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  1. The other daughter was Michelle normally known as shelly, also had a son i went to school with who was killed in a car crash, sorry can't remember his name.
  2. Went to school there,mucky Road annexe to 7th form, left in 1980. Went to the youth club often, playing table football, and taking the pi** out of the "greb'os" dancing to the Rolling Stones. Then worked at the leisure centre for 8 years kicking the kids out who were trying to get into the bar for a beer. Origin disco was a lad by the name of YOFF.
  3. Yes, went to rushcliffe 1973 mukky road annex to 1980. Unfortunately not many fond memories.
  4. Can you post a link for the old review you found?
  5. Yes it was The Duke of Cambridge, i used to go there as well.
  6. I used to buy records at Tobys department store on the Square and virgin when it was on the corner of either Kings or Market Street and the Square.
  7. As i remember you could only get beer in halves in there!
  8. The Clinton Arms, thank god for that it has been driving me mad for days. Many thanks
  9. The opening gig at Rock City was supposed to be the Human League but they/it got cancelled, tickets were then honoured for the replacement which was the Kinks, I was there. Also saw U2, Defunkt, Gang of Four and many others. Also used to frequent The Boat and The Union on Trent Bridge, can't remember which was which, saw Magnum, Scorpions, Def Leppard and a local band which played there a lot called Limelight (i think). Another rock venue circa that period was on St James' Street could have been at the back of the Imperial. And let's not forget Brendan Kidulis at The Old Malte Crosse (sic)
  10. Having moved away from Nottingham about 20 years ago, i recently bumped into a fellow exile in a pub and the topic moved onto watering holes in the city. So the question is. What on earth was the name of the pub on Shakespeare Street opposite the police station which had the topless barmaids and strippers. It wasn't russels, now the orange tree. Any help would be much appreciated.