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  1. took awhile for the penny to drop but that was good
  2. I was at Cavo school left in 1958 there was at the time a headmaster called Mr Smith, he also used to be the headmaster at the infants school which was In Mapperley, think the road was called, Plains Road. It is so long since I have been back to Nottingham that reading all the past letters on the forum has resurrected a lot of memories
  3. Great to hear the old school mentioned, I left in 1958 . there was history teacher, Mr Norfolk , and Mr Disney for geography. I will have to look at my autograph book to see more as well as pupils from that year.
  4. I used to work on Arkwright street in a hairdressing salon called "Grace Bull". she also owned one in Beeston as well as Sherwood. I also remember the bone factory as we called it and depending on the direction of the wind the smell from there was horrendouse. I also had my first driving lesson on that street to.
  5. Hi I am new to the forum having only just joined, and yes I agree I was at a school which used to be called Cavendish comprehensive and remember it vividly/