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  1. Had a tooth pulled out there when I was about 12 years old, an absolute nightmare ! I can remember the dentist locking the door when I went in, that put me off straight away. Chatting to my dentist years later he said school dentists only got that job cos no one else would employ em !
  2. Nero are giving a free version away for a limited time, not all the bells & whistles but a good workable version. Works fine on XP.
  3. Was at Tesco's at Top Valley on sat & saw a BSM driving school car trying to teach a novice to park. What a performance ! the novice was nowhere near the level of parking knowledge required, six empty bays & he was nowhere near the lines to correctly park. Oh my good night !
  4. Supermarket car parks. Or to be more precise, people who can't park properly in em.
  5. If your mother has touble getting her car out of her driveway because someone has parked across her driveway entrance, then it is a police matter.
  6. 1957 Hillman Minx.Bought in 1969 for £25. An absolute rot box that lasted nearly a year !
  7. I went to Player in the sixties.
  8. Well said Poobear. The Samaritans quote schoolteachers as being the highest suicide occupation in the country. This guy snapped & as a result if convicted will lose his freedom, pension & good name, all because of some out of control BASTARD kids.
  9. Jacko will be cremated next week. Then his ashes will be put in to "Etch A Sketches". The kids then will be able to play with him for a change.
  10. My take on this is that the corner shops are a lot more expensive than the supermarkets and can never compete on price. A fact of life is that the small shops are dying out for this reason. A visit to a large supermarket and I don't mean just Tesco but Morrison's , Asda etc. Most things can be bought under one roof from food to clothing, opticians, chemists & even cheap petrol on the way out as well. People are a lot more mobile nowadays and are able to travel to the big supermarkets instead of trying to find somewhere to park in their local high street, now Gedling Borough Council have
  11. "That's one reason why supermarkets are car parking right outside." Not just free parking but everything under one roof & cheaper prices too.
  12. Had a wander down to the Nottm Transport Heritage Center at Ruddington last year and saw this, Spent many hours flying around with this.
  13. The Broad Oak definitely only had a 6 day license. Mrs Edge who's land the pub was on insisted on this. This was when I was growing up in this area. When Mrs Edge died the pub was then granted a 7 day license, not exactly sure when this was but I think in the last 20 years or so. (give or take).
  14. No didn't go to Glaisdale, did all my schooling at "Player", left Darnhall when I was four years old.
  15. I was born at number 2 Darnhall Crescent opposite the shops.
  16. I know st Martins church well ! My parents were married there many moons ago & I was Christened there in 1958, just about remember the occasion. I was brought up in that area & remember the fair that visited the field next to Strelley Road before the houses were built on that land. The Broad Oak pub was never allowed to open on Sundays as I remember, something to do with Mrs Edge owning the land I think.
  17. Hope you don't mind, had a play with this pic.
  18. Parking tickets received in private car parks are not enforceable. Parking tickets received in council car parks ARE enforceable. Do not enter in to any correspondence with any private car parking companies, bin all correspondence from them. They may threaten court action/bailiffs etc, don't fall for it. Have a wander over here where all your questions will be answered.
  19. Welcome dandares, I remember the sausage meat sandwiches very well at the Mill Cafe ! the cafe is still there but have not been there for many years. Also I was a former pupil at Player comp but a bit before your time, I left in 67.
  20. I've turned a few buses around there myself in the past.
  21. When Pork Farms were located on Alfred Street in the old St Anns years ago the were in the Evening Post every other week being prosecuted for breaches of hygiene regulations. Funny how they were always prosecuted under the name of F.W Farnsworth though !
  22. What gets up my nose is people who moan at me when I park in the Mother & Toddler spaces at Tesco's. No I don't have toddlers but I have dents in my car cos other can't park safely.