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  1. Hi there FLY2, How is old Nottingham getting on? I am still pondering whether to come over next year. My wife's sister is coming here on 30 November for 3 months or so which will be great. She lives in Bulwell and she will miss the English winter! You would have seen on the news the earthquake that struck North Canterbury here in NZ on Monday. It was centred just 10 miles from us! Thank goodness you don't get owt like that in Snots ! :-)

    1. FLY2


      Just the odd sink hole occasionally thank goodness.

      Glad your sis will be there, as quite a bad winter is forecast, but they normally get it wrong, but we'll take it all in our stride as usual. All fine here, but getting colder for the weekend. 

    2. hawarden


      What about the Aussies getting a thumping by the South Africans! Great to see. I went over to Melbourne for the Boxing Day test match in December 2010. England gave them a trashing then too. Don't you just love it when the Okkers get done!

      Poor Forest are having a shocking season, Notts doing OK. Did you know that last year here in NZ we have a tour by a couple of British bands, one being Paper Lace from Nottingham of course. I still have some of their songs on my iPod. Those were the days!

  2. Hi FLY2, Hope to come back to Notts next year. Love your list of interests and dislikes, especial steam trains, heres my local one; www.wekapassrailway.co.nz The steam locomotive, number 428 was built the same year as the Titanic! Not quite "Mallard" but not bad for us out here in the colonies! I visited many steam railways in the UK last year, they are great. I see Forest are struggling this season and Notts seems to be having a better start.
  3. She may well be her, who knows :-) Thanks for posting the picture. I assume that that part of the Meadows has all gone now.
  4. Last year, 2015, from May to September I visited dear old Nottingham. The last time was 2005. I noticed quite a lot of changes too. Especially since when I left Nottingham for good in 1975. As always a very colourful and busy city. The girls are just as pretty as they were in the 1960s and 1970s! Those trams are great, I remember well the old trolley buses. I wonder why they ever did away with them. It was great to have a wander around the Meadows, so many changes since I lived there. I had a job finding my way around. But managed to get to see some cricket at Trent Bridge
  5. I used to work part time evenings in the bar at the Palais during the 1960s. Worked in the downstairs bar. It had a small revolving circular dance floor. There was a small area called "The Bali Hi". As an employee we were not allowed to go there socially so it was off to Coleman's on our nights off or usually Sunday nights I think. Used to love it. Returned to the Palais when I finished working there and remember seeing Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers one night. Where have all those 1960s bands gone? I have 100's of sixties music on my iPod and listen to those memories as I drive around
  6. I have been reading, through the various posts on "Nottstalgia" about law and order in Nottingham. Surely it is not that bad, especially in the Meadows? Murders, robbery, drugs, violence and so on. . . It breaks my heart to read those reports. On my last visit "Home" in 2005 I noticed in my part of The Meadows, boarded up houses, shops, it was not the same place I grew up in, What has happened????.
  7. Top marks! All correct, as expected, got anymore Beefy?
  8. Oh dear oh dear. . . . Just watched my beloved England get done by the Okkers last night in Brisbane. Why can't England come up with a world class one day side? Any ideas? I know, perhaps there is not enough Nottinghamshire CCC players in the side!
  9. Correct ! - A small rural township, population 100 plus about 200,000 sheep, Corriedales mainly. 12,000 miles from dear Nottingham and the (Old) Medders! See pic of my house in Hawarden and the flag, flown the day after returning from Melbourne after watching England retained The Ashes! Also, see name of my house . . . Tim
  10. This will be my last Lingo posting, my memory has just about run out. Its hard when you do not hear or use the lingo. Still, not bad considering I left the Medders in 1969! Yowl koppit Ez ee sed owt? Wigorn av uz dinnaz It wor gin me Kenni cum anorl? Aya gorrote? Arn't ya gorna eetitt? Owzeeno? and as for Hawarden, try the antipodes . . . .
  11. Not Preston or Bury or even Iowa, but Canterbury??? Try North Canterbury . . . . .
  12. Bobbo = Horse Corsi Mardy Mester Nesh Pumpture Susfificut Guess who played the role of Arther Seaton in the Nottingham Playhouse production of "Saturday night and Sunday morning" in 1964. It was not Albert Finney who played him in the film. Here is a clue, "Lord of the Rings". . . .
  13. Put "Hawarden" in Google Earth and see where I am. . . .
  14. Well done Mick! a real Nottingham lingo expert! I do not hear those words these days, its more of a "Gi Day, mate" or "She'll be right"
  15. "Summonemz gorragerroff" (a bus conductors cry? when there used to be bus conductors) "Tantad nowt dunnatitt as I nose" "Comforuz atarpastate" "Eedursnt purrized underworter" and . . . . "Gerrarri tergeeyandweeitt"