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  1. Hiya SR Well SR malc came from Broxtowe, brian who eventually ended up being my brother-in-law came from Strelley, and at that time i lived above my dads chip shop on Flamstead road Strelley, a few years later marrying my wife colleen and moving to L/Eaton then to bramcotehills, sandringham drive, from where we shipped ourselfs off to Australia for a year then came back and purchased a house on Bankfield drive, by the sound of things SR you maybe right about having a pint or two with the lads at that time as we were always in there, if you can remember Brian had a BSA Rocket 3 Malc had a Ya
  2. hiya bip yes that would be the White Lion public house and restaurant(note restaurant), just where have the pubs gone when all the working bloke wants is to pop in for a pint and a cob, i dont want to stand at the side of someone whos sitting having a meal, gawd give me a bar anytime. !cheers!. Baldrick...........i have a cunning plan sir. !cheers!
  3. hiya rob237 oh my word a asian day centre at the end of me road gawd forbid, mosque, now then that would be funny early morning mad mullas swinging from a green dome with a half cresent on it, green taxi's parked all over, bless and they didnt want a pub here in the first place i know which i'd prefer, just somewhere i can prop me elbow after a hard day grafting (not behind a taxi steering wheel ) and have a pint of bitter. baldrick. cheers, hic hic
  4. hiya sussex my wife and i have been going in the Grower more or less since it opened its doors many years ago, and it was a sad day when it shut a couple of months ago, but on the last night we gave it a cracking send, the news to date is that the guy who brought it was going to turn it into a rest/nurseing home, but i'm told that its been refused even before it got to the local planning office, i've just past it and the sold board has now gone (it was there this morning ) so who knows what's to become of the ole place, if i find any more out i'll post it on here. Gawd when i thi