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  1. We'll have to meet up one Friday night BIP - you wear a white carnation and I'll carry a copy of the sporting times!
  2. Eh BIP, because you seem to be an old toper, much like myself, did you know Castle Rock have brought a new ale out? Went into one of my locals last Friday night, The Vat and Fiddle (a REAL pub, for REAL beer drinkers!) and low and behold a new brew - PRESERVATION, had to try a pint of course, must say it was absolutely excellent and was told that it was to be one of their regulars. Did you know that that pub always has at least 10 ales on and I can't count the number of different whiskey's.
  3. Bring back the Redifusion shop next door to the old Odeon, anyone remember it, you went downstairs, asked for a record to be played in one of the booths, listened to said record, then did a smart exit from shop - Oh, if only the youth of today did things like that now, the World would be a better place!
  4. Until The Vegas years and then we all saw a really polished performance.
  5. Completely understand BIP, every man to his own, You and I do have one thing in common though - we're both in to REAL ALE!
  6. He never went away - just look around you, who else could maintain a following such as he has 30 years after is death, this weekend on BBC 1 there is a programme about Elvis impersonators, not bad to have such a following eh. He was one of the greatest entertainers of our time!!!!!!
  7. Seems to me that everyone has tried the McCanns through the little evidence the Portugese police have released. It may be the parents, it may not - let's just wait and see and not put these people through 'trial by media'. Having said that I do think that the Portugese police are not really up to the job of investigating this terrible crime in the way it should be investigated, maybe they should seek help from experts from other countries who have greater experience in cases like this.
  8. Thanks BIP that's much appreciated.
  9. Being told that my wife has been given the all clear after a lumpectomy, now that is what I call GOOD NEWS. Good wishes to all at the City Hospital Breast Screening Clinic. !jumping!
  10. Have a good one Den - Keep 'Castle Rock' alive!
  11. So sad to read of the death of you mum - at least she didn'r suffer and had you with her at the end. My sincere condolences Den.
  12. BIP you can buy 'Elsie Mo' in bulk from the Vat and Fiddle, I believe its six for the price of five, the pub displays a sign advertising this fact, look for it next time you are in. Another thing about the Vat is that they give you a card for stickers, collect eight and its worth a free pint, a good deal is that! Yes I have been down to the Newshouse which is another good pub for real ale and also quite regularly go into one in your neck of the woods - The Victoria, a great pub. The Johnson Arms at Lenton is not too bad but sometimes gets full of students and another good one is 'The Boat'
  13. BIP, being a real ale drinker of more years than I wish to recall, I agree with you one hundred percent. Whenever I go into a pub and only get a proportion of a pint I always ask for it to be topped up, some pubs do it willingly but others very begrudgingly. When I go out with my mate and ask for a pint to be topped up he looks at me gone out and says that he would never dare to ask - there lies the crux of the matter, the majority of us Brits take it lying down and wouldn't dream to complain! I always do, after all, you wouldn't go to Tesco for 5LB of spuds and accept 4LB would you? Incid
  14. OK Caz - you'r right again but don't tell her that!
  15. Met mine whilst working behind the bar at Clifton British Legion, she came to the bar for a drink jaggling her jewellry and I thought ' She'll do!' - that was 30 years ago, seems like yesterday, if it were tomorrow I wouldn't go!
  16. Eh Plantfit - without the King, there would have been no Beatles - in the words of John Lennon himself 'Before Elvis there was nothing'!
  17. Although I'm a big Elvis fan, that certain song which brings back memories is Tom Jones singing the Green Green Grass of Home, it takes me back to 1966 when I was in the Army, I was sent out to Aden, sand, sand and more bloody sand, and of course all the lads used to play that particular record to remind them of 'Blighty', so every time I hear it I'm back in Aden and I remember all me mates, some still here some gone (we left 9 out there buried in the Military Cemetaery!)
  18. The Peacock at Clifton, probably about 14 or 15 years of age, used to pile out the YMCA across the road and into the pub. Those early days, when you had a couple too many you would lay on your bed and the whole bloody room would start spinning - something you grow out of!
  19. £4.10.0p a week - shop lad in a little engineering factory, 1963 gave it all to my mam who would give me spending money back - forget how much!