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  1. It looks like the long wait is almost over, thank goodness. All the best DJ. We will all be thinking about you.
  2. I haven't done much reading over the last year but now I can feel myself starting to relax and take an interest again. I had built up a good collection of Philippa Gregory books, on the Plantagenet and Tudor series. I have only three books to look for and I will have the whole series. I started with 'The Kingmakers Daughters' after which I read 'The other Boleyn Girl'. Philippa writes from historical facts mixed with lots of imagination added. I can tell you one thing for sure, I certainly wouldn't like to have lived in those 'Henry 8th days'. Bad enough being a male, but us females
  3. Soz, It has been a few weeks of events and recovery from my Op and infection plus....Guess what...Bloomin Covid in hospital. I haven't felt up to it. BUT, I have been keeping my eye on you all.
  4. Happy anniversary Mr and Mrs Trogg.
  5. Your posts are just what the doctor ordered. Back home now, a little bit of me missing, but it's over. All went well and all of the staff at New Cross that dealt with me were the best, even down to the Anaesthetist, who had me holding an (unused sick hat, that looked like a grey Trilby) to my head whist counting down from ten. I don't know how far I got, thank goodness it's over. Thankyou for your birthday wishes, just got to recover now.x
  6. Thankyou for your heart warming post Nonna B. It is so caring of you. Only a week to go now, and you are right about the waiting being frustrating and how it gives time for the imagination to run riot. I thank you all again for your encouraging and thoughtful posts. xx
  7. My condolences to all of your family Nonna.
  8. I am very sad to read this news about Michaels wife. I send my condolences to Michael and his family.
  9. Congratulations on your 'Golden Wedding Anniversary' Mr and Mrs DJ. I hope you have enjoyed your special day, and I hope you get sorted with your treatment at the hospital soon. .
  10. Happy Belated Birthday Mrs B. Hope you enjoyed your day. x
  11. Thankyou everyone. As usual you lighten my mood, with your kindness and amusing advice. I wish I could take you all with
  12. I'm getting really nervous now. The Scaredy Cat is coming out in me now it is only 19days from surgery. Today Hospital for another Covid swab test and isolation until Tuesday. Tuesday, 9am,the stress ECG,that was recently cancelled. 24th,April another Covid swab test. 27th April Hospital at 7am. Day of Procedure.
  13. Ayup Brew, You can be in my gang Miduck. Cos I'm posh Annawl.
  14. Over the years our cycle rides have reduced in length from approx 30milers a time, to 6/8 miles a morning. Still very enjoyable but can be a bit of a struggle up and down the canal bridges. We have progressed from searching for the illusive Kingfisher, through tracking down the tap tap of the Woodpecker, hiding behind the tree, having us on. Living in a very built up area means we don't see much wild life and get our enjoyment from our bird feeding and watching them bathe in our bird bath in the garden. This probably seems odd to anyone living in the countryside, b
  15. Feeling really fed up with hospital cancelations and changes to my scheduled April 27th operation. I can't write how many changes that keep occurring, due to staff going off with Corona virus the day before my appointments, or more tests required. The last one being a stress ECG yesterday. Tuesday, I finally got called for my virus swab test. Great, all went well. Phone call Wed morning to say my stress ECG for Friday was cancelled, due to staff going down with covid. also through the post a letter stating my Surgeon has booked a bed for me for a stay after my op because of my
  16. I hope all goes well DJ. You have waited long enough.
  17. Sorry to read your not well PP. I hope you both feel better soon.
  18. Nor mine. I seem to remember rubber buttons and ribbon stitched into the material.
  19. Same from me Margie. Happy Birthday. Have a Lovely Day.
  20. Sorry I missed your birthday benj. I hope you had a happy day and a special treat to hear from your son in the Ukraine. 77 years young, doing good Mi Duck.x
  21. Dj, I do feel sorry for you, Reading your post rings familiar as to the problems and changes happening to me during the last month. I hope you get some joy from the PALS management tomorrow. .
  22. PS.... My Wattle should have swayed gracefully, not gently! Stand in the corner that girl!