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  1. Hi folks, As we are all aware the end of March marks the sad end of one of Nottingham's most iconic shops, Selectadisc. After serving music lovers since the 60's and being part of the whole social music scene of Nottinhgam the way people cosume mucis has signalled the end to probably one of the besy independant record stores in the country. Given thay so many people have memories and stories to tell about Selecta I have been trying to collate these into a collaborative blog with some phtotos I took at a recent shoot with the guys in the shop. If anyone can share any thoughts, comments memor
  2. I recently did a photoshoot at Selectadisc and wanted to collate some information / memories / phtotos from other people to help collaborate on a blog I am running with. You can visit my blog on at (no www. needed!) and please feel free to contribute to this collection of memories of one of Nottinghams most iconis shops. Alternatively leave your comments / memories / photos in the thread and I'll uplift them to the blog or you can e-mail em' to me at (mark subject line as Selectadisc). Cheers for the help Rob p.s. Good luck to Jim and the guys a
  3. Did they do some filming on the roads out and about near Langer, I seem to remeber there was a large white house on the way out to Langer if you headed from Bingham, it may be a suggestion......... I know it was also used for some filming in Auf Weidersehn Pet! Cheers
  4. The end of March will certainly be a sad day when we say goodbye to Selectadisc, I have so many memories from buying my first Wedding Present album (George Best) in 1987 to discovering some great bands and genres before they hit the scenes, the likes of Mudhoney, Green River, Richard Hawley, the list goes on and on (as does my huge record and cd collecton). I think I lost countless hours of my life thumbing through vinyl, 7" and cd sections in the various shops that Selecta had over the years, it was really part of the whole social music scene of Nottingham. You folks may be able to collab