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  1. Hello Rog,Merry Christmas, Thanks for the photo,it's very difficult to get a good view of the house through the trees without trespassing and without looking like you are up to no good !.It's no wonder we couldn't find the house in the first place !. Avocet
  2. Another Nottingham location from early Summer 1992...
  3. Hello Rog, I wondered about Basford for the gas holders.The site used for Boon seemed to be a very large area of industrial demolition,it looked like a really big works or factory.It had been completely levelled,with just a few large steel RSJs etc left standing.At one side of the site was a small street with a few terraced houses and smaller brick built industrial buildings. Looking forward to the Barnby pictures.
  4. Perhaps I'm thinking of the wrong pub name in Radcliffe.In the background of the photos there is a shop with the name 'Kingfisher' and I think there was a 'Kingfisher Travel Agents' on Main Street Radcliffe about 20 years ago.What are the other pubs on Main St ?.
  5. I think the pub location could be the Black Lion on Main Street Radcliffe on Trent. What about this location,a large demolition site, filmed in the late Summer of 1991 ......
  6. Hello again, anyone recognise this pub ?,filmed in the Summer of 1991.Used the name 'Wind in the Willows' in Boon.Sorry photos aren't very clear,the outside of the building was only filmed briefly.
  7. Some more locations to find coming up soon,been busy with other things just lately. Avocet.
  8. Not at all Rob,been busy just lately,more Boon locations to find soon.
  9. Hello Rog, I nearly went to have another look today aswell but the weather put me off !.I know what you mean about stopping near the gate lodge,I felt awkward when I took a quick shot of the gates when we were there the other week.
  10. I thought about Holme Lane Radcliffe on Trent, but I don't think it is.A lot of the other scenes from this episode were filmed around Colwick and Holme Pierrepont.
  11. Rob, Very good !,I didn't realise what I had typed !!!!.
  12. littlebro, Thanks for that,Derby Road Stapleford,another location sorted.My first thought was the Kwik Fit on Nottingham Road New Basford but it didn't fit. This next location might be quite hard to find.It could be in a suburb of Nottingham,say West Bridgford,or maybe a nearby village.It is from the Summer of 1989.The third photo shows the road in front of the white house.
  13. Here's the next location to name,filmed in Nov/Dec 1990......
  14. I thought that one was a bit too easy !. They filmed there for at least two Boon episodes,one in 1989 for scenes at a boys grammar school and briefly used the entrance as college in 1990. Boon is even mentioned on the NHS Wikipedia page.... Wikipedia-Nottingham High School
  15. Yes,got it,see exactly where you mean now.I seem to remember that for years after it closed,some track and a signal post remained on an embankment of the GNR line to Grantham in the area of Colwick Road/Trent Road/Daleside Road. Next location,I think this will be easy.....
  16. I think you could be right,I know where you mean,the GNR viaduct that ran along the back of London Road station and down to Weekday Cross Junction.Would I be right in thinking that the arches were still there about ten years ago ?.
  17. I wonder if the railway arches are the old Great Central ones between Canal Street and Middle Hill that were demolished for the new NET viaduct ?,although the high retaining wall seen through them doesn't seem to fit that location.
  18. Still can't pin down the airfield location with certainty or the country house. Another location from Boon 1990 series below,presumably GC or GNR railway arches in Nottingham but where ?.....
  19. Lynmee, You could be right.The buildings at Tollerton now don't match but have any been demolished in the past twenty years ?,the more I look,the black painted hangars seem familiar. The scenes at this airfield were filmed on a Summer's evening in 1989 and with the position of the Sun I would say that the gate-way and country lane is to the West/South West of the hangars,which would fit Tollerton. Here is another photo that shows some distinctive brick/tin Nissen type buildings that are between the gate and the hangars.A few posts back Beefsteak mentioned Trent lane and I think there are so
  20. In that episode Ken and Harry are looking at an OS map with the location of Dornford Hall ficticiously marked on it,the location clearly visible as supposedly near to Loughborough. Just as an aside,in the episode shown on TV last week,Thrumpton Hall was used as the location for 'Upper Ridley Hall',this too was added to an OS map,the fictitious location being on the hill between Clipston on the Wolds and Normanton on the Wolds. They have the Nottingham OS map visible in the background in numerous episodes,in one episode it was on a wall but actually displayed turned through 90 degrees.
  21. Well done again Den,your'e right.Musters Road at the junction with Bridge Grove.I had a feeling it was in West Bridgford but I was thinking further up Melton Road. What about this country house ?,not many clues to location,known as 'Dornford Hall' in Boon .................
  22. Another one solved !,thanks Den.I'd got it in my head that it was Sherwood,no wonder I couldn't place it. Frank,I watch it,saw it on Thursday night,episode that was filmed in and around Thrumpton Hall. Next location from 1990 .......
  23. Couple more photos of a 1990, Nottingham Boon location....
  24. I'd say,Beeston Canal,next to Castle Marina and Alderney street,looking West between Castle Bridge Road and the railway bridge.What do you think ?.
  25. Looking like it could be Wymeswold,hard to be sure though,the airfield has been redeveloped and it doesn't look like there are any of the old hangars left.A few of the local disused airfields have been redeveloped in the past 20 years and look totally different now.I don't think the location is Langar or Bottesford. This one might be a bit too difficult to locate with certainty.While we ponder the airfield,here is one that should be much easier...