount each week, and all names put in a box at the start and names were, to be picked out to see when we got our share. Every one received the amount we put in , just all in one go , depending on which number week we drew our name. I imagine there would have been a collection for the organiser.
  22. Best Wishes from My Hubby and Me Colly.x
  23. Ha Ha Cheeky Devil..................True Though.
  24. ube, So sorry to read of the sad decision you have to make for Tye. I have been there four times and I can imagine how you feel. My pets never experienced any pain or fear at the time of the injection, so there is nothing for you to fear. Take care and I hope you find peace when you see it is the most caring thing you can do for your friend.