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  1. chaff


    chaff here, blimey pauline stansfield.we had a little thing about each other once upon a long time ago. i think everylad my age (69 now ),was in love with gail revell
  2. Yet again not been on the site for yonks. Yes I do know Corroberie Road. Unreconisable to you nowdays . All thev old weatherboard houses with tin roofs are all gone. Very posh place now. May be the place you used to go to use the pools was water world not far from corro road.
  3. i remember smikey joe his best mate was les daniels can eny body remember any more barrow boys names
  4. Have not been on the site for ages.Blimey, I live 15 mins from Modbury, and the rest of the family live in modbury. send me an e-mail
  5. Chaff here' have not been on the site for yonks. Still around playing guitar. saw on the news it was cold in england. bloody hot here 40 degrees.Any body who knew me and wants a yarn,go ahead.
  6. I am that scruffy halfpeth Tony Finch who used to live directly opposite The Dame Agnes at 133 Norton Street. Woody was my best mate untill we fell out, can't even remrmber why! Was in the same class as Eddie Emery, and knew Lenny Wooley. I now live in oz in Adelaide. Got a lot of memories so if you are interested keep in touch. Hope to hear from you again, will reply promptly this time,have not looked on the site for yonks
  7. I can remember Colemans on Clumber St. We all used to meet in the Red Lion pub just down from the Palace Pub, Then on to the Corner Pin before we had enough dutch courage to ask the gels to dance
  8. I wenta the bug ole in the 50's I can remember: Joey Nelson, Snakey Vipond, Derek Woodcock, Eddie Emery, Dennis Dunstan, we all usta play on the Rec facing the school. Anbody out there?
  9. I usta live at 113 Nortion Street,wen Iwus a liittle bogger in the 50's Me uncle Lance ed the Garnet pub on the corner of Norton Street and Denman Street. I usta collect oss bob from shippoes osses fer me grandad oo ed alottment at the bottom of St Peters Street
  10. Ah sent this last week burrit musta not bin right, so ere i goo agen.....Can't remember the noos paper seller on derby road, or ahtside the cathederal. ah menny noos paper sellers dint ev enuff legs? Mester Dunston ony ed one leg, un e sowed papers on exchange walk in the 50's E usta live on Denman Street.
  11. Who can remember the "Vic" later the Locarno, at the bottom of Huntingdon Street.I now live in Adelaide Oz, and often wonder what happened to you all. Iwas living in Clifton at the time. Any body remember Little Jake, Ron Corney, Fuzzy Foster Terry Small.I met my first real girl friend there. We used to meet in the Britania pub facing the "Vic"
  12. in the 50's, i lived on Norton Street facing the Dame Agnes mellors lads club, which was run by Mr Williams. Anyone out there who knows of any Finches living on Norton Street or Independant Street, would like to hear from you.