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  1. George Blanchard had the bakery built in the 30's and after the war sold it to Spillers. I worked there throughout the 60's and never heard anything about any POW camp.
  2. Nearest POW camp to Watnall I believe was in Bulwell Hall which would have been about 1-2 miles from Bakery at Watnall.
  3. clanger already - I should have pointed out that the above message was intended for Albert Smith. although its nice to be back with you all.
  4. being the nearest one to you on the members map I thought that I would like you to know that I have returned to the site today after 9 years away. Last entry 2007. Now must learn all over again. Born and bred in Bulwell 1941 till today.
  5. How times have changed and why? So many reasons.... In the area best described as Bestwood (not the village) consisting of Pre war Bestwood Estate, Bestwood park estate, Oxclose Lane. Edwards lane, Top Valley, Warren Hill, Big Wood - Heron Ridge - and Rise Park how many pubs were there for that massive population and how many are there now. To my memory there was Green Barrel,- the Oxclose, - Potters, - The Harvester, - Charles II - Duke of St Albans - Deerstalker - Royal Hunt - White Hart and now I think there is only one - The Newest one ....The Duke of St Albans. The reasons are
  6. well brian you will be pleased to know that you can still go down the steps to the Three Horse Shoes for a pint and that the railway station is still there only now it has Trams as well as the Robin Hood Railway line to Worksop from Nottingham Midland. Steggles has long gone (Ewart died many years ago) There was always a big queue outside at Christmas s their pies and bridge rolls were a massive attraction.They had a bakery etc at the rear The only Juke box I can remember in Bulwell was at the Penquin Cafe - I spent all my three penny bits there. That place is now a chinese take away. As I r
  7. Seeking news of Terry Carlin - lived on Musters Street Bulwell in the 50's and went to High Pavement School
  8. Sometime during the mid 50s me and my mate Steve stopped going to The penguin as a Coffee Bar had opened near The Adelphi - was it called the Safari - they used to play records all day and we could make a coke or an espresso last for hours. They played a lot of skiffle there too. But our main attraction were the girls who hung out there. Anyone got any memories of this place.
  9. Having spotted that it has been suggested that I will know concerning the Bulwell site of George Brough's please note my memories. In the 40's & 50's I remember Broughs having a showroom on Bulwell Main Street in premises now housing Remar furniture on the corner of Minerva Street facing Slacks Grocers and Lambs cycle shop (corner or Jennison Street. These 2 shops were demolished when Culley's the Bulwell Stone Quarry family built Crown Motors and opened their Vauxhall dealership on this site. Later, as Crown Motors, this company was purchased by Sharps and relocated to their new showroo
  10. How many watering holes are left to supply the multitudes living in Bestwood Park, Top Valley Rise Park etc. Thousands and thousands of people with no where to go, Rumour has it that the Charles 2nd is to re open soon but there are also rumours that its going to be turned into a mosque...... what will be needed is a first aid post to cater for all those injured or killed by the barmy changes being built by the council at present on Bestwod Park Drive in the name of causing congestion so that road charging is accepted easier.
  11. One side of the Park Hall Tavern is boarded up - the rest is open and a new manager has recently taken over.The boarded side is that facing the park.
  12. The Feetwarmers have been a regular band there for years - playing hot jazz ( or so they claimed) wonder if things got too hot for them and their feet caught fire - what will happen to them now - will they just fizzle out with no where to play?
  13. Well Rob I am unlucky enough to have an allotment backing on to Rolls Royce at Hucknall. Unlucky because the sound of the test beds some days is deafening - so deafening in fact that it does me the favour of drowning out the trivia on Radio Nottingham ( none worse). However there are the occaiona advantages of open days and air displays ( about one a year) One day in early August I saw the Vulcan circling in the skies over Hucknall town - there is no mistaking it.