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  1. I believe the reason that tesco and sainsburys are buying pubs is because they already have a premises license for the building generally have carparkign spaces so would be a hell of a lot easier to convince the local planners. Your right though firbeck do not buy anything greene king!!!
  2. Brilliant stuff Beef steak. The first group ourstyle is legendary was set up by dan before the play and now ive set up bring our style is legendary to notts with the backing of dan. I can't believe there are now 226 memebrs i only set the group up on saturday. Please get as many people as you know to get behind this and get this play to notts.
  3. Kimberley comp has one and still smells old now!!!!!
  4. I went to see this play in London last week. I was an awesome piece of theatre by Dan Hoffman-Gill. I was that impressed with it ive started a facebook to try and get the play shown in nottingham and urge anyone who wants to see the play or is curious, to write or email anyone who you may thing might have an influence to get it shown in Notts. Ive got in touch with the evening post, BBC radio Nottingham, the playhouse, and the shane meadows forum. Here is dans page. our style is legendary
  5. Going back to what Firbeck said i think its an absoloute discrace what Greene king do. They fool people into drinking their muck!!! There's a guy at my local pub that wont touch greene king with a barge pole after what they did to the great Hardys and Hansons, but what he doesn't know is the stuff that he thinks is from another brewery isn't!!! its greene king too!!!! Also i think their work ethics are wrong too, again at my local the landlady who is in a tenanted house has put on a beer festival twice a year and is a well run and well attended festival. Greene king have now said that if s
  6. Great pics there awesome!!! i was down the caves under broad marsh when you took those pics i remember seeing you know. !cheers!
  7. Thanks for a great site merry Christmas to each and everyone of you !cheers! ED
  8. Thats right ube about 20 people got kicked out of the woodthrope top on friday night fro taking drugs in the tolilets!!! Thats the trouble with shutting loads of pubs down all the scally wags come to all the decent places. But like you say the wood thorpe top???
  9. My dad bought that book the other week its a really good book to look at. Its good to see what the council house looks like and the ice arena and large old buildings like the bonded warehouse!!
  10. About blumi time that worked i was beginning to give up hope!!! I see that there are some duplicates of the same photo on there does any know why this might be im sure i haven't put more than one of the same picture on. It looks like ill have to become a premium member nowas i have more pics to go on!! !clapping! ed
  11. Yep thats it i get it every week. Have you e-mailed the address?? I wonder why they are doing that, i not sure weather or not to email them. I wonder wheather the quotes will be published !faint! ed
  12. Opps!!! Sorry about that Which local paper what have you put in??? Ive just sent a re review to flickr now. Its doing my head in now!!!!!!!
  13. Well im glad its not just me thats having problems!!! Did you get my email Kev??
  14. Yep im on there it can get quite adiccitive at times !bored2!
  15. I agree with the comments there stu and guess thats why they spent a million pounds on it so that business wasn't taken from them! I would like to visit but i wouldn't as its now owed by greene king and i don't want to give any of my money to greene king which is a massive understatement as my local is actually owned by greene king although its still got all the hardys and hansons signs and its a tenanted pub !! A little embarrassed young un