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  1. I got the cane in 1962. Surely that's worth a claim for a bit of compo ?
  2. The story I was told was that a you g lad named Billy Eyres was swimming with his mates in the canal. Some older lads nearby were messing about with the lock gates, Billy was trapped under water when the lock gates were closed trapping him. I received a good hiding from my mam when she found out me & my mates swam in there regularly, many years after Billy's death.
  3. Two men ? On the bus this morning wearing white poppies.
  4. Tried everything Margie. Bigger keyboard, backlit keyboard now settled with a magnifier which works well for me. Most of the time.
  5. I worked with a Les Anderson. The 44 route from Colwick Road to Hucknall Lane was a two hour round trip.
  6. On 1967 I worked on the dodgems. Hard graft but good pay for a fifteen year old. Fairground man said you do a man's job so you get a man's wage. .
  7. No Lizzie, no new keyboard. Got mesen a new magnifier tho.!!!
  8. That name is vaguely familiar. I joined NCT in 1974 & trying to 0ut a face to 5hat name. One German 8 knew was called Herman a captured ww2 paratrooper ???
  9. It's all getting out of hand these days.
  10. Which district of Nottm has the highest crime rate ?
  11. I drove all those bus numbers you mentioned. Also I remember the talk of a new depot near Basford Gas Works. Funny thing is nearby they built the tram depot later. Another snippet of useless information is Bilborough Bus Depot was the only purpose built bus depot, all the other depots were originally tram sheds.
  12. I see that vile Labour MP Claudia Webb was extremely lucky not to get a custodial prison sentence for her threat to throw acid over a love rival. Mind you playing the race card worked for her after her comment about being tried in a white court. To think such an odious woman is a Labour MP.
  13. Not intentionally BK. Honest.
  14. As a 13 year old that area was my paper round.
  15. The bus stop previous to the church Melbourne Road was where the bus conductor jumped off & time stamped his card . ,(Timing Point).
  16. Chips on shoulders Ben. It's called playing the race card. Most black fellas were referred to as Chalky years ago with no intention to offend & none was taken, good grief not any more.
  17. Just watched the Boots Christmas TV ad & like the others there is nothing about the real reason for Christmas. In this one it is about 50 / 50 mix of black & white faces, well above the real mix of 10 / 90 % ethnicity mix. At least there were no obvious LGBTQ members in it which makes a change.
  18. I counted only two white faces in that woke fest ad. Considering JL have laid hundreds of staff of then spend £millions on that ad especially after the LGBTQ ad that got dropped sharpish. I reckon JL will lose customers over this PC we rubbish.
  19. I once stood on the top of that tower, when I was about 12 years old. Never liked heights after that.
  20. Boots I Vic Centre doing boosters , Pfizer or Moderna with no appointment just walk in. Went there today & in & out in 1t minutes. Jobs a gud un.
  21. Colly, my neighbour went there & had 30 sessions of RT, now no sign of cancer whatsoever, keep yer chin up youth.
  22. I don't normally surface til after half ten at the earliest colly.