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    Looking for my long lost friends from Berridge Junior, Peveril Bilateral, Basford Hall years from 1963-76.

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My sisters and brothers are Sylvia, Michael, Christopher and Christine. I went to Greenwood Junior then to Berridge Junior School when my family moved to Hyson Green, then I went onto Peveril this was in the 70's I then graduated in 1974, and went on to Basford College. While at Peveril my friends were Vivian Elliot, Dorthea Campbell, Sharon Gayle, Barbara, Linda Parrish, Arlene, Dennis, Rennival. My sister remembers Jennifer Dench, Diana Doors, and Herbert Oliver.

I used to hang out with V-Rocket in my day, before I left England. I moved to America in 1980 where I met my husband who I have been married for 28 years, I now have 2 grown children, and a granddaughter. I lived in the Bronx for 21 years before moving to Atlanta, GA.

My sister Sylvia and I opened a Medical Training School in McDonough, GA in 2005 where we have LPN's and RN's who train students in becoming either a CNA, Medical Assistant, Patient Care Technician and Ultrasound Technician.