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  1. Hi all, I didn't realise I was missed. MICK2: I got a bit fed up with one of our members and kept away for a while,,,, then just fell out of the habit. Obviously I'm not Barry St Ives (unless I'm dead), but Barry in St Ives as Beefy knows. I've been quite ill, and a lot of convalescing,,,,, but still here. BEEFY: No more darts i'm afraid, due to bad health. No pool either, so buggered for entertainment in my old age ?!?! BANJO: Yep - that sounds like Kluck. His name is Mick Klutko - his father is, or was, a white russian. They used to live at the top of Freda Avenue. I lived at Shelford Road just down the hill from him. Incy dentally, Freda Avenue was an unmade cart track when we first moved there. Good health to everyone
  2. I also lived on Linden Grove - about 1968/9, just after getting married. It was there that I took my pet bear home. My new missus wouldn't let me in !!!
  3. I'd be surprised if we don't know each other. We used to play in the exact same places - although the tunnel under the train lines at rails through it, and we rode a 'bogie' truck through it, to the pits. As to scrambling through the bridge, if you look at the first stantion, you can see a piece of it missing. I was standing on that very corner, when it just fell away into the river. Don't know why - I wasn't that heavy. If the granite was faulty, it would have gone by now. Happy happy memories. Baz
  4. We also spent many, many hours outside the Ferry Boat. Usually my Dad was so strict about where we played, but down there, we were left to our own devices for an hour or so. Obviously very dangerous,,,, railway lines,,,, River Trent,,,, Main Road etc etc. There was a kids park on the corner of the main road, with conker trees. Great great times
  5. We also used to play in the gravel pits - usually building rafts etc. also, there was an old 'bogie' truck, that we rode through the tunnel, from the works, to the pits. When I last visited Nottingham, I took my Son to see where I played. Alas the tunnel can't be accessed now,,,, but the maggot factory is still there !! and still stinks !!
  6. Hi, Its been a long, long time. I'm trying to think of a butchers shop down the Meadows, where I worked about 1964. It was a one-man band (along with his missus), but they used to supply to hotels, shops etc. My job, as a 15/6 year old, was boning bacon, making pies and my famous sausages. Wednesday, was dripping day. We had a commercial boiler type thing. I used to fill it up with pork fat, or beef fat, and render it down to dripping. I then poured it into waxed tapered packets. The whole area stunk terribly on Wednesdays, but the end product was worth waiting for. About half way down Arkwright Street (from Town), I turned to a street on the right, but can't recall that either. Anyone help please ? It's on the tip of my tongue,,,,,,, probably, as soon as I press Submit, it'll come to me ! My last visit to Nottingham, unfortunately was to my Auntie Eileen's funeral, at Bilborough. A sad sad loss. Hope everyone is well. Baz
  7. As a young girl, she lived at the bottom of Sherwood Rise in 1964 with her family. I can't quite recall the name of the street, though I did ask about it on here some years ago. If I can find it, i'll update this - quite possibly Clumber Avenue. I moved into the same street, & we hit it off. She didn't like the name Carolyn, nor Wysall. She preferred Caroline. I think she may be in Basford now.
  8. a bit late on this post,,,,,, I knew Martin Lacey very loosely, as i used to visit his 'zoo' in the 60's. In those days he was more interested in the animals, than the public, or their perception of his animal - as was John Aspinal at the time. The reason I'm looking into the name is that I saw the opening episode of OUR ZOO. Mottishead got his bears from a guy called 'Mr Lacey', which reminded me of Martin. After looking it up, apparantly that one was called Ted Lacey. But the Bears reminded me of,,,,, well my owing Humbug the Bear when I still lived in Nottingham. I went in a pub for a beer,,,, and went home with a bear,,,, like the Mottisheads - the wife wasn't impressed !
  9. ,,,,, is it part of a Gyro Gun Sight recorder,,,,, possibly from around 1944/5 ?
  10. Our sorting offices close at 1:00p.m. My post arrives between 12:00 & 2:00. If they have a package for me/us & I'm not in, I get a card pushed through the door saying "leave it at least an hour before you call the office or call in for your package". To those of you that can do sums,,,, if I get the card after 12 noon, I/we have no way of getting said package. Sometimes, posties don't actually bring a package, merely say that they tried to deliver it, but couldn't !!! Idleness is one thing,,,, but lying is a complete no-no. If the business is too big for them to handle, they should either expand/contract out, or allow other companies to tender for the work. They moan about losing money (?!?!) but hasn't their business gone up astronomically since E-Bay (other brands are available ?!) etc.
