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  1. Star Trek began around 1966, watching the original series on cbs now seems very dated compared to the special effects we get nowadays
  2. Dad was on security there in the early fifties, they were called commissionaires. I remember spending the night on the Lamp Gate with him when Mam was in labour at home having my younger brother, that would be 1952 and I would have been just over four years old. He had to pack it in when we moved to Clifton as the journey was too long before the Clifton bridge was built.
  3. I like Netflix & nowtv but you get to a point where you have watched what they have and the temptation to watch the latest series & episodes is just too great. If you shop around you can get up to 720p so the quality is ok. I am restricted to about 5mbps and cable isn't available.
  4. Had a 4k tv for over a year now but the only 4k I have ever watched is a demo channel on sat. Streaming 4k is beyond the reach of most peoples bandwidths however the advantage of the modern TV's as already pointed out by Caftan is their connectivity to your home network, with the right software you can throw away your cable and subscriptions to streaming sites. anything that is made can be streamed free gratis and for nothing provided you know where to go and take adequate protection against malware and over aggressive ads and streaming is not illegal.
  5. Have to post to thank Nottstalgia!! A very old friend who I hadn't seen for around 40 years left me a personal message and since then we have met up and spent a very pleasant couple of hours talking of the old times and getting to know each other again. Geoff was one of the lads I used to go to the Dungeon with so I thought it appropriate to use this thread. Thanks once again to all on Nottstalgia!!!
  6. When I first read the post the person that came straight to mind was Johny Morris as the hot chestnut man, could be wrong it was a long while ago!!.
  7. Caramel tart was the best! Mam was a dinner lady at one of the schools in Clifton she was always told that one of the ingredients was only available in bulk, bet it was the butter essence!!
  8. We have a general election coming up and having read this thread I am remembering the elections in the fifties. It was one of the few times we ever saw a car on Bloomsgrove St when they would come around handing out Red Or blue streamers to the kids and we would march round the local streets singing Vote! Vote! Vote! for Tom Obrien, we didn,t care who won so long as we got one of the streamers to wave it was a different world! I am not being political here it,s just memories!!
  9. Prefer the original RIP Jimmy
  10. I can remember buying Crimplene and Bri Nylon shirts from Sneinton market back in the sixties, the white ones always went yellow like brilliant white gloss paint does nowadays.
  11. Wonderful pictures!! We can,t bring back those times but they bring back the memories of how we thought, behaved and dressed.
  12. Pretty sure I was going to the Lacarno on teen night when I heard "I,m a moody guy" RIP shane
  13. Thats right VWGolf Ted and Pete were brothers Ted being the oldest, sometimes they worked as a team which was not good news for their victim.
  14. Exactly the same thing happened to my daughter a few years ago, her car was hit while parked overnight the offending car was left abandoned at the scene and although the previous owner was traced they said they had sold it some time ago and could not give the names of the buyers. No one was ever prosecuted!!
  15. You can try the posh name of Soap Box, but even there everything looks a bit upmarket compared to what I remember. Your right! that was the posh name and I recall they used to hold a soap box derby at Fairham Comp down in the bottom playground near the bike sheds, you had to pay some people to drive em they were so dangerous.