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  1. They were the days - we only had chicken at Christmas, how things have changed - My mam also did 'bubble and squeak' on mondays for tea - it was the left overs from sunday lunch fried up in the pan - lovely. I remember when folk had a big pot annd into it went all the left overs and it was constantlky on the stove cooking a 'stew' ugh- But we weren't scared of eating owt then and never picked up all these modern ailments folk seem to get now - it's because they are cosseted so much - no immunity!
  2. Blue Christmas by the King of course - got to be in there for one of the best christmas songs!
  3. Hi, I remember Bren at the QE, I believe he had an interest in 'The Plough' on St Peters St, Radford a bit later on. Used to go there on Friday nights for the Rock and Roll, D.J. was Rockin Ray, who used to play vinyl only! great, had some good nights with lock ins until about 3.30a.m.
  4. Last I heard the South Notts Hussars was going to be pulled down and a block of flats (now called 'apartments' - sounds better!) was going to be built there. I think the local populous lodged objections and so we await the outcome of the hearing, but it will still be pulled down and the flats built, the local councillors never listen to the views of the people who put them in office! As I recall, the pub was crap anyway, nver anyone in when I went in - maybe folk were trying to tell me summot!
  5. The Regiment marching past the council house is 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, I know I am in the picture, I am sat at the back of the landrover which is to the right of the lead landrover. The regiment was receiving the freedom of the city of Nottingham, as it did most of its recruiting in Nottingham. The CO was Lt Col Martin Farndale. It was a very proud day for myself and the Nottingham lads of the Regiment. The picture is a copy of the official painting by Terence Cuneo. Thank You 24067582 Gnr Askew, 1st Regiment RHA 1965 - 1972.
  6. Hey, Stop slagging off the greatest singer to have lived, he's my Hero, there will only ever be one ELVIS AARON PRESLEY - King of Rock and Roll. !jumping!