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  1. Hi Poohbear What a great video of your dogs playing in the snow, they look like they are having a good time.
  2. Well done Radfordred, this photo must have been taken from across the road on Forster Street and its great to see old photos of Radford, lets hope more can be found. We have lived in Australia since 1988 but look at Radford and Nottingham on Google maps street view and You Tube with fond memories , although Radford seems to have gone downhill since the 1990s, but that is only my opinion. Also this may not be the correct place to ask but can the Administrator please remove the Clifton comments ???????????????
  3. Used to walk down from Forster Grove Radford to catch the No39 trolley bus at Ilkeston Road and Radford Boulevard junction to go into town on Saturday nights.
  4. Hi Members Many thanks to all and in particular KATYJAY for giving a link to the BBC Site. Yes it was me in the paper, I emailed the Nottingham Post to see if they had anything on the whale but your site was much more help and her indoors now believes me.
  5. Hi Members My Wife and I have lived in Western Australia since 1988 but I was telling her about Radford in the 1940s,50s and 60s and told her about the Whale and she said I must be dreaming so I am trying to find some information about a Large Whale on a trailer displayed on The Forest (same site as used by Goose Fair) some time in the 1950s I think, as I was only a kid at the time. I am sure you had to pay to view it and recall that it did not smell to good but other than that I am not sure about the year. If anyone has any info or a photo I look forward to reading it and showing it to my
  6. Radford Rambling P3 Hi Mariag regarding the Undertakers on Forster Street I remember the Undertakers which I think was opposite Bramcote Street but sorry do not know the Hughes family Continuing with my rambling and I promise this will be the last entry. There used to be a Coal Yard on Dulwich Road at the Denman Street end and in the photo you can see the gates on the left next to the shop (see photo: NTGM000432 at picturethepast) you could borrow a wheel barrow to take the coal home in and also on Dulwich Road was Toons Factory also on the left, I think they made Plywood sheets or som
  7. Radford Rambling P2 Hi Charlie yes that was the multicolor sherbet and to answer Beefsteak Val is my wife’s name. So here is a bit more rambling. Went to Forster Street Infants school then the Juniors school and onto Radford Boulevard school, also attended Radford Methodist Church on Forster Street for Sunday School (again found photos for both NTGM012156, NGTM011400 at picturethepast).There used to be a small Bakery (cant remember the name though) on Forster Street near the Ilkeston Road end, in the morning on way to Radford Boulevard School I would purchase a small round loaf from the ba
  8. Radford Rambling P1 Hi Nottstalgia what a great site for remembering things about Nottingham and in particular Radford. I was born at 16 Forster Grove, Radford in October 1944 and lived there for 19 Years before moving to Gedling then Bramcote then Wollaton before moving to Western Australia in 1988. I visited the web site picturethepast and was amazed to find a picture No:NTGM000723, of Forster Grove, (amazing that someone would take a photo of it) the house was a 2up 2 down shoe box with no bathroom, no hot water and an outside toilet, we had a tin bath hanging on the wall in the back y