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  1. My granddad Don Metcalf owned a second hand clothes shop on Wilford Road which my gran Amy and mum Ann ran. I was only little at the time but can remember "helping" in the shop!
  2. Thanks for sharing the photo - my granddad was born at 49 Blackstone Street in 1923 So really interesting to see it, never managed to trace any photos before.
  3. My great auntie and uncle ran this pub, I think in the 70s - they were Betty and Pat - anyone remember them? When they split up, Betty worked at The Loggerheads (Cliff Road) and Pat went to run a social club on Epperstone Road in Bridgford.
  4. A bit more info from my mum! She remembers these shops being close by - Towsons butchers, Battersbys shoes, Maypole convenience store, Turners bakers, Barbara's kids clothes, plus a hardware shop and sweet shop.
  5. No sorry, no Steve or Isobel Metcalf in our family as far as i Know!
  6. Thanks for doing that, hopefully someone may remember the shop. Our Metcalfs didn't go to Trent Bridge school i'm afraid.
  7. Hi, I'm new here and found this great site while doing some research for my family tree. Don't know if anyone remembers a second hand clothes shop on Wilford Road which my grandad Don Metcalf owned and was run by my gran Amy and mum Ann. If anyone has any memories to share or even a photo, I'd really appreciate it. I was pretty young at the time and only have a vague picture in my head.