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  1. Bestwood Road was the original route of the Bestwood Colliery service. In the 1980s NCT started running the Saturday afternoon service when Skills pulled out of certain journeys - but they were numbered 114. Google streetview shows a Bus Stop sign outside the terrace at the Carey Road end - put up when NCT joined in operating the service as Skills passengers knew where the unmarked stops were!
  2. That bit has always changed to main street - it is marked as such on the 1912 OS map. You don't normally get a place with a street named after itself as Awsworth Lane leads to Awsworth so can't be in Awsworth! The City councils mapping covers the whole County here: - it is slow to load. Change the road map to historical in the drop down menu at the top and it gives some good coverage of Awsworth from 1875 to the modern day in maps.
  3. Probably before the 5th April 1983 when the through service was split at Beeston. Certainly was only Eastwood-Beeston when I moved house in early 1986.
  4. Napoleon Square was just off the Nuthall Road/Broxtowe Lane Junction at the back of what was the John Barleycorn Public House. It is where Tavern Avenue is now. The map on this thread: shows the square (centre map just below the Broxtowe Lane words with a railway line running through the middle of it) without naming it.
  5. Complete lack of photos of this side of the street. My mum lived at number 45 backing on to the Highbury Hospital and we don't have, and have never found, any photos of that side of Oxford Street. There are a couple of photos taken from Highbury Road of the right hand side (even numbers) but nothing of the left hand side in general circulation.
  6. My Mum remembers both of the Tony Woods'.The other one was small & scrawny, came from St Albans Road and married a girl off of Oxford Street. Bridgett O'Connor was in my Mums circle of friends and we have a picture of the group on the Arboretum. Bridgett came from up Commercial Road way and my Mum last saw her in 1962......
  7. I have the copy for 41 to 65 Oxford Street, Bulwell. Surnames: 41 AYRE 43 CHARLTON 45 COOPER 47 HONOR 49 CHAPMAN 51 BRAMLEY 53 MOORE 55 BRAMLEY & ZAJAC 57 CHAPMAN 59 GOODWIN & DORN 61 MILLS 63 VICKERS 65 JONES If anyone requires them.......
  8. #375. Thanks for the link to Cabbage Alley TBI
  9. My Cousins Father was the eldest of his siblings and asking my Cousin where in Bulwell his Dad was born in 1920 he didn't know. But his Dads earliest memories as a youngster were living at 'Cabbage Alley'. This is known to us as Holborn Place. Speaking to both my Mum and employer - both from Bulwell and aged 70+, neither had heard of this nickname. I can only presume it had died out by the 1940s. Wonder as to its origin.....
  10. My Mum has just read your post with interest. She started at the Art School age 13 in 1952, the year before you and recognises what you say above. There was one slight difference in admissions, in that she has to sit an art exam (at the school) rather than " The art element was based on previous term work, selecting two or three suitable pupils by art teachers around the county." They are always changing admission procedures aren't they, even then!
  11. If we are on about the ones started around 1985 (The 150 series). They had shopping 'assistants' on them to help the elderly. You still paid the driver. Scrapped with deregulation in 1986. I still have some leaflets somewhere as I used to use the 155 on a Saturday for the long ride into town.....
  12. Thanks iandawson. At least that confirms that they did winter in Bulwell. Wonder whether it was Mellors Field and the Burial Register is slightly wrong!
  13. Yes Cliff Ton that is the location of Bulwell Wakes. My mother (born 1939) can't remember the caravans wintering down there - though that was much later than this event, and NEVER heard it described as a 'Showground'. What we actually need is her Uncle Samuel who last visited in 1946 when he was with the fair..... if only......
  14. Amazing how time flies isn't it Michael! Glad someones awake!!
  15. Thanks for the welcome Cliff Ton I've only been around here 7 years - just don't do much posting - only reading! Interesting thought. We are further mystified by the fact both deaths were in February/March whereas Bulwell wakes were October time and held around Holborn Place which was hardly a 'Showground'. I do get your point about the Horsefield though.