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  1. Well, it's definitely Andrew Eldritch and a portly person. Got another 3 of these equally bad pics.
  2. I only remember the yelow bags too. Funny thing is, everyone's trying to make us shop with re-useable bags, or if in Dublin, good stong paper ones like in the photo. Bit like flares - they've come back. And now I'm old enough to have been fashionable twice in my lifetime! Does anyone remember the hassle of trying to carry an LP or 12" single? The wind always caught the bag and it would sort of flip around. Any record shopping had to be done on the way home as the grief that could come to the record was immense - and the bag handle was always too small to get on your wrist if you needed your h
  3. They should have given up and made the toilets unisex as nobody seemed to care that they were in the wrong one!!
  4. Sammys was small - and a flight of stairs to fall up too, lots of mirrors for the blokes to pose in front of - us women knew we were gorgeous, didn't need the mirrors! Never went to the Garage, nearly but not quite. Whenever I see these old photos of all of us cool dudes, I always notice how brilliant we were at drawing our eyebrows in - very artistic. You should start a mugshot board and see if we're all on there. How embarrassing would that be?
  5. I used to have to go into Boots to buy my boyfriends eyeshadow, another always used my nail varnish. It was a case of his and hers make-up bags. I now know for a fact that the main man of the time took his crimpers with him to gigs in his bag and plugged them into the nearest plug socket in the building. Someone out there in Nottingham is bound to have borrowed them! As for shoulder pads, we never wore enough clothes to accommodate shoulder pads!! Got the pictures (the scanned ones) to prove it!
  6. Might have meant that they were having an Immac promotion night!! Think they meant mohicans - in their ignorance the management probably thought that we'd take someone's eye out as the hairdo's were rigid with hairspray. I do remember accidentally hitting someone in the face with my dreadlocks as I quickly turned round on the dance floor. I'd put shells and beads and stuff in them so I suppose they saw our hair as a dangerous weapon.
  7. It was called Sammys and was in the market place in Loughborough as part of the cinema, it's all cinema now. I used to go every Monday night so we probably know each other - by sight if nothing else!!! As we were regulars, we could use a bit of arm-wrenching and get the DJ to play what we wanted. There were 'issues' at first when the Monday night thing started as there were several bans in place - no studs, no shaved sides of heads etc but we soon dealt with that!!! King Kurt songs were banned and stayed banned!!! Thank heavens for Rock City!!!!
  8. I hope so as I might have been told a fib. We all used to leg it over to Nottingham from Loughborough to get the good stuff from there - and to see what was in the rarities book. I remember getting Misty Circles by Dead or Alive on 12" from Selectadisc as soon as it came out. My boyfriend at the time wouldn't own up to having a copy as he was, how shall we say, influenced by Pete Burns, lookswise. I hope he gave up that judging by Pete's face these days!
  9. I didn't think anyone had ever heard of this album - except our accountant at work. He bought this LP from my mother after my father died. Apparently there was a bit of worth to a copy in good condition. Not sure why though as I hated it. Amazing what you find in these pages.
  10. I've just been scanning all of the old photos I own to put them on CD. I came across some photos of the Sisters of Mercy signing records. Would I be right in saying that they did a record signing at Selectadisc? I was led to believe this by whoever gave me the pics but since I wasn't there I can't be sure. It would nice to label the CD correctly!!
  11. Margaret, that's it - mystery solved. She was brilliant and very patient as my boyfriend and I were always in there buying yet more hair, usually on a Wednesday, and by the time Rock City night was upon us, we'd grown yet more hair!
  12. It was in an arcade somewhere and the owner had long blonde hair, the monofibre came in all sorts of colours so we saved a packet and learnt to do the dreadlock thing ourselves - at that time you had to go to Antenna in London. Copydex is murder to get out of your hair, glue and hair seemed to go hand in hand in the '80's! I washed my dreadlocks in washing up liquid and then rinsed them with fabric conditioner or they stuck to your jumper. The last time I had the locks put in was about 1994 - oh dear!!
  13. Thanks for the offer - I'd probably end up pixellated! I still say that when you get older it's safer to not offend the public! I used to do the shopping in all of the leather and rubber garb and thought, quite mistakenly, that because I sweated so much in the rubber dress that the gloves would be warm on a cold day. There I was in Tesco trying to do the shopping with these gorgeous gloves with buckles all the way up to the elbow - and my hands were freezing as the rubber picked up the ambient temperature. Once outside and halfway home, my fingers were so painful with the cold I could har
  14. Suzuki


    I always thought that the glue thing looked like a snail shell. She grew her hair longer and this lump used to hang half way down her back and I don't know why she didn't cut it off. I can't remember her ever speaking to us. Shame as it might have been enlightening. I think I might have had huge amounts of plastic hair woven into my hair by then, all burnt with a candle to seal it. It cost me £300 for a mohican - so who's the daft one? Pete Burns had a lot to answer to!
  15. What was the name of the place that you could buy lengths of hair - real and otherwise? It was great for do-it-yourself dreadlocks.