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  1. I'm sure the cover 45s were on the Embassy label and most were rubbish. Does anyone remember the hot salted peanuts they sold in the Listergate store? Me and my dad took them to the Notts matches and the bag turned translucent from the oil
  2. In the late sixties there was a programme on Radio Nottingham called Seen/Scene Around and they played tracks from local bands. Anyone remember it?
  3. I know the butchers shop you mean as we lived at the bottom of Bovill Street. All I remember was his huge black Jaguar with massive headlights, can't remember his name.
  4. Radfordlad, I’ve sent you a PM.

  5. The Searchers were never my favourite band, Bing. Too many covers as you say. BTW, Chris Black is in very poor health in Australia
  6. Neil Rowe and Ian Rowe, Radford Boy. Where were you from in Radford?
  7. Sorry for the time lag, LizzieM but I stopped following thi site for ages. It's too addictive, but I've started again recently now I have more time. Yep, that's Mosaic Sunset I was referring to. Mosaic/Mosaic Sunset morphed out of The Hound Dogs who started in 1964 when Graham Wyvill was still at school. We did indeed practice at Thorn Bendix and we used their amplifiers. If you look on the Playedinaband website you'll see a photo of The Hound Dogs in the canteen with the BEL equipment. Band members are L-R, Richard 'Rik' Kenton ( famously played bass on Virginia Plain), myself Alan Carn
  8. Chris Black played with me in the band Mosaic during the 60's and early 70's. He lives in Australia now. Mosaic morphed into Highly Likely and they recorded the theme song from The Likely Lads. It charted to No 37 so that was the 'One Hit Wonder' you refer to. He latterly went on to join Mike Pender's Searchers. He played guitar and keyboards. You can find him on the Playedinaband website.
  9. The shop on Arkwright Street was Charles Town. He sold kits and components. I bought 4 Goodmans horn speakers from there for our group's PA system in the 70's
  10. I'm not sure if anyone came up with an answer but I'd bet it was a Nux bar. Can anyone remember the Wisp bar. It was orgasmic
  11. look out for local member Radfordred