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  1. I was on the CB in the 80's. From memory about 83-85. I lived in Radford at the time, my handle was Lady Jane and my 'then' boyfriend was Trident. Was quite embarrassing sometimes though when I was at his house, and over the waves, my mums dulcite tones would blast out, Lady Jane, Lady Jane, come home your dinners ready! oh the shame lol
  2. What school did you attend?

  3. The Answer to trying to understand women is............. to give up trying to understand them :D besides, all women know that men can only hold one thought at a time for @10 seconds, so with sex, football and beer, why complicate matters, just give in to the fact that women are always right, and life will run much smoother for you guys and you can get on with thinking about the off-side rule xx
  4. ooh now then, a toy shop, never thought of that. A toy shop would be a shop a kid about 4-5yrs old would stand staring at for ages, longing for what was inside. Wish someone did a shop by shop guide to Drury Hill lol, might solve a longstandin mystery as to which shop it was :D
  5. aah thanks for that, I think maybe the shop I was thinking about would be just around that bend, if the piccie is taken from the top? thanks anyone else know of a sweetie shop?
  6. Ok this is going to sound really weird lol, now I've seen piccies of Drury Hill after I tracked down which street it was I was after, but all the piccies seem to be either half way up or facing up the hill. Did anyone walk down this hill when it was there? More importantly, can anyone tell me if there would have been an old fashioned type of sweet shop on it. I think on the left going down, and I think it was where the hill bent round slightly.
  7. There was another chap trying to copy Kahbula at the time, think his name was Barry. He came round to my mum and dads for 'so called lessons' on some of the act, instead of breaking the lightbulb first and eating some of the glass, he bit into it before dad could stop him and cut his mouth open! Before he would go to hospital he apparently nagged my dad to tell him about some burning cloth on the face trick! Dad told him it was basically a cloth and petrol (lighter), some months later, my dad saw him with his face all burnt, he'd used normal petrol! The glass my mum used with Khabula was mi
  8. if at grammar school, could've been Manning or Forest Fields, if not, maybe Claremont or Bluecoat?
  9. Closest my dad can narrow it too was after he was married in '64 and before I was born in '68.
  10. what about the Gentleman Bouncer, Carl Chambers? Worked on the door at the Variety club, and also at the Piccadilly club. My dad (another gentleman Rod, worked with him sometimes)
  11. Does anyone remember seeing a Stage Show (held in The Cavalier, City Engineers, Red Lion at Sandiacre and also Goose Fair)? The act involved Khabula having his tongue nailed to the table, hat pins through various parts of his body. Lying on broken glass with a bed of nails on his chest, with his 'assistant' standing on the bed of nails. He also ate Light Bulbs etc and had buttons sewn on his bare back for his cloak. I've heard all the tales of this chap and the show, as my mum was his assistant, Vivien and my dad was his Manager. Anyone remember seeing them? Too much to hope for a photogr
  12. Don't know about Wally Swift, but Barry Leonards, ex cruiser weight for the midlands, ran it and then went on to run the Cavalier at Bestwood.
  13. Hartley Road/Alfreton Road? I'm trying to visualise those roads meeting, I keep thinking of the butchers on Radford Blvd/Alfreton Road, that was Waldrons. ooh was it opposite bentinck school, that end? My uncle used to own the cafe near there at one point.
  14. At the time, yep Were on Glentworth Road before that, and then back to the SAME house on Glentworth after Bobbersmill Bridge! Just before the bridge on the left :D
  15. You know my dad, you sat and had a drink with us a couple of times when we were in the Variety. Twas many years ago mind Your dad might remember him by name, big bu99er called Rod Sadler lol, mates with Carl