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  1. Not rubbish at all. Council's, student unions & many others push for the word Christmas to be dropped because they say Christmas is not inclusive enough. Here in this city like many other cities we have a Winter Wonderland, no mention of Christmas anymore.
  2. Need I say anymore, for every Christian child born today there will be four Muslim children born.
  3. Actually Muslims don't celebrate Christmas & Britain will soon be a Muslim country. Bradford as we know it will be the new UK capital renamed Bradistan.
  4. Jesus & Christmas aren't allowed in this multicultural country anymore. Happy holidays.
  5. Trust you to be so awkward BK.
  6. With all new versions of Widows it's best to let the dust settle before upgrading. If your PC still works most likely many of your programs won't.
  7. We stopped putting the Chistmas tree up when we lived in Bulwell cos our cats would attempt to climb the tree & then play football with the baubles when they had overturned the tree.
  8. Mrs Cs dad covers his bungalow with a myriad of LEDs & numerous flashing Chrismas decorations every year. Airline pilots on final approach to EMA know when to start their descent I am told. It takes all kinds I suppose.
  9. Great stuff colly, glad all is well. Now sit back & enjoy Christmas.
  10. Thanks for the compliment CT.
  11. After eating those you won't have many friends.
  12. Sounds a bit dodgy to me, a new surgeon. Could be a tree surgeon DJ. Joking aside, best of luck.
  13. A few yesterday Margie.
  14. Woodthorpe Park it is BK. I'll swap some snow for some of your sunshine.
  15. Here you go BK, taken this morning.
  16. Plenty of snow in Woodthorpe Park today.
  17. I hope he choked on his fish & chips.
  18. A good alternative to fibre or otherwise poor broadband could well be mobile broadband from your local phone mast. If you get a good mobile signal on your mobile phone then have a think. No messing about with installation just plug a 4g or 5g router in a power socket switch on & that's it. When my VM contract comes up for renewal in the new year it will most likely see me switching a to Three Mobile broadband. Half the cost & much faster speed.
  19. Back on again, normal VM download speed 220mb & Three mobile 5g 650 mb.
  20. ARC is the best option. Optical for those who don't have HDMI. All down to bandwidth. You won't get 7.1 Dolby Atmos from no other option except HDMI. ARC equals Audio Return Channel. Crank the sound up & let your neighbours enjoy the sound !
  21. Don't know about that but had many a good night on the Sunday grab a granny night.
  22. ARC on tv to ARC on soundbar then install the app. I have a LG soundbar connected to my LG TV & sounds amazing as my neighbours will confirm.