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  1. DunnLine were definitely at Nuthall Road in 1986 as used to see their buses causing mayhem on the road as they tried to get in/out of the tight driveway - whether they then moved to Catchems or already had a second depot I don't know......
  2. Dunn-Line - but weren't they called something like 'Montegrange' before they became Dunn-Line. Moved out to Codnor then to Catchems Corner or was it the other way round before they ended up at Heanor as Yourbus......
  3. Thanks..... Interesting..... The origin obviously goes back a lot further than I thougt......
  4. I know there are a few transport experts around so can anyone explain to me how the old City Protection Points were created? How were the boundaries defined as they didn't seem to be the limits of Corporation operation? In May 1986 we moved from Bulwell to Nuthall. Bus fares from Bulwell to Nottingham were 35p adult, 10p child. I was very surprised to find the fares from Woodland Drive Nuthall to Nottingham were the same - 35p & 10p(ie set by the City Council I presume). But from the next stop, Trent fares applied at 48p adult, 24p child (all the kids walked down a stop obvi
  5. Not apparently the reopening of the line (sadly) but trains from Melton to Nottingham via Loughborough - there are already a couple of early departures from Nottingham & a late return from Melton that do that. "Funding of £50000 has been granted to look into the case to provide an extra train service from the Melton Mowbray station to Nottingham via Loughborough" - quoted from last weeks 'Melton Times'.
  6. Old Maps can be found free here (bit slow at times) Where it says 'Road Map' at top change it to 'historical' - the 1937 is the best bet, 1946 often missing. Can be a bit slow to load as you move around the map. The railway cutting is currently a cycle path from Hempshill Vale Estate (near Bulwell Cemetery) to the Bakery. Mitch
  7. You can see the bridge on the old Ordnance Survey maps at the top of Spencer Drive. No evidence of it now. Access to Redfield Farm is off of New Farm Lane, presumably created along the route of the mineral line that served Watnall Colliery from Nuthall Sidings. You can see the line of the old farm road on google satellite images.
  8. Bestwood Road was the original route of the Bestwood Colliery service. In the 1980s NCT started running the Saturday afternoon service when Skills pulled out of certain journeys - but they were numbered 114. Google streetview shows a Bus Stop sign outside the terrace at the Carey Road end - put up when NCT joined in operating the service as Skills passengers knew where the unmarked stops were!
  9. That bit has always changed to main street - it is marked as such on the 1912 OS map. You don't normally get a place with a street named after itself as Awsworth Lane leads to Awsworth so can't be in Awsworth! The City councils mapping covers the whole County here: - it is slow to load. Change the road map to historical in the drop down menu at the top and it gives some good coverage of Awsworth from 1875 to the modern day in maps.
  10. Napoleon Square was just off the Nuthall Road/Broxtowe Lane Junction at the back of what was the John Barleycorn Public House. It is where Tavern Avenue is now. The map on this thread: shows the square (centre map just below the Broxtowe Lane words with a railway line running through the middle of it) without naming it.
  11. Complete lack of photos of this side of the street. My mum lived at number 45 backing on to the Highbury Hospital and we don't have, and have never found, any photos of that side of Oxford Street. There are a couple of photos taken from Highbury Road of the right hand side (even numbers) but nothing of the left hand side in general circulation.
  12. My Mum remembers both of the Tony Woods'.The other one was small & scrawny, came from St Albans Road and married a girl off of Oxford Street. Bridgett O'Connor was in my Mums circle of friends and we have a picture of the group on the Arboretum. Bridgett came from up Commercial Road way and my Mum last saw her in 1962......
  13. I have the copy for 41 to 65 Oxford Street, Bulwell. Surnames: 41 AYRE 43 CHARLTON 45 COOPER 47 HONOR 49 CHAPMAN 51 BRAMLEY 53 MOORE 55 BRAMLEY & ZAJAC 57 CHAPMAN 59 GOODWIN & DORN 61 MILLS 63 VICKERS 65 JONES If anyone requires them.......
  14. #375. Thanks for the link to Cabbage Alley TBI