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    I run a local guinea pig rescue in Wollaton<br />love music aka Rammstein,Thunder etc etc and have around 40 tattoos in various places
  1. the thing that really bugged me about Mr Lomas was that creepy vein on the side of his head that stuck out sometimes..apart from that he was ok
  2. Firbeck School is in Wollaton near where Balloon Woods was (on the Firbeck estate) it would be interesting to find out who on here went there?
  3. I went to Firbeck and kinda liked it there although Mr Lomas the head was...well lets say i have nightmares about him,I used to have a lotta mates around Plantation Road etc and spent most of my time around there
  4. I noticed when they were digging up the road around the square a while ago there were loads of cobbles
  5. I remember a few years ago there was a satanist cult holding sacrifices there when my dads church held a huge tent on the forest,there was a police raid and they found poor dead sacrificed animals,appar the cult did it to freak out the church goers
  6. hmm,nah this was a guy ,I cant remember his real name oh there was a Joe and Sharon too they were always arguing but inseperable lol, anyway he died a while ago we also used to meet a lot in the Salutation Inn upstairs
  7. can anyone remember the gang that used to hang around downstairs in Virgin? and other places too Shaz ( me) Vanessa Pritchett Jim Mcmanaman Joey Lamb Coop Eddie Martin Phil Smith Viv mad Rick Peggy( runs a markey stall i think) Frank Delgaudio Pepe Delgaudio Pete ( cant remember many of their last names) and a few others,i think we used to more or less live in that place..or meet there and then disperse
  8. lol have done a couple already,the comps being a brainfart today
  9. Ahh the Sandpiper,the good days... appar the singer ( Mark) from Some Chicken died a while ago,something to do with heart probs I held a couple of my bday parties down there and had the Drains and Some Chicken play,that was fun times.. i remember the floor used to be covered in spit near the stage and also remember a guy called Mark Marshall who i think played in a band and had this thing for eating glass( with blood pouring from his mouth) and cutting his arms and chest to ribbons with it,i wonder where he is now.. i reckon if there was ever a fire no one wouldve got out alive lol
  10. yup I remember all that,and Mark that used to play what we asked from behind the counter,I always used to dread falling down those stairs god knows why lol it was a hang about downstairs then a wander to the local cafe( Hollies or the one across the road) then the Odeon pics,a total embarrassment when Hendrix and his crew rattled their way in halfway thru the film,my god now I feel oldddddddddd