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  1. ISTR in the latter years they used Leylands; presumably one of the reasons being that in those days Foden didn't offer a suitable chassis, having gone mainly into artics and multi-axle rigids. Found this on t'web;
  2. I was there on the last night. We drank it dry, ISTR we were down to supping Babycham at the end! That was one of the best bikers' pubs I ever went to. Remember the old juke box, think it was ten plays for 10p?
  3. That's how I do it as well. There has been a resurgence of interest in woodburners but that has inflated the price of firewood; I advise anyone considering installing a wood-burner only to do so if they have access to a regular supply of free or cheap firewood, and I don't mean old pallets either. One of the attractions of this place when I bought it was the range of fuels used; oil for heating, LPG for cooking, wood and coal (now wood only) for the stove. Means that if I do get a power cut I can still keep warm and cook a meal; though cuts, even in the worst of weather, are much less frequen
  4. Quite a few down here in West Wales. Mine calls Mon/Weds/Friday, proper bottled milk too though he does do cartons. Also has free range eggs which are cheaper than the supermarkets. This being a big dairy farming area (probably as many cows as sheep) there are a few small independent dairies in the area. When I lived at Thurgarton our milk was supplied by Palings of Lowdham, who bought it from Wheldons on the top of Carlton Hill. IIRC Wheldons also ran a garage and filling station, the dairy yard was round the back.Palings had Bedford CA floats with sliding doors, later replaced by electric
  5. I'll bet any money the two lads pushing on the front buffer are not railwaymen! Front one seems to be in a decent suit and shoes, he'll have regretted doing that once he tries to get the grease off his paws! Probably the fireman pushing at the back end, he's got the right idea, you lean on the rail to turn the loco; if the driver's got it right it needs very little effort.
  6. Don't worry about it. Whatever time you set it at, it will be right twice a day!
  7. Gerraahtonit! Ilsun's in Derbyshire! Aistwood.
  8. Banjo, I bow to your superior knowledge. I knew they kept dogs up there but didn't realise they bred them too. Since I knew some of the people who worked in the Priory quite well it says a lot for Boots' security I suppose. There was an unsuccessful local campaign to forestall the opening of the research buildings (R90 and R91) and I think I've told the tale elsewhere about our local greengrocer who upset the daughter of the campaign's organiser by telling her that Boots had asked him to keep extra bananas in, lest the monkeys got out! The area around the priory is reputed to be haunted by
  9. I was born and raised in Thurgarton. Wikipedia, not for the first time, is mistaken. Boots did not breed dogs there although there was a pack of hounds for some years. You might find the following very useful;
  10. Where d'you get your Tewkesbury mustard from? Asda used to stock it but they don't do it any more. For the benefit of others, it's also known as "horseradish mustard".
  11. If I ever took me time doing something, my grandmother (a native of Netherfield, lived on Chandos Street) would say I was "too slow to carry hats"; I believe it's something to do with funerals, can anyone expand it further?
  12. Would that be H.Beardsley?
  13. Trevor's description reminds me of a tale me old man used to tell. It was common practice in our village for the local "pig man", George Pick, to also castrate the local tom- cats. My grandad took a cat to him one day; Pick grabbed the cat by the scruff of its neck and shoved it head-first into an old wellington boot, then did the business with his knife. Apparently the cat didn't move till he dabbed the wound with some iodine, whereupon there was an almighty yowl, the cat shot out of the boot, up the street and wasn't seen for a fortnight. Makes yer eyes water just thinking about it!
  14. Stirlands became part of TDG group some years ago; the Willow Road depot closed in 2003. They were known for always being immaculately clean; it was said that Jack Stirland used to watch the lorries going out of the yard from his office window, and anyone who took a dirty lorry out was in trouble. There were a lot of firms in Boots Babs; George Dominics, Marshalls, Clearway, Wests were the main ones, may have been others.
  15. Johnny Knowles.... that's a name from the past! Lisa, do me a favour please and tell him Kev from Thurgarton was asking after him? We had some great laughs together back in the 80's, but lost touch. Thought of a few others , possibly gone now.... Derek Hayman (?) lived up Hyson Green, his missus was Maggie, Derek worked for Bill for many years. Bob Rutter was another one that comes to mind.
  16. I remember Rex very fondly, used to get me bits there for my Puch moped back in 1976. Nice old boy, always very helpful.
  17. Not knitwear as such but between leaving Digby College and joining the Army in 1977 I worked at Wright & Dobson's on Carlton Road.
  18. Trust me they are. Nowhere near as good as a genuine Melton Mowbray of course, but not bad for the price. When I still lived in Notts, Pork Farms were a decent brand. I tried one a few months ago, it was completely, utterly, rubbish. Greasy as hell, soggy and no taste at all. I'll never buy another.
  19. Merthyr Imp; As mentioned above, Morrisons sell Dickens & Morris pies, and sometimes have a Melton pie available on the deli counter not to be confused with their "Vale of Mowbray" range of own-brand budget pies which are OK but nowt special. Well, they do in Carmarthen anyway. And you'll find decent pork pies and faggots in the indoor market.
  20. I asked me Dad about this years ago. His explanation was that it is a corruption of "My Duke". Suspect Trevor S might be closer though.
  21. Can't 'elp thinking the bloke who wrote the familypedia article obviously weren't a cricket fan..... Trent Bridge don't even get a bloody mention.
  22. Used to cycle to Woodborough quite regular in the mid-70's, to the model railway place...... was it "Millom Models", and IIRC was in the old school?
  23. Aye Rog, I remember seeing those Invacars at some grounds in the days when football was on the FREE telly, parked up by the touchline! Wonder what Elf and Safety would make of that now?