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  1. just that you cant see the picture, i was trying to upload a bigger one thanks al
  2. Ay up Den, recognise you from ur mugshot, are you still living behind Hillcrest ? Not seen u round for a while !clapping!
  3. Hi, i'm pretty new on here but was very interested in the Arkwright school article. I remember Bebe Khan she was an awesome footie player on the leeny, also remember the Benjamin brothers, Mr Parr, Mr Kennedy(went over to Canada) I used to carry crates of milk to each classroom before school, then i'd go home for Brekkie on Hartford street i lived at number 16 with mum dad and 3 sisters Lorna, Linda and Deb. I lived next door to the Hurts and were close neighbours of the O'Dowds. Great memories of the school, we used to play footie after school in the yard, sadly left Arkwright in 1970 for