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  1. His real name was Johnny Larvin, he used to live up Clifton next door to my mate so I knew him fairly well, a decent sought once you got to know him. He did run the barrow boys in Nottingham along with his Wife 'Dolly'. Both dead now, Johnny dropped dead when jogging across Trent Bridge one day!
  2. Used to go to the Plough on St Peter's St. for Rock and Roll on a Friday night with Rocking Ray spinning the vinyl, some great nights with lock in's to about 3 in the morning. Eh Rock and Roll will never die!
  3. Why has it taken well over 18 months to get this far, it's a total waste of Council tax payers dosh. If you had a drive done and it took that long to get this far then you would have every right to complain. It looks like a 'gypo' job, I think it's a travesty of local justice, what an eyesore, oh, and by the way, they have made it ideal for the 'skate board' community. Yes, what has happened to the Portland Stone and the bronze lamps? I detect a few back handers here! Local Councillors should remember who voted them into office, us the voters, and we can just as easily vote them out again
  4. Don't forget Clifton, where I was brought up, used to be the largest Estate in Europe.
  5. Why does Lantry's get more folk in than The Turf - Because they sell REAL ALE - that's why!
  6. Hi everyone, I've not posted recently but still visit on a regular basis to see whats happening. Have a good Crimbo everyone and if you do go out partying, leave the wheels at home!
  7. Eh - this is maybe not as funny as it is meant to be because I detect about 99% truth rate in both the above statements - What a bloody country we live in when the chronically sick cannot get benefits, but those who have only been in this ONCE great country of ours for a short time and have contributed absolutely zilch, get EVERYTHING!!!! Thank god I'm reaching the end of my four score years and ten.
  8. Ruddington's not too bad, good schools, good connections to the main arterial routes in and out of Nottingham,, only 5 miles from City centre with good buses. Plenty of new houses being built and crime is comparatively low when compared to other areas. Plenty of watering holes too (that must be a plus!)
  9. Fascinating, just Fascinating, Hi everyone, been away for some time but will try to get back into the swing of things and contribute!
  10. Well of course I knew you lot out there would come up with the answer - very many thanks to you all - just shows what a fantastic site this is! !clapping!
  11. Can any of you budding gardeners out there please help. I have a Rhododenrum in a large pot outside, but it requires re-potting to an even larger pot, now me being a bit thick about matters of the garden, I wondered if anyone can tell me the best time to re-pot? Warning Spelling Mistake>>>Rhododendron......
  12. 11.48 secs - rubbish, good game, good game in the words of dear old Brucie!
  13. I'm Nottingham born and bred, everywhere has its bad areas, ghettos, where it is not safe to go, but as long as you use your common and stay away from the more unsavoury parts of Nottm, it aint no where as bad as the press make it out to be. All large Cities have problems with louts, Nottingham certainly is not alone, so come on back to Nottingham, it's a great place to live!
  14. Hi - Ive been away for a while and have just returned to sunny Nottingham, am alarmed to read what I'm reading, Have I missed something, can someone please fill me in?
  15. I'll go with Caz on that one! The young think they will be young forever, the ageing process soon creeps up and before you know it, your an old codger, BUT with a lifetime full of experience and memories, so Robin, grow up, step back, think about what you have said, and don't forget, your old age is just around the ccorner - if you make it!
  16. Eh Mick - sounds as though you might work at the Depot - do I know you?
  17. 4 large sheds and numerous smaller ones are still in existence, The HQ building is still there, now HQ 49 (E) Brigade, the building still has the 'NSFF' logo on the outside wall, there is still the training wing half way up the hill and the married quarters are still there and well occupied! Staffing levels are probably in the region of 2-300, so still a vibrant place to work, although about 75% of the original land has been turned over to housing and shops etc, - Tesco, Lidle, Matalan, Manor Pharmacy and all other types of business premises.
  18. Hi Bazza, yes I used to work at 'Ericson's' when it was Ericson's, so did use the club, must have been about 1964ish. Used to work in C7 making little components for the larger exchange racks. It was piece work and every time you got up speed and started to make a bit of dosn a bloke in a white coat would come along and up the rate. Didn't stay there long, slave labour, joined tha Army just after that - much better!
  19. And I thought I was being clever - sorry Caz
  20. Publicity shot with Tonto, originally Tonto was suposed to ride scout, but the film company decided an all white horse - Silver, would look better on film - eh, Google good aint it!
  21. Eh Flatcap, not all of Nottingham is like St Anne's you know, don't tar all areas with the same brush, show petit mindedness!
  22. Gene Pitney was one of the immortal singers which come by from time to time, I remember, many years ago going to see him at 'The Talk of the Town' in Derby, he was fantastic, there are not many of the old school singers left, shows we are all getting old. What more can I say, a truly great star, RIP Gene!
  23. I do internet banking with Alliance & Leicester, and have done so for a good many years, I have never encountered any problems with them whatsoever - can't praise their internet banking facility enough.