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    Travelling in campervan, gardening, blues festivals and gigs, reading, computers and Facebook, history, archaeology, TV
  1. Hi Kath, Cinderhill to Arizona eh? I went from Cinderhill/Stockhill to Aspley! All things considered it's not a bad place to live, I've seen much worse. I went to Percy Street primary and Manning grammar. My kids all went to Crane. It's been pulled down now.
  2. Yes Bip, a battered old nissan urvan. Bought it off e-bay about three years ago and have travelled UK quite extensively in it since. Blues festivals mostly, and Scotland, Outer Hebrides, Orkney, Cornwall, Isle of Man.... the engine just keeps on going! It's not the best looking van and the insides have seen better days but we can cook a meal, sleep comfortably and watch telly if we camp on site with a hook up! It was a childhood dream to have a campervan but I never thought it would come true!
  3. Yep! I was on IND3X and EFR many years ago. We lost touch for 10 or so years but have now reunited on facebook. It's not quite the same as chatting on the BBS but it serves its purpose.
  4. Hello and ay up from Aspley! Lived here 30 years. Seen a lot of changes and a lot of people come and go. !!
  5. Really miss the Colliers Arms, Cinderhill, especially after last night's reunion. To view photo's see