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  1. Sorry Mick forgot to mention I now live in the north east so local memories will be no use. My wife says that one memory all ladies have is going to Sunday school! Are there still Sunday schools ?
  2. My wife read this topic a while ago and found it interesting, she copied content and took it to a care home where she volunteers to help with activities. Most of the ladies have dementia, but when she started reading from the list everybody remembered some of it and could relate. Can not remember who first posted it but she says thank you, something that will not seem very much to some made a happy afternoon for elderly ladies. Keep up the good work memories mean a lot.
  3. Anyone remember a bowl of mushy peas and a pint of shipstones at the Shoulder of Mutton early sixties.
  4. Anyone remember Sandersons Pork shops, there used to be one on Hyson Green. Is it still there? they used to make a good pork pie.
  5. Was following this topic as my dad worked at pork farms in 1970s, mentioned to my wife that Dickinson and Morris pork pies were getting "rave reviews". We found them in Waitrose and they were lovely, wife is now a convert to pork pies. I have lived in the north of england since getting married, on our next visit to relatives i think we will visit Melton Mowbray.
  6. Thanks Ashley, looks different , moved away in 1969 when i got married, lived in Hyson Green.
  7. Anyone remember the Bleachers Arms (known locally as the blood tub) it was on lincoln road, looking for pics have tried the usual site with no luck. Any info welcome.
  8. anyone know the whereabouts of Howard Goode wife Irene, last known address Gladstone Street, Basford. (down from Palm Tree pub)
  9. Hi Bill, next time you see Dave ask him if he remembers Alan Knight, he was best man at my wedding. We lost touch when i went to work at Sketchleys.
  10. Bill remember Dave Collishaw he used to drink in the back room every friday night we both worked in Flewitts timber yard. Anyone know if he is still in Basford, i moved up north 1969.
  11. Talking about (gay pubs) anyone go to the George and Dragon up from the Market Square owned by George Knight.
  12. used to drink in the back room of the blood tub early sixties, anyone remenber Dickie Milton, Big Bill both used to work at Flewitts Timber. Dave used to live in the cottages at back of the Futurist cinema ?