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  1. Apologies to cat fan. In the trade I only knew him as bill trevor, a sometime stand up comic us girls were very young and shallow back then so never did find out his real name guess we we all in it for the money, and never really socialised rhe vandellas had huge Xmas parties. Fancy dress,.... I went one year as the principle boy, there were all sorts of costumes but the one I recall was a guy who was dressed completely in cling film ( naked underneath). Said he’d come as a condom oh those days lol
  2. Yes Brigitte was her partner. I’m now intrigued. Sdo you have messenger?
  3. Wow. I worked with Sonia in Germany. Gorgeous creature with shiny long black hair she was with an Icelandic lady then. Brigitte ?
  4. Hurrah. Someone who knew , now I recall her partners was Maltese he was a wannabe male stripper with a huge ‘ahem’ appendage made a few bucks by swinging around on hen nights lol
  5. Yes indeed. Bernard was a real rude guy wouldnt have gotten into a club nowadays
  6. Big mistake cliff ton. We were a different breed x
  7. Lol we were on a gig years ago and on following her home she had a bust up with her lover he drove straight over a roundabout lol
  8. Yes lovely gal prone to a bit of volatility though lol She also did a double act with amber vandella the beast of berlin. Wouldn’t have been allowed now tho
  9. I did indeed. Lovely lass married to an Italian I believe
  10. I must admit I joined 10 years ago then promptly forgot about you soz im retired now and like most oldies feeling nosty for the old days seems my post didn’t get any reaction. Was the title bit too erm.......? help need to find my old mates thanks L
  11. Really old exotic dancer (kerrylloyd) seeking others in Trevor vandella’s stable where are you lasses? my pics have all but disappeared are any of you still alive? message me please love and peace lynne (kerrylloyd)