  11. ,,,, am not sure which commodore model his was. I was thinking of upgrading my kit,,,, but to be truthful, I can't see that anything newer will be much faster than what I have. I thought about changing the M.B & psu,,, but then I'd have to get new RAM, maybe a psu & as all my gear is IDE,,,, it wouldn't be compatible. I'd love more RAM, but my M.B won't take it. I also have P.Shop as well as Quark Xpress, the Mercedes Workshop stuff and I did have a massive Flight Simulator (I didn't realise just how big until I started to load it). It was supposed to help me with my flying lessons, but as my local school closed down last year it didn't get used much - I used it about twice - so last week - it had to go. It is an awesome program though & even had my local Lands End airport on it, as well as the Cessna that I was training in. The only slow bit for me, is the Interweb. Mind you,,,, living where I do, I'm surprised they got electric !? If I do anything now, it'll be a half decent lap-top. I don't need one,,,, I just fancy one,,,,, just like a big kid,,,,
  12. must have been a similar time,,,, My mate had a Commodore, but was basically a Game machine. Games came on cassettes then ! I so wanted a computer. In the end I went for the Atari XL, as was a real computer,,,,, that did actual computing - plugged into the TV in those days. I still have it in the wardrobe,,, along with a few games and a couple of computer programs - still on cassette,,,, tho' Atari did bring out a floppy drive later on (not that I got one). My same mate bought a Hyundai kit through me. That was also 8086 I think. It consisted of a computer that we know today, with monitor & wide carriage dot matrix printer. It had a 5.25" floppy drive & a geet big 30mg hdd ! (I also have these items now) I bought my first 'proper job' which was a PCU brand, with 52mb hdd ("Christ,,, you'll never need all that,,,") It had a 4.5 & 5.25 fdd and the modem. I was hoping that my mate would teach me computing, but the day it arrived, he went back to sea for 9 months. No way was I going to wait, so I gingerly connected it together, & made a start. I had only known DOSS, but windows had just come out - my first windows was v3.0. Boy, did that free up some time,,,, no longer inputting meaningless codes etc. That cost just under £3000,,,, a hell of a lot in those days,,, Got a Fujitsu printer,,,, & I was in my element then. My current (main) kit is an Acer desktop with XP Pro SP3 > 2mb RAM (Max) > 2 HDD > 2 DVD ReWriters > Nvidea Graphics + Hanns-G digital monitor > Minolta colour laser & Brother 'All-in-One' kit. Tried to boot up my 'stand-by' kit the other week,,,, but it won't come to life. I must see if I can get it working again,,,,, I'd luv to see what's on the hdd after all this time ?!?! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, if anyone wants a fabulous Wide Carriage dot matrix printer - gi me a shaht. I know that home computer owners scoff at these machines, but they are ideal for printing Duplicate Invoices / Estimates etc. Don't s'pose the actual puter/monitor are worth keeping. Would also sell the Atari now if pressured (inc cassette player etc) really is "as new".
  13. Click on MY COMPUTER & you will see a list of Drives,,,, Hard Drives, Floppy Drives, DVD drives and even drive numbers for your cards / sticks etc. It also shows how big your HDD is/are, & how much is left to play with,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  14. ,,, we can't all be good at everything,,,, I suspect that I've been using a computer for longer than most,,,, but that was my down-fall. I was 'using' it instead of 'learning' it. I was far too busy to learn computing, and used the machine about my business. I wish I'd found a bit of time to learn them,,,, I'd be a wizard by now. There is a pie chart somewhere in the system, but I can't recall where. There area couple of great FREE program that will tell you every nook'n'cranny about your machine. Can be a bit technical tho'. SANDRA and EVEREST seem to be the best ones. To see what HDD you have (without taking the top/side panel off & looking !) go to: Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Drives. Your HDD will be there, Brand and size. It won't tell you how much is 'used' though. Have look there whilst I try to find somewhere that tells you usage,,,, again, that should be soooo easy,,,, but I gotta search,,,,
  15. Follow the above,,,,,,, you can delete Cookies, Temp files & HISTORY. You can adjust your History deletions/schedule there also. For some reason I have mine set to 4 days. If you delete ALL Cookies, you will need to re-set your log-in details when visiting regular sites next time. I think a small price to pay, to get back the space,,,, and get rid of 'previous' visitations. ALL TEMPS need to be got rid of tho'. From the same place (Temp Internet Folders) you can VIEW FILES. When you see the list of temp files (& Cookies) that your machine is holding,,,,, will make you jump,,,, & give a rough idea of how much room is being taken up by them.