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  1. Does anyone remember the 'Redgate' pop delivery vehicle? 50s/60s
  2. I get your point and agree with you, however I was just pointing out that people think that eating horse meat is abhorrent - it is not, we eat other meats without a second thought, that is the point I was making.
  3. Don't know what all the fuss is about. People on the continent have been eating horse meat for 'donkeys' years and they are all right. It's only the thought of eating horse is what upsets us Brits. Would people eat cow if it wasn't nicely wrapped up on a tray in the supermarket. would they eat chicken if they had to kill it themselves, get over it - it's food, eat and enjoy.
  4. The best laxative I ever knew was Shippos!
  5. Harvest Pale by Castle Rock - drunk at the brewery tap in Nottingham - the Vat and Fiddle, a real ale drinkers pub.
  6. To all the above nice people! Thanks for your replies and suggestions. I have actually got rid of everything today (Wednesday) I thoroughly recommend a firm from Chilwell called HCLR (0796 8824151). He took absolutely everything and was promt and courteous.
  7. Have just lost my Dad this weekend and am in the throws of clearing his house out. Have got rid of all the small stuff, bric a brac etc but now need to get rid of the furniture. Have had a quote of £400 but am not prepared to pay that, anyone know of anyone who will clear everything at a reasonable price please? Don,t mind paying the going rate but do not want to be ripped off.
  8. Hi cooljoolz. Just goes to show, kids today think that they invented everything!
  9. Thanks Firbeck. Went onto a site called 'Rated people' who are a go between for tradespeople and those who may need their expertise. They have recommended a plumber who comes from Clifton, about two miles away. I'll give him a go but will bear in mind the possibility of builders over inflating the job. Thanks for the offer Firbeck, much obliged.
  10. Hi Firbeck It's definately a leak, I can see the hole. Cast Iron guttering on a mid terrace 2 up 2 down. Yep I do have a ladder, but lack the confidence to have a go myself, getting a bit old to climb up and down ladders I'm afraid.
  11. Does anyone out there know of a good tradesman who can repair leaking guttering at a reasonable price - hate being ripped off!. During the recent storms the weather has highlighted a definate weakness in my guttering, The path underneath is wetter than usual!!!! Any info would be appreciated, by the way I'm at Ruddington, so someone within reasonable travelling of that area.
  12. Thanks for that Mick - and yes there are lots more than 850 rock and rol songs - cheeky bu99er! Cheers
  13. Help! Being a little dim in the computer department I ask any of you what may appear a very simple question, but I can't find the answer. I have an apple 16 gb i pod with 850 songs in the memory at present. I want to add additional songs, if I copy my CDs to my computer then download them to my i pod will i loose my original 850 songs? Hope not, lots of Rock and Roll on there!!!! Any help appreciated. Pemberton
  14. Really good - it shows what our great City is really like!
  15. Thanks for the PM Icarus, I'm afraid I am not whom you think I am , I use pembertone as my on line name. My genre in music is the era you mention but mainly pure rock and roll, sorry to dissapoint.
  16. Icarus PM me with your questions.
  17. You wouln't dare do that now Denshaw - mugged before you did 100 yards!
  18. The Govt should be asking why some people drive around in a ten year old car - it's because that's all they can afford, so £2k aint going to be no good to them because they wont be able to afford a new car!
  19. If you wanna decent pint - try the Vat & Fiddle!
  20. Just a bit - DJ was a chap called Dave, came from West Bridgford. Do you remember Ken Ward? He set up a group of us lads who started to dig out the car park at the bottom of the church hall, we used to get free entry to the Saturday Hop for that, one Sunday we all went down to do a bit more digging and, bu99er me, the vicar had hired a JCB.
  21. mgread The lad who danced to 'Nut Rocker' was yours truly (Honest)
  22. Hi mgread Yes I do remember the Saturday night hops at St Francis, used to go there on a regular basis, I used to enter the twist Competition every week, and without sounding off, it was either myself and then girlfriend, Gwen Lambert, or Dave Miller and Yvonne who used to win, it got so bad that they tried to bar us from entering. Mick Dale was a school pal of mine who lived about five or sixdoors away from me, he still lives on Farnborough Road opposite where my Dad is still living. I see him regularly and he is still very well, small world ain't it.
  23. Sorry KatyJay - old age creeping on you know!