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  1. Sherwood Station 1910, present site of Winwood Heights. Sherwood Station clearance 1964. Getting the site ready to build the flats. Station Master's house in the background. Woodthorpe & Winchester Courts 1965, changed to Independant Living a year later. Winwood Heights present day.
  2. Winwood Heights is built on the old Sherwood Railway Station, but many of yoiu already know that !
  3. I remember the Park Tunnel meetup. Finishing off at the Wetherspoon pub The Company Inn.
  4. Blocked off now but there are YouTube video's showing the tunnels being explored.
  5. I thought it was you waving Lizzie.
  6. At one time i had to self inject, well Mrs C injected me cos I could not do it & could not see what I was doing. My old needles were put in a sharps container prescribed by the doctor & handed i at the local health centre when full. Thankfully nowadays is a thing of the past.
  7. We have 12 flights of stairs to our flat. Mrs always goes that way while I decide which lift to take.
  8. Monty wasn't the brightest but he ward hard as nails !
  9. Many thanks BK. A happy New Year to you & everyone on NS too.
  10. We have a trip to Skeg booked in Jan. Not holding my breath.
  11. Daughter much better, .
  12. I don't see her all tha often, unless she wants something.
  13. catfan

    Doug Scott

    He was Mrs Cs teacher many moons ago. RIP fella.
  14. Typical Labour for you. Spend Spend Spend, it's not our money.
  15. catfan

    4k Smart TVs

    Dish on a very high roof. Sattelite decoder built into TV.
  16. catfan

    4k Smart TVs

    It is widely broadcast in HD, I get mine via Freesat.