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  1. Ayup youth!

    While looking up Sampson de Strelley, I though I'd remind mesen of those other Notts stalwarts, Royle and Whitehorn. Anyway, was led to your lovely description of Castle Place etc of which I remember very well. Obviously upset you didn't mention me, the trainee!

    Hope all well. Will write again. Miss Stanton! I have an old slide of her legs. Don't ask! 


  2. Mk 2 Golf GTI, it was amazing, and courtesy of my ex wife's advertising company, all free as far as I was concerned. Red with every extra, possibly an unadmitted bit of Thatcherism, but that was life in Essex 30 years ago. Went up to see my brother once, going on the Kimberley by pass some cluckheads in a Ford Escort decided to try and wind me up, no chance, two fingers and 125 mph, but, they tried it on. Slammed the amazing brakes at the Eastwood Junction, hopefully the youths ended up in the canal.
  3. I recall our German teacher was a Miss Scott, Mr Green taught Russian. For those of us who were good at French in year1, we were given two options in year 2, either Russian or German. I chose the latter, the alphabet was the same as ours and I thought it would be helpfull to be able to watch the plethora of 1960's war films without having to resort to the subtitles. It also proved interesting 10 or so years ago when I went on a business trip to Bavaria, the look on their faces in a bar when I started to reply in German was very amusing. Nice people the Germans, lovely country too esp
  4. Yeah, to quote, ' He f***** off quick' an expression we all used to use .
  5. Mate, the world seems to have to survive on mobile phones! Tomorrow I catch the train for a few days in Kidderminster with my ex BGS girlfiend from 45 years ago, we are going to attempt to climb the Clee Hills on Saturday!! But that isn't the point, catch the Tube or any train or go anywhere and people are just obsessed with their phones, they stumble along pavements, talk in cars 'Big Time'', sit on a train these days and people are just obsessed with phones, sod that, too much to see and contemplate out the window of the train, has the world gone mad, have people completely lost their i
  6. Ayup Pete. Sorry not been posting lately but been too busy. Work work flipping work then I come home and start work on getting the house modernised. Keeps me off the streets mind you. How are you these days?

  7. Just stop the pathetic, useless morons benefits, but then the system doesn't work like that, it punishes the innocents, I know from experience. Anyone driving around Bullwell, if they see him and think they can get away with it, drive up the pavement and, well, do the world a favour.
  8. If anyone is interested in seeing Flying Scotsman and Tornado in action on the Severn Valley Railway this last weekend, just Google 'Flying Scotsman at the Severn Valley Railway'. FS was teamed up with the 9 coach LNER teak train, it needed to be in LNER colours to look right; but it did in a sense. Some of the footage is a bit crap , but persevere. I'm off to Kiddy in a couple of days, perhaps FS and Tornado will still be lurking somewhere. By the way, the bar at the SVR terminus is fantastic, I'll get off the London Midland/GWR train at Kiddy and wander over the carpark for a pint
  9. I feel very guilty about starting this topic, but, well, somebody was inevitably going to do it. I think Mick does an amazing job, I'm quite happy to make a donation, I didn't realise how much it personally cost him. Yes the new format is cool, still a few issues though! Waking up early this morning I picked up the thread on Barton buses, well it was 4:00am, couldn't really concentrate on that superb video. Decided to have a look when more compus mentis, it ain't there, things appear then vanish, sure I can hunt for it, but.................
  10. I regularly travel up to the West Midlands by Chiltern Rail from Marylebone, now the centre of travel to Birmingham Snow Hill and Moor Street rather than Paddington. Ex GCR Marylebone is probably the nicest of London termini, very small and laid back. Chiltern Rail trains are really smart compared to the crap we have to endure in East Anglia. I was amazed at my first journey up there to note that Banbury still had lower quadrant semiphores and GWR signal boxes. On my last journey 3 weeks ago, these had all gone, replaced by colour light signals. Interestingly, I travelled from Kidd
  11. Went into Marks and Spencers on my way home from work at B&Q this evening. Went to buy myself a bottle of their lovely cloudy lemonade, couldn't find it, why, because their shelves had been stocked up with Christmas stuff! It's September for Christ's sake, last week we were experiencing temperatures of 34C down here in Essex, has the world gone mad, no, just exploitation by the corporates. I gather B&Q will be receiving their Xmas stuff in a couple of weeks, that'll be nice!!
  12. I recall at Firbeck Junior, the evil head who I'm convinced was a paedophile, I'll not mention any names. Then when she thankfully left she was replaced by Mr Lomas, he could be a strange bloke at times, his form of 'Capital Punishment' was a slap on the legs in front of the whole school, clearly it was just an act of humiliation, I don't recall him being proud of what he had to do. At BGS you had to do something really serious to get the cane, Harry Peake used to have one on clear view in his room, but in my 7 years at the school, I hardly ever visited the Heads room probably only 2 or 3
  13. Did you realise it was more or less a biography of J G Ballards early life, the book is a stunning read.
  14. Empire of the Sun, a young Christian Bale, the attack on the Japanese airfield. 'Horsepower, P51, Cadillac of the skies, I can taste the oil and cordite in my mouth.........etc What a scene, the P51 pilot doing the wing waggling slow flypast was the late lamented Ray Hannah of Duxford fame, Plantfit will know who I mean.
  15. TBI, what years were you at Mundella, did you know my brother John Truman, a great bloke, known as Truzz, his little 'organisation' of pals were known as Fuzz, Buzz and Truzz.