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  1. Bulwell a nice must have the right grid reference but the wrng planit, thats wot i is a pile o crap
  2. never ad enogh cash to go clubin, but i could av taken them on in me heyday, thats wor I know!
  3. aw come i get censored wen eys givin me stick...he dont even live in nottm, thats wot I want to now!
  4. never met the woman, thats wor i now!, never go to arnold
  5. i were born on Albury drive, aspley...then to crane and peveril...both crap skools hated every minute got caned all the time fer fitin , thats wor appened to me !"
  6. ya wanna come and sea the fare sights of Bulwell, youl seen get yer ass back daan south, thats wot I know!
  7. Lets face it pal...wot as aus got , treats its natives like crap, loaud mauth beer swilers. Airs rock, some bridge in sindney and a reef. Lots oh flys and sheep and sand....thats abaot it, thats wot i recon !
  8. It's bleedin molly sugden , thats wot I reco...the wife were er bridsmaid, i no that!
  9. i speek the truth, thats wor I do!, gor a problem wey it?
  10. it is an ard pub....u ought ta cum dann four a pint !, bleedin cheshire.....thought its only famus for a cat, thats wor i recon!
  11. yer, the loaud mouthed aussies got ther ass kicked big style...thats wot I know !
  12. I use online shopin all the time, cant be bothered to shop any other way you get loads of plastic bags to put the used flowers in, thats wot I recon. who wants small shops wen yow can get evereything you want bought rand to yer house ?
  13. Live in the past pal...the cost o livin is cheaper , you cud even try and contact the livin , thats wot I recon !
  14. Dish aught the medals....."Tryin to fight bak the tears", thats wot I recon.
  15. you say! sounds a bit suspect to me Lets not go daan the the bleedin Gary Glitter route, thats wot I recon !
  16. A licensed ham you say....the last vestage of a sad git !, thats wot I recon...yea lets all talk about the weather to some loud mouthed yank or aussie!
  17. stop peeiin around....chuk it and by another, thats wot i recon !
  18. Yea, loads in Nottingham...none in cheshire, but why do I need them over aint got none over there av you thats why your on this i get it , thats what i recon ! ...sad ass