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  1. yea nice one thanks craig it's been a while since i was on the radio, i think the last time i was with graham neale on trent,do you still dj?? ive been a tad busy working with black knight music promotions in loughborough more to do with local and unsigned bands and trying to get something off the ground up there but with it being a university town when they go on holiday you can see more life on a tramps vest than in the town. yea i got a big write up in the notts post as well and you can see that here ive been trying to get radio nottm to let me do a rock sho
  2. on about old rock venues or similar things well most people know that i was the rock jock at the palais but thats another story ,i remember seeing sassafrass (too many s's i think) at clarendon collage with barry foster's wheels,then the week after i saw gong and some other band then i saw the sensational alex harvey band with the heavy metal kids at notts university and then to round off the year i went so see a band called home and supporting them at the last minute was judas priest and didn't keith white drum for dawn trader or abk? sorry if i'm being boring
  3. fat,loud and F**in obnoxious (again)

  4. the waterfront on the canal side have started a rock night once a month on a thursday the next one is on 30th july
  5. i cant remember when i left cottesmore school but i do recall the woodwork teacher was a mr leitch,i think the girls head misstress was a miss mats,neil highfield/doug scott took P.E and mr anderson took geog,mr camden was art/pottery and i was a biscuit monitor (as they were known then) and i used to live in lenton near the white hart pub (now closed)
  6. i only knew one penny that went out with greggo coz i had my own life to worry about lol and the last i heard of him he was with the rather large chested lea walker. well radfordred they normally have a reunion every bank hol monday at the sal but i dont think they had one last year here is the proper site if you aint already seen it they have forums and a few more pics
  7. mariag if you go here and click the pics or cards you might find someone you know and if you click the skegness one you can find pics of simon ward from deuce on there , i was told penny who used to go out with greggo now works for a tv p**n channel hmm...... but i dont know how true that is
  8. yes mariag i remember sleeze patrol very well in fact i have a single on vinyl by them somewhere in my collection, i dont know where punky wayne is now but if anyone remembers "deuce" another "sleeze" band simon ward the bass player owns the intake club in mansfield cos iv'e not long finished djing there. the guy who used to work for alan hayes (big baz) as he was called i think his name was barry bloom and he ran the sal as well as the hearty good fellow
  9. i think you would be on about big andy, myself and hendrix (sic boy federation) would shout axe man at the top of our voices and everyone would look round to see what was going off,andy would not hurt a fly, he was just big and scarry,i dont know where or what he is doing now
  10. Regency Club Greyhound Street ? is that near the market sq just off king & queen st? if thats the one alan hayes (mardi gras,arriba(spelling soz) owner) ran a club around there called the " colourwheel" and i'm sure there was a shop just down from the club what sold all types of goth gear,we had all sorts of band there like "the hunters club" "bomb party" and crazyhead plus others what i cant remember. oh happy days lol
  11. that the guy thanks radfordred i knew his name wasnt reid but thats the only name i could get im my head. yea beefsteak i remember Martin he was that tall short fella,i think the last i heard of him he was not very well. and no beefsteak i still cant remember you from the mardi sorry, but one day my head might kick in to gear
  12. well mick2me i wasn't sure if his second name was reid but the terry reid you might be thinking of was a top class singer,i think he sang blues (but i might be wrong) i have some of his stuff. as i said terry who used to dj at the town arms used to dress up in all sorts of gear and he used to fill in for ray on a sunday,so if anyone can tell me terry's second name just out of curiosity's sake well apparently the pub has been shut for a year or two (so i was told) not wishing to be or sound disrespectful to the followers of the islamic faith but it needs to be a pub/function room, people came
  13. well mariag i was there during the 80's sometime,and yes there was a dj on most nights but i didnt go there on a fri or sat coz i had my own thing at the palais,the sunday nights ray robinson used to get the lads Vs the girls in singing meatloaf's "paradise by the dashboard light" oh wat fun. the vid you are thinking about beefsteak is "gimmie,gimmie good lovin" by HELIX and for some reason most people liked that version i played lol, but i dont know what happened to ray after the town arms or the mardi gras dave willans was the landlord for a time there and his brother steve willans ran or
  14. well i was traveling over trent bridge yesterday and was saddend because the pub was all boarded up, well i had many a happy time djing there as well as having a few drinks there (ahem) and i bet there is a few of us left who can remember the sunday nights with ray robinson/terry reid(i think) big al on tuesdays johnny moore on thursdays,myself ,shep and glen hobster (ross) many a happy sunday my mate pete and myself used to go round with a vid cam taking shot of people we even went in the ladies toilet once and got slapped lol. in todays living we would have never been allowed to do this (i