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  1. I'd always assumed it to be a corruption of "causeway", which taking on board Hathers' comments above would seem to be on the right lines. Talking of corruptions, but still on topic thankfully :tongue: ; my dad, when asked (as we all have been) about the origins of "me duck", used to say that it derived from "my duke", can anyone else verify this?
  2. I remember Greasy Lil's, us bikers used to hang out there after Motimer's Cavern or the Sal shut. Right filthy dive, and often full of winos. It was next door-ish to Barton's bus garage IIRC, opposite the old Huntingdon Street bus station. First time I went in there was whilst waiting for the overnight bus down to Salisbury, when I was in the Army about 1979. The old man dropped me off, I went into the caff for a brew and ended up in a punch-up with a couple of drunks! There was also another cafe (much cleaner) opposite, can't remember what it was called.
  3. Got sent by the agency (Mayday on Bridlesmith Gate) to work at Basford gasworks yard one day; at the time (early 80's) it was a depot for British Gas. Apparently the fork-lift drivers had got fed up with complaining about the railway lines (long disused) in the yard, but the management wouldn't do owt about them, so the drivers refused to cross them on the forklifts. Management tried to be crafty and sent me in; I was politely informed of the situation by the shop steward, and me being a good boy, spent the whole shift drinking tea in the cabin. No scab labour here! :smile:
  4. I remember the Fish Man; didn't he trade as "Kershaw's Seafoods"? Nice bloke, always had a laugh with him; good to see he's still going.
  5. I'll take a punt on Ilson, on the Erewash Canal.
  6. Here's another name for you to conjure with; former landlord of the "Sal" and proud possessor of the biggest "attitude" in nottingham, Barry Bloom. Barry had fingers (well apart from one that was missing) in quite a few pies; he ran a pub at the top of Canning Circus, bit of an Irish joint, and also ran another pub across the road from the Sal, Home Ales place with the Indian restaurant underneath, what was it called? I worked for Barry as a cook/barman/karaoke host/general dogsbody for a few months. He could be bit of a bully, but quite a decent employer once you got to know him; didn't do
  7. Me Mamma (that's grandmother in Nottinghamian for the uninitiated) always used to call it a "Jerry", apparently due to the resemblance to a German soldier's helmet!
  8. I worked in the Marquis about 1984, when Barbara Bowmar ran it. She had a reputation for standing no nonsense; lovely lady and a pleasure to work for. The pub had a reputation for a good pint of "Pedi", and IIRC did food as well; lady called Kath Scott, who I think still lives in the village, did the cooking. After Barbara retired, a chap called Barry (can't remember the surname) took it over; I remember once turning up on my Harley and asking a puzzled Barry why he'd served me; poor bloke was baffled till I took him outside and pointed to the "No Motorcyclists" on the pub sign, a throwback t
  9. That might indeed be what I'm thinking of Ashley, could be mixing the boxer bit up with summat else. Thanks for that.
  10. I do! And their "splinter band", Fire Brigade. Cost me a round of drinks in the horse and jockey, Basford, one night; I bet them they couldn't do Billy Joel's a-capella number, "The Longest Time". Worth the beer though. Dawn Trader were a good band, pity they didn't get the break they deserved. In those days I was the occasional roadie for a band from Eastwood whose name now escapes me. Martin the drummer was my neighbour, then there was "Dave the Bass", "Dave the Singer" and another guy who played a very ordinary rhythm guitar but had a fantastically quick wit, and a fund of one-liners.
  11. I did, mate; never tried it mesen though I did often use the caff in the fruit market if I were coming back from town late. As some have said above, quite common in market towns, think the Ossington at Newark was another which did that.
  12. Ta fer that Rog Another bit of info just came to mind; was a previous landlord a champion boxer, who had a bit of a reputation for dealing with rowdy customers without bothering the bobbies? Might have got me facts mixed up mind.
  13. Apologies if this has been discussed before. One or two pubs that I remember seem to have had unusual nicknames; according to my late father, the Fox and Grapes (now the "Peggers") on Sneinton Market was known locally as the "Pretty Windows", anyone know why? Another one, a disreputable dive when I knew it during the 80's, was "Jackie Bell's" A.K.A. the Railway Hotel at Netherfield. Any more? There must have been quite a few but time has fogged my memory.
  14. A few gems from my old man, usually at about 2,000 decibels as he was a quarry fitter at Hoveringham Gravels and deaf as a stone; Having walked into the house and omitted to close the door.....WAS YER BORN IN WAARSUP? This phrase apparently hails from the late 1920's, during the General Strike; the locals of Warsop were alleged to be so poor that they had to burn the doors in their houses to keep warm! When surveying the mess which is the natural state for a typical teenager's bedroom.....IT'S LIKE JACKIE POWNALL'S RAG SHOP IN 'ERE! "Rammel" was junk or rubbish, and on a cold day it was "b
  15. Wasn't Colwick cheese a victim of the "salmonella scare" some years ago? It used to be an occasional treat in our house, I think Wheldon's dairy sold it, as our local milkman (Jack Paling from Lowdham) got his milk from there. I vaguely remember seeing something in the Evening Post about production being stopped due to the inevitable "Elf and Safety" stuff. Seem to remember also it came in a round packet, wrapped in some sort of muslin stuff, with red writing on it.
  16. Eyup everyone Found this forum by chance whilst looking up some info on railways. I'm originally from Thurgarton; not one of them posh buggers that live there now, I'm one of the original village peasants! Did a fair bit of my growing up round Nottingham, spent many a happy night in the Sal (yes I am a biker!) and Saturday afternoons sitting round the Market Square or playing pool in the Exchange, trying not to trip over the winos! Happy days. !cheers